How to Add a Promotion or New Position in the Same Company on LinkedIn

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To add a promotion or new position at the same company on LinkedIn:

  • Sign in to your LinkedIn account
  • Go to your “Experience” section.
  • Edit the job entry for your promoted position.
  • Update the title, dates, and other details.
  • Choose whether to share your promotion.
  • Save the changes.

Key Takeaways

  • You can add a promotion or new position within the same company on LinkedIn by logging into your account and following the prompts after opening your profile.
  • Updating your promotion can help you to build your professional network by connecting with like-minded colleagues, clients, and industry professionals.
  • After hitting the save button, people in your LinkedIn network will see the update within two hours.
  • One way to promote your professional profile on LinkedIn is by adding new positions or promotions to your work experience section.
  • Always hit the save button after updating your promotion or new job position.

Benefits of Adding a Promotion or a New Position in the Same Company on LinkedIn

There are several benefits of adding a promotion or a new position in the same company on LinkedIn:

  • It helps keep your profile up to date, making it more attractive to potential employers or clients.
  • It enables you to highlight your professional accomplishments and showcase your progress career-wise.
  • It can help you to build your professional network by connecting with like-minded colleagues, clients, and industry professionals.
  • It improves your visibility on LinkedIn.
  • It can help in getting valuable recommendations and endorsements from colleagues.

A Guide on How to Add a Promotion or New Position in the Same Company on LinkedIn

Adding a promotion or new position within the same company on LinkedIn is a great way to showcase your career progression. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Log In to Your LinkedIn Account:
    • Open your web browser and go to Log in to your LinkedIn account with your credentials.
  2. Access Your Profile:
    • Click on your profile picture or your name at the top right corner to access your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Navigate to the “Experience” Section:
    • Scroll down to the “Experience” section on your profile. This is where you list your professional positions.
  4. Add a New Position:
    • In the “Experience” section, you’ll see your current and past positions listed. To add a new position, click the “+ Add a new position” button. This will open a pop-up window.
  5. Enter Position Details:
    • In the pop-up window, fill in the details for your new position:
      • Title: Enter your new job title.
      • Company: Start typing the name of your current company, and LinkedIn will provide suggestions. Select your current company.
      • Location: Specify the location of your new position.
      • Employment Type: Choose whether it’s “Full-time,” “Part-time,” or another appropriate option.
      • Time Period: Set the start and end dates for your new position. Make sure the start date reflects when you began your new role.
  6. Add Description:
    • In the same pop-up window, there is a field labeled “Description.” Use this space to describe your new position. Highlight your responsibilities, achievements, and any significant projects or tasks you are involved in. Be concise and professional.
  7. Check the “I Currently Work Here” Box:
    • If this is your current job, make sure to check the “I currently work here” box.
  8. Save Changes:
    • Once you’ve entered all the relevant details, click the “Save” button to add your new position to your LinkedIn profile.
  9. Review and Share:
    • After saving the changes, your new position will be added to your LinkedIn profile. Review it to ensure accuracy. If everything looks good, your network will be notified of the update.

Adding a promotion or a new position in the same company on LinkedIn is an effective way to reflect your career growth and keep your professional network informed about your achievements. Make sure the information is accurate, and use the description section to highlight your accomplishments in your new role.

Best Practices When Adding a Promotion in the Same Company on LinkedIn

When adding a promotion within the same company on LinkedIn, it’s important to follow best practices to present your career progression effectively. Here are detailed guidelines:

1. Accuracy is Key:

  • Ensure that all the details you provide are accurate and reflect your actual career progression. This includes the promotion date, job title, and job description.

2. Use the Right Job Title:

  • When adding a promotion, use the correct job title that corresponds to your new role. Avoid using vague titles or unofficial nicknames.

3. Update Your Profile Picture:

  • Consider updating your profile picture to reflect your current role. A professional and current photo can reinforce your personal brand.

4. Craft a Compelling Description:

  • In the job description section, write a concise yet compelling description of your new role. Highlight your key responsibilities, accomplishments, and any special projects you’re involved in. Use action verbs to showcase your contributions.

5. Focus on Achievements:

  • Emphasize your achievements, such as improvements in performance, projects you’ve led, or any recognition you’ve received in your new position. Quantify your achievements whenever possible (e.g., “increased sales by 20%”).

6. Highlight Skills and Growth:

  • Mention the skills you’ve gained or enhanced in your new role. Discuss how this promotion aligns with your career goals and represents your professional growth.

7. Make It Understandable:

  • Write your job description in a way that’s understandable to professionals from various backgrounds. Avoid industry-specific jargon that might be unclear to others.

8. Proofread Your Content:

  • Proofread your job description for grammatical errors, typos, and formatting. A well-written description demonstrates attention to detail and professionalism.

9. Utilize Keywords:

  • Include relevant keywords in your description to increase the visibility of your profile when recruiters or employers search for candidates with specific skills or experience.

10. Share Your Updates:

  • After making the change, LinkedIn will automatically notify your network about your promotion. Consider sharing a separate update or post to elaborate on your career advancement and express gratitude for the opportunity.

11. Network with Colleagues:

  • Connect with colleagues and mentors you’ve worked with in your previous position or during your promotion. Building a strong LinkedIn network can be valuable for your career.

12. Seek Recommendations:

  • Request recommendations from colleagues or supervisors who can speak to your work in both your previous and new roles. Recommendations can add credibility to your profile.

13. Engage with Your Network:

  • Engage with your connections by commenting on their posts, sharing industry news, or participating in relevant discussions. It can help strengthen your professional relationships.

How to Add a New Position in the Same Company on LinkedIn

Just like the promotion, adding a new position on LinkedIn enables you to share your new achievements with your LinkedIn network. Below is a guide to help you add a new position in the same company on LinkedIn:

  • Login to Your LinkedIn Account: You could have gotten a new role in the same organization, and creating a new position in the experience section is ideal in such a scenario. LinkedIn will notice your update and connect your new position to your prior role to make it clear that you have climbed the ladder. However, if your new role doesn’t deviate much from the older role, you better edit your current position to change the title.
  • Navigate to Your LinkedIn Profile: Tap your profile picture if you are using a mobile phone app. Tap on the image again on the resulting menu. However, if you use a computer, tap on the profile picture and select the “View Profile” option.
  • Navigate to the Experience Section: Scroll to the experience section and click “+,” and the menu will expand.
  • Click Add position: The menu will open the “Add Experience” window by clicking this option.
  • Update Your New Role: Type your new job role and provide a candid description to enlighten your LinkedIn network about your achievements and the new roles accompanying your new position.
  • Share Your New Position: It is optional to share your new position with your network. If you wish to share, toggle the “Notify Network” switch to the on position. If the opposite is the case, toggle it to the off position.
  • Click on “End Current Position as of Now”: check the box next to “End current position as of now” to notify LinkedIn to add a new end date to your prior role in the organization. This will let your network know you no longer hold the previous position.
  • Save your Updates: When you finish updating, ensure you click the save button to save all details of your new position in your organization.

Note: By following these steps, you can easily add a promotion or a new position within the same company to your LinkedIn profile. This can help showcase your career progression and accomplishments to potential employers and clients and help you build your professional reputation on the platform. Your update will be available to your LinkedIn network within two hours after making the changes.


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