Ålcom Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Finland)

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Ålcom Internet Packages & Data Plan

Ålcom offers a variety of internet packages and data plans to suit different needs and budgets. Here’s a detailed overview of their current offerings in 2024:

Prepaid Data Plans:

Ålcom’s prepaid data plans provide flexibility and pay-as-you-go convenience. To activate a prepaid data plan, you’ll need to purchase a prepaid SIM card from an Ålcom store or online.

  1. Ålcom Super Start: This starter pack includes 2GB of data initially, and upon activation, you receive an additional 2GB bonus data valid for 15 days. With each recharge of 10 BGN or more, you’ll receive additional MB based on the top-up amount.
  2. Ålcom Internet: This prepaid plan offers various data options with varying validity periods:
    • 1GB for 7 days at 9.90 BGN
    • 2GB for 7 days at 14.90 BGN
    • 3GB for 7 days at 19.90 BGN
    • 5GB for 7 days at 29.90 BGN
  3. Ålcom Internet+: This prepaid plan provides larger data allowances with longer validity periods:
    • 10GB for 30 days at 39.90 BGN
    • 15GB for 30 days at 49.90 BGN
    • 20GB for 30 days at 59.90 BGN

Postpaid Data Plans:

Ålcom’s postpaid data plans offer contract-based subscriptions with fixed monthly fees and data allowances. You can choose from a variety of plans depending on your usage requirements.

  1. Ålcom Unlimited: This plan provides unlimited data at varying speeds:
    • Unlimited data at 2 Mbps for 24.90 BGN per month
    • Unlimited data at 5 Mbps for 29.90 BGN per month
    • Unlimited data at 10 Mbps for 34.90 BGN per month
  2. Ålcom Unlimited+: This plan offers unlimited data at the highest speed of 100 Mbps for 49.90 BGN per month.
  3. Ålcom Data+: This plan provides a combination of data and minutes:
    • 10GB data, 200 minutes, and 200 SMS for 19.90 BGN per month
    • 15GB data, 300 minutes, and 300 SMS for 24.90 BGN per month
    • 25GB data, 500 minutes, and 500 SMS for 29.90 BGN per month

How to Activate a Data Plan:

  1. Online: You can activate a data plan online through Ålcom’s self-service portal or the Ålcom mobile app.
  2. Customer Service: Contact Ålcom’s customer service at +359 898 432 123 or visit an Ålcom store.
  3. SMS: For prepaid plans, you can activate a data plan by sending an SMS with the plan code to 123.

Additional Considerations:

  • Data plans may have additional charges for exceeding the data allowance, making calls, or sending SMS.
  • Some data plans may have restrictions on tethering or using data for certain services.
  • Check Ålcom’s website or contact customer service for the latest pricing and plan details.
Offer VolumePriceValidity (Days)
Data EU+2GB14.9 €30 Days
A little more
Data EU+5GB19.9 €30 Days
Data EU+10GB25.9 €30 Days
Data EU+15GB29.9 €30 Days
Data EU+15GB34.9 €30 Days
Extra everything
Data EU / USA / Canada+20 GB39.9 €30 Days



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