A1 Croatia Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Croatia)

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A1 Croatia Internet Packages & Data Plan of Croatia

A1 Croatia offers a variety of internet packages and data plans to suit your needs. All plans include unlimited calls and SMS messages to all A1 numbers in Croatia. You can also use your data plan in the EU for an additional fee.

A1 Croatia Internet Packages

PlanPrice (HRK)Data (GB)Roaming Data (GB)Validity (Days)
1.2 GB391.2 GB1 GB30
5 GB995 GB4 GB30
15 GB13915 GB10 GB30
50 GB19950 GB17 GB30
250 GB279250 GB23 GB30

A1 Croatia Smart Internet Packages

A1 Croatia also offers Smart Internet Packages, which are designed for users who need more flexibility with their data usage. Smart Internet Packages include a base amount of data, as well as additional data that can be purchased in blocks.

PlanPrice (HRK)Base Data (GB)Additional Data (GB)Price per GB (HRK)Validity (Days)
Smart 1995 GB1 GB930
Smart 313910 GB2 GB7.530
Smart 516915 GB3 GB630
Smart 1022925 GB5 GB4.530

A1 Croatia Data Add-Ons

If you need more data than what is included in your internet package or Smart Internet Package, you can purchase data add-ons. Data add-ons are available in the following sizes:

Add-OnPrice (HRK)Data (GB)Validity (Days)
1 GB291 GB7
3 GB593 GB7
5 GB895 GB7
10 GB14910 GB7
20 GB24920 GB7

How to Activate an A1 Croatia Internet Package or Data Plan

You can activate an A1 Croatia internet package or data plan in the following ways:

  • Online: Go to the A1 Croatia website and click on the “Plans” tab. Then, select the plan you want and click on the “Activate” button.
  • App: Download the A1 Croatia app and open it. Then, tap on the “Menu” tab and select “Plans”. Then, select the plan you want and tap on the “Activate” button.
  • Phone: Call A1 Croatia customer service at 611 or 0800 611 611.

Terms and Conditions

All A1 Croatia internet packages and data plans are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Plans are valid for 30 days from the date of activation.
  • Data usage is rounded up to the nearest KB.
  • Unused data does not roll over to the next month.
  • Roaming data charges apply when using your plan in the EU.

For more information about A1 Croatia internet packages and data plans, please visit the A1 Croatia website or call A1 Croatia customer service.

Data feature packages
200 MB3 kn200MB
500 MB10 kn500MB
1 GB20 kn1GB
2 GB30 kn2GB

Data-only SIM

Dnevna opcija5 GB24 hours10 kn
Tjedna opcija5 GB7 days55 kn
Mjesečna S opcija250 MB30 days15 kn
Mjesečna M opcija1 GB30 days50 kn
Mjesečna L opcija3 GB30 days70 kn



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