Antigua and Barbuda Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Antigua & Barbuda: Buy the Best SIM Cards

When traveling to Antigua & Barbuda, staying connected is essential to keep in touch with friends, family, or for business purposes. Buying a local SIM card is often the most cost-effective way to ensure reliable mobile service. Here’s a listicle guiding you through some of the best SIM card options in Antigua & Barbuda:

  1. Flow (formerly LIME)
    • Coverage: Flow is known for providing extensive coverage across both islands, ensuring that connectivity remains consistent.
    • Data Packages: Offers a variety of data packages tailored to short and long-term visitors.
    • Cost: Competitive pricing with options for budget-conscious travelers.
    • Availability: SIM cards can be purchased at the airport, Flow stores, and many other retailers.
    • Tourist Packages: Special tourist plans are often available, including combo deals with data, calls, and texts.
  2. Digicel
    • Coverage: Digicel also boasts widespread coverage in Antigua & Barbuda, keeping you covered in most tourist spots.
    • Data Packages: Numerous data plans are offered, including high-speed 4G LTE services.
    • Cost: Slightly higher-priced than Flow, but with potential for more comprehensive services.
    • Availability: Widely available at the airport, Digicel shops, and local vendors across the islands.
    • Add-ons: Offers various add-ons for international calling and entertainment services.
  3. Apua Inet
    • Coverage: While not as widespread as Flow or Digicel, Apua Inet serves well within St. John’s and other populated areas.
    • Data Packages: They provide several data plans that cater to both residents and visitors.
    • Cost: Offers competitive rates, particularly for those planning to stay within urban areas.
    • Availability: SIM cards are available at their office in St. John’s and some resellers.
    • Local Services: Focuses more on providing services to locals, but can be suitable for visitors staying in the city.

When choosing a SIM card, consider the following:

  • Your length of stay will dictate whether you need a short-term visitor package or a plan suitable for a longer visit.
  • Data needs depend on whether you will be streaming media, working, or simply using your phone for navigation and basic communication.
  • Travel itinerary plays a role, as some providers offer better coverage in certain areas than others.

How to Purchase and Use SIM Cards in Antigua & Barbuda:

  1. Bring an Unlocked Phone: Make sure your phone is unlocked and compatible with GSM networks.
  2. ID Requirement: Upon purchase, you may be required to present a form of identification.
  3. Prepaid Credit: Most SIM cards are prepaid, so you’ll need to top up with credit to activate data plans.
  4. Activation: Follow the provider’s instructions to activate the SIM card. This may involve dialing a specific number or sending a text message.
  5. Check the Balance: Regularly check your credit balance to ensure you’re not unexpectedly cut off from the service.

Tips for Using Your SIM Card:

  • Turn off data roaming to avoid surprise charges.
  • Use Wi-Fi when available to conserve your data allowance.
  • Consider an international calling app if the provider’s international rates are high.

Flow Data Packages

325 MB1 dayEC$ 3.29
500 MB3 daysEC$ 12.99
500 MB7 daysEC$ 21.99
1 GB7 daysEC$ 29.99
1 GB30 daysEC$ 44.99
3 GB30 daysEC$ 79.99
5 GB30 daysEC$ 99.99

Digicel Data Packages

400 MB, 10 mins, unlimited on-net voice and SMS for 1 day: EC$ 7
2.8 GB, 70 mins, unlimited on-net voice and SMS for 7 days: EC$ 35
20 GB, 300 mins, unlimited on-net voice and SMS for 30 days: EC$ 105


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