Anguilla Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Anguilla SIM Cards: Everything You Need To Know

Anguilla, a British overseas territory in the Eastern Caribbean, is known for its stunning beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, staying connected is likely a necessity. This listicle provides essential information about using SIM cards in Anguilla.

1. Local Operators

Anguilla has two main mobile network operators:

  • Flow (Cable & Wireless)
  • Digicel

Both operators offer prepaid and postpaid services, with varying degrees of coverage and service packages.

2. Coverage and Signal Strength

  • Flow tends to have better coverage across the island, including remote areas and off-shore cays.
  • Digicel has competitive coverage, with strong signal in populated areas but may be less reliable in more secluded spots.

3. Where to Purchase

Both SIM cards are readily available and can be purchased at:

  • The respective operator’s retail stores and authorized dealers.
  • The airport upon arrival.
  • Various other outlets such as supermarkets and gas stations.

4. Required Documentation

To purchase a SIM card, you will typically need to present

  • A valid form of identification (passport or driver’s license).

5. Prepaid Options

Prepaid options are the most convenient for tourists. They offer:

  • A variety of data packages and talk time options to suit different needs.
  • Flexibility to top up credits at numerous locations island-wide or online.

6. International Roaming

If you opt to use your home country’s SIM card:

  • Be aware of international roaming charges, which can be exorbitant.
  • Contact your home mobile operator to inquire about roaming packages for Anguilla.

7. Internet Speed

While on the island:

  • Expect 4G LTE speeds with both carriers, although bandwidth can be limited, and speeds may fluctuate during peak times or in certain areas.

8. SIM Sizes

Both operators offer SIM cards compatible with all phone models:

  • Ensure your phone is unlocked and can accept a local SIM card.
  • Standard, micro, and nano SIMs are readily available.

9. Emergency Services

In case of emergency:

  • Dial 911, as in many other countries, with any SIM card.

10. Costs

Prices can vary depending on promotions and packages, but generally, you can get a basic starter pack from:

  • Flow or Digicel for approximately 25 to 50 Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD).

11. Customer Service

Both operators provide varying levels of customer service:

  • Customer service centers are located in The Valley, the main town in Anguilla.
  • Assistance is also available via phone and, in some cases, through online chat services.

12. Top-up Methods

Top-up vouchers or electronic top-ups are available at:

  • Retail stores.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Online through operators’ websites or apps.

13. Cultural Considerations

When purchasing and using a SIM card, respect local norms and regulations:

  • Be aware of any specific cultural etiquettes related to phone usage in public or religious spaces.

14. Network Compatibility

Ensure your device supports the local network frequencies:

  • Flow and Digicel primarily use Caribbean standard frequencies for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE.
  • Check your device’s compatibility to avoid connectivity issues.

Flow Data Packages

75 MB1 dayEC$ 4*146*75#
300 MB3 daysEC$ 12.65*146*300#
500 MB3 daysEC$ 23*146*500#
1 GB7 daysEC$ 31.05*146*1007#
500 MB14 daysEC$ 27.60*146*500#
1 GB14 daysEC$ 37.95*146*1014#
1 GB30 daysEC$ 46*146*1000#
3 GB30 daysEC$ 103.50*146*3000#
5 GB30 daysEC$ 138*146*5000#

Digicel Data Packages

100 MB, 25 on-net mins, free on-net SMS and WhatsApp for 1 day: EC$ 6


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