6 Easy Hacks to See TikTok Private Account Videos Without Following

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You can use easy hacks to see TikTok private account videos without following. These hacks include using third parties, searching for private videos on Google, finding the videos on social media, creating a fake account, utilizing a TikTok app, and even via fun club accounts.

What is a TikTok Private Account?

Before exploring the meaning of a TikTok private account, let’s first understand what TikTok is. Well, TikTok is a social media app that allows users to create and share small videos. The TikTok platform is flooded with sports personalities, celebrities, fashionistas, and other popular personalities.

The TikTok platform allows these personalities to interact with their fanbase. However, accessing their videos becomes challenging when your favorite celebrities have private accounts. So, what’s a Tik Tok private account?

A private TikTok account is a profile that restricts viewers from accessing its content without the consent of its owner. Therefore, when you set your TikTok account to private, only people in your contact list or your followers can access your videos.

6 Easy Hacks to See TikTok Private Account Videos Without Following

If you wish to see TikTok private account without following your celebrity, some hacks will assist you in achieving the task. Keep reading to find out!

1.     Using a Third-Party App

Did you know that several third-party apps can enable you to see a private TikTok account without following? Some of these third-party apps include;

  • uMobix.
  • mSpy.
  • TikTok app++ (for iOS and Android).
  • Stoky.us (website)

uMobix Third-Party App

uMobix is the best third-party app for viewing a TikTok private account without following. This third-party app gives you real-time access to a TikTok private account without the profile owner knowing that you are viewing their profile.

uMobix has a premium version, but it also has a free trial edition. You can use the free trial edition to test the app before purchasing the premium one to unlock extra features.

The uMobix app helps parents to monitor their kids’ TikTok activities, call logs, text messages, and which websites they frequent.


The mSpy phone app can help track a private TikTok account while keeping you anonymous. This app was initially developed to assist parents in monitoring their kids’ online activities and protect them from cyberbullies.

Besides letting you observe someone’s TikTok videos without following them, mSpy also helps you monitor your kid’s inbound and outbound text messages and call records anonymously.

TikTok++ App (for iOS and Android)

You can use the TikTok++ app on Android and iOS devices to see videos from a private profile. The task is simple: you are just required to search for videos using the user’s name.

Stocky.us (Website)

Stock.us website is another third-party app you can use to see TikTok private account videos without following them. The website is used on both iOS and Android devices.

Here is how to See TikTok private account videos without following via the Stocky.us website:

  • Open your smartphone’s browser, click the search bar and type Stocky.us.
  • After typing, click search.
  • Enter the username of the TikTok private account you wish to access.
  • Click ‘Confirm’ and wait to be redirected to the account to start seeing the videos.

Note: This site is illegal; therefore, TikTok might hunt it down since it violates its privacy policy.

2.     Searching on Google

Since Google indexes most video content, you can find TikTok private account videos without following them by searching for the profile user’s username. This method is easier only when you know the exact username of the private account.

Nevertheless, this method might become obsolete since more videos will become unsearchable on TikTok. Therefore, you can try a different approach if this fails.

3.     Find the Profile on Social Media

Most TikTokers post their content on social media handles to gain more followers. Therefore, finding someone’s private TikTok account details is easier if you follow their social media profiles.

You can use the information from the social media profile to access TikTok’s private account videos.

4.     Fanclub Accounts

You have the best chances of viewing TokTok private account videos without following via fanclub accounts.

The fanclubs consistently repost content from famous personalities to generate more followers. These clubs are created and maintained by fans of specific TikTokers.

5.     Create a Fake Account

TikTok private account

If you are unable to see a TikTok private account video without following, you can try to create a fake account and follow whoever you wish to see their videos. This is an ideal way to maintain anonymity while following your favorite celebs and watching their videos without being detected.

You can create a fake account by using a new and unique username and a TikTok password and then send a request to the private account you wish to follow and wait for their approval.

6.     Use a Friend’s Account

You might wish to see a TikTok private account video without following, but your friend has access to that private account. You can use your friend’s account to follow the private account and access the videos.

Note: Although it is easier to use your friend’s account to see a TikTok private account video without following, beware that the practice is not allowed by TikTok. If you are discovered, your friend’s account will be discontinued for violating TikTok’s terms and conditions.

Ways to Know that a TikTok Account is Private

Before trying to access TikTok private account videos without following, first, you must ascertain that the account is private.

Here are the steps to follow when determining whether the account is private:

  • Visit the desired TikTok account. If the account’s content is visible, then it’s public.
  • If the account is private, you will see a message saying, ‘This account is private.’ Such accounts don’t feature any posts.

Note: An account with zero content does not necessarily mean it is private. In some instances, there are possibilities that the user is yet to download any content on the profile.

Reasons Why People Make Their TikTok Accounts Private

People make their TikTok accounts private for various reasons:

  1. Privacy: To restrict who can view their content, protecting personal information from strangers.
  2. Control: It allows them to choose their followers, ensuring a safer online environment.
  3. Avoid Harassment: To prevent unwanted comments, messages, or cyberbullying from anonymous users.
  4. Content Protection: Protecting their creative work from being stolen or misused.
  5. Exclusive Content: Sharing content only with a select group or close friends for a more personal experience.
  6. Family-Friendly: Ensuring their content is suitable for all audiences, particularly if they have younger followers.
  7. Experimentation: Trying out private mode temporarily to see how it affects their engagement and interactions.
  8. Safety Concerns: Concerns about stalkers or online threats may prompt users to lock their accounts.
  9. Curating Followers: To maintain a specific, engaged, and respectful audience.
  10. Commercial Accounts: Businesses often use private accounts for select promotions or insider content.


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