Afghan Wireless Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2020 (Afghanistan)

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AWCC Internet supply 4G Network across Afghanistan.

Awcc is also known as Afghan wireless. It was Afghanistan’s first communication company with a wireless network. Started in 2002, it has been able to come a long way in terms of mobile services, voice communications, and other network-related things.

Afghan Wireless Internet Packages


The company was founded in Afghanistan by Dr. Ehsanullah Bayat, renowned afghan Business leader, and chairman. Initially, it only consisted of media and telecommunications. It also consisted of energy, constructions, security, and Logistics. It later entered into a joint venture with Bayat Group, which is also one of the groups of telecommunications. This was in favor of increasing the network and make it smoother.


In contemporary time, they have successfully established their name and now have a variety of networks which work on the fastest pace. They also have a variety of plans to choose from; this comes with affordability for all kinds of people. It has a reliable and robust HD voice and the Awcc internet supply to more than 5 million people, including the best of companies and consumer clients. They have invested around $400,000,000 on their network to make the system convenient for their clientele.

They have been connecting people with their network and making Afghanistan a country with excellent communication from one corner to another. They promise to remain like this, and their priority remains their customers and their connectivity.

AWCC or Afghan Internet Data Offers Quota Validity and Activation Code

As per the record telecommunications and broadband service reports of 2019, Afghanistan has been covered the people for 90%. They have been expecting that in 2023 everything between under the control of brand band services which means without the internet nothing can move. So we can understand that there is a fixed-line broadband service as a market infiltration among all over the places of Afghanistan.

Wireless Internet Service in Afghanistan

Generally, in the internet connection, people have two types of services, such as wired and wireless service. Here the famous company called AWCC which is the first communication company in Afghanistan; in this article, we are going to discuss the best internet packages of such a company which is also called as Afghan Internet.

Best internet packages of AWCC:

The packages are like Big bundle data, Monthly packages, Weekly packages, and even Daily Plans and they have been offering also for the users of social media. For the monthly packages, they afford bonus data packs too.

Mini and Mega packages for Daily:

  • For 10AFN they will offer 60 MB in the package of ‘Daily Mini’ for a single day.
  • The next package is a Mega one which is called ‘Daily Mega’, in this offer they will offer 200 MB internet for 30AFN.
  • People get 1 GB internet for 45AFN; it was the offer of ‘Best Daily Data Pack’ for one day.

Weekly Packages:

  • The first offer of weekly packages is getting 500 MB for seven days by 100AFN only.
  • The second offer is the most interesting one, for 125 AFN people can choose 1 GB internet or 1.5 GB internet; it is up to their necessity for one week.

Mini and Mega Monthly Packages:

  • The first monthly offer is ‘Monthly Mini’ which will afford 1.5 GB (total quota), in this offer they the main quota is 1 GB, and the bonus one 0.5 GB. All these will be available by 250AFN only.
  • For 400AFN they will offer total quota data of 4.5 GB, in this, the first 3 GB is the main quota and the rest of 1.5 GB is called bonus data. This offer is called ‘Monthly Super’.
  • The next offer is the mega package which is called ‘Monthly Mega’, in this offer they afford 7.5 GB (main- 5 GB & bonus- 2.5 GB) by 600AFN for thirty days.
  • This offer is new and very famous among the users that are ‘Monthly Nokhba’ which will charge 800AFN for 9.375 GB that would be separated into 6.25 GB as main and bonus of 3.125 GB for a single month.
  • The next two offers are surely helpful to the workers who were in work from home. ‘Monthly 10 GB’ that charges 1100AFN for 15 GB totally (main- 10 GB & bonus- 5 GB) for 30 days.
  • And the offer ‘Monthly 14 GB’ which will afford 21 GB data by 1800AFN, data as usual classified into 14 GB for main and 7 GB as bonus one until the month-end.

Social media packages:

  • Daily social media users are benefits by ‘Daily Facebook Pack’ which offers 35 MB by 2AFN.
  • Weekly package for social media is for 140 MB by 15AFN for a solid 7 days.
  • The monthly package is for 250 MB by 40AFN, this offer will be sustained for 30 days.

Basically in Afghan, nearly 75% of people especially youngsters have been using the super Wi-Fi internet services in their day to day life. Life could not complete without the internet, this is the real situation all over the world.

Product & Tariff Details Prepaid

Product NamePrice in AFNTotal QuotaMain QuotaBonus QuotaMain Quota ValidityBonus ValidityActivationDe- ActivationBalance Check
Daily Mini10 AFN60 MB1 Day*477*1*1#*477*1*4#
Daily Mega30 AFN200 MB1 Day*477*2*1#*477*2*4#
Best Daily DATA Pack45 AFN1 GB1 Day*477*46*1#*477*46*4#
Weekly Super100 AFN500 MB7 Days*477*3*1#*477*3*4#
Weekly125 AFN1 GB7 Days*477*23*1#*477*23*2#*477*23*4#
Weekly125 AFN1.5 GB7 Days*477*125*1#*477*125*4#
Monthly Mini250 AFN1.5GB1GB0.5GB30 Days7 Days*477*4*1#Not Required*477*4*4#
Monthly Super400 AFN4.5GB3GB1.5GB30 Days7 Days*477*5*1#Not Required*477*5*4#
Monthly Mega600 AFN7.5GB5GB2.5GB30 Days7 Days*477*6*1#Not Required*477*6*4#
Monthly Nokhba800 AFN9.375GB6.25GB3.125GB30 Days7 Days*477*8*1#Not Required*477*8*4#
Monthly 10GB1100 AFN15GB10GB5GB30 Days7 Days*477*10*1#Not Required*477*10*4#
Monthly 14GB1800 AFN21GB14GB7GB30 Days7 Days*477*16*1#Not Required*477*16*4#
Big Data Bundle **1500 AFN32 GB30 Days*477*32*1#*477*32*2#*477*32*4# (Facebook Balance Check – *477*32*5#)
Daily Facebook Pack2 AFN35 MB1 DaySend FB2 to 151Send DFB2 to 151Send FB2# to 151
Weekly Facebook Pack15 AFN140 MB7 DaySend FB15 to 151Send DFB15 to 151Send FB15# to 151
Monthly Facebook Pack40 AFN250 MB30 DaysSend FB50 to 151Send FB50# to 151
Monthly Night Surf *199 AFN4 GB30 DaysSend N4GB to 151Send N4GB# to 151
Weekly Night Surf *75 AFN1.5 GB7 DaysSend N1GB to 151Send DN1GB to 151Send N1GB# to 151
Daily Night Surf *25 AFN500 MB24 HoursSend N500MB to 151Send DN500MB to 151Send N500MB# to 151
Pay As You Go8 AFN1 MB

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