Are LinkedIn Certifications Worth It? (A Comprehensive Analysis)

LinkedIn certifications are worth your time and money because LinkedIn learning is an inexpensive way to gain added knowledge and sharpen your industrial skills. Most employers value LinkedIn certifications, and they can make you stand out among other professionals. The skills earned at LinkedIn learning can advance you career-wise, and to some extent, the courses offered on this social network platform can help you change your career path.

Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn certifications are certificates available to individuals willing to hone their skills.
  • LinkedIn certifications are worth it because they are an inexpensive way to gain extra knowledge and skills.
  • Some employers value Linkedin certificates.
  • The certification can make you more marketable.
  • You get better networking opportunities with a LinkedIn certificate.
  • Some employers might not recognize LinkedIn certificates.

What Exactly are LinkedIn Certifications?

LinkedIn certifications are certificates of completion available to individuals who want to sharpen their industrial skills or further their education. You can attain these certifications by subscribing to LinkedIn Learning, a platform with more than 16,000 online courses aligned with individuals in business, tech, and creative professions.

LinkedIn courses are typically completed in a few hours, and each course comprises quizzes and video tutorials. After your course, you will be awarded a certificate by LinkedIn. This certificate is crucial as you can add it to your resume and LinkedIn profile to make you more marketable in the eyes of potential recruiters.

Here are a few examples of courses offered by LinkedIn Learning:

  • Blockchain basics.
  • Learning to code with Python.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Excel data visualization.
  • Graphic design.
  • Project management.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Data scientist.
  • Business analyst.
  • Creativity for all industries.

Understanding the Value of LinkedIn Certifications

It would help if you first expanded your skillset when considering getting a promotion at your current workstation or changing your career path. There are many online learning platforms, and you wonder whether LinkedIn certifications are worth it.

When talking about “worthiness,” most people’s concerns are not about how much the course is worth, but the major concern is whether the certifications can propel one’s career. The answer is not black and white, but most people have benefited from LinkedIn certifications.

While LinkedIn certification is worth it for some individuals, the case might be the contrary for others. However, you need to figure out whether the course is worthwhile.

Let’s dive deeper into LinkedIn certifications to figure out whether they will work for you;

Reasons Why LinkedIn Certifications are Worth It?

To better understand the worthiness of LinkedIn certifications, let’s explore why the courses are worth your time and money.

1.     Some Employers Value LinkedIn Certifications

Most employers value LinkedIn certifications because the platform offers standards-based objective learning. Even though online certifications alone aren’t sufficient to qualify someone for a job, a LinkedIn certificate can convince your potential employer that you are passionate about your career and desire to improve by learning from experts.

When you display a LinkedIn certification on your profile or resume, it communicates to recruiters that you are dedicated to your career and you are a continuous learner. This alone can endear you to most recruiters because they know that you are up to date on your industry’s trends; thus, you can deliver your services based on the latest approaches.

2.     LinkedIn Certification Can Help You Advance Your Career

With LinkedIn certification, you have realistic chances of advancing your career. LinkedIn Learning will suggest courses that are popular with individuals with whom you share similar job titles. This will make you stay ahead in your career, placing you ahead of others in your field.

A LinkedIn certification ensures increased visibility, making decision-makers aware of your career goals and achievements. When you display a LinkedIn certification on your resume, it can endear you to those who determine who plays key roles in your company’s next big project.

With all your modern credentials, you stand a good chance in advancing your career since you have picked the minds of experts in your industry and are up to date with modern approaches when handling job-related issues.

3.     The Certification Makes You More Marketable

Your LinkedIn certification helps you add value to your already shiny portfolio. When learning on the platform, you learn basic and advanced topics that will help you acquire relevant industry knowledge.

Your certification will demonstrate your career growth, and most employers always seek these qualities. Therefore, your LinkedIn certification is the key to make you more marketable in your industry.

4.     It Enables You to Change Your Career Path

Quite a good number of professionals are no longer working in fields that require their initial skills. If you discover that you are uncomfortable or not growing in your current career, the logical thing to do is change it for something better.

However, changing your career is not a smooth affair. You’ll need to acquire a new skillset relevant to the new career, and that is where LinkedIn Learning comes in. The platform offers inexpensive and flexible courses that can see you gain new skill sets that will help you jumpstart your new career.

5.     Better Networking Opportunities

In some cases, success depends on your network of friends and professionals. Where else can you get these networks but LinkedIn Learning? On this platform, you will interact with industry professionals, some of whom will be teaching you, meaning you can network with your industry’s finest minds.

Also, when studying, you form a learning community, meaning you can network with like-minded professionals who will give you a nudge in your professional growth path.

Other benefits of LinkedIn Learning are that the platform offers a wide variety of courses, and you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion whenever you finish your course.

The Shortcomings of LinkedIn Certifications

LinkedIn Learning also has its shortcomings. Here are some of the platform’s cons to enable you to gauge whether the certification is worth it;

1.     Lack of Sufficient Knowledge in Some Careers

Some courses on this platform offer knowledge that will propel you to the intermediate level of understanding. Although this knowledge can be enough to give you an overview of your industry, you must go for a more comprehensive course if you wish to get more technical information.

2.     Some Employers Don’t Recognize the Certification

LinkedIn Learning offers certificates of completion, but some employers don’t recognize these certificates because formal academic bodies do not accredit them.

3.     Limited Courses

There could be a lot of courses on the LinkedIn platform, but all these courses tackle business, tech, and creative industries. Therefore, if your area of interest falls out of the three sectors, you better look elsewhere.


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