Aruba Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Buying a SIM card for Aruba in 2023

Traveling to Aruba presents an opportunity to experience its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. However, to stay connected with your loved ones or to keep up with work during your stay, you’ll likely need a reliable mobile connection. Purchasing a local SIM card can be a cost-effective solution. Here’s what you need to know when buying a SIM card on this idyllic Caribbean island:

  1. Know Your Phone’s Compatibility
    • Ensure your phone is unlocked and can operate on the GSM network, as this is the standard in Aruba.
    • Check if your device supports the appropriate frequency bands for Aruba: 2G (GSM 900/1800), 3G (2100), and 4G/LTE (Band 3/1800).
  2. Local SIM Card Providers
    • Aruba has two main mobile operators: Setar NV and Digicel Aruba.
    • Both providers offer prepaid SIM card options with various data, voice, and text packages.
  3. Where to Purchase a SIM Card
    • SIM cards can be bought at the Queen Beatrix International Airport upon arrival, often at kiosks or official provider stores.
    • Alternatively, SIM cards are available at mobile operator stores, supermarkets, and authorized dealers throughout the island.
  4. Required Documentation
    • A valid passport or photo ID is usually required to purchase a SIM card due to local regulations.
  5. Cost of SIM Cards and Plans
    • SIM cards themselves are typically inexpensive, and you can expect to pay around $20-$30 for a starter pack including some credit.
    • Recharge vouchers or top-ups can be bought at various denominations according to your needs.
  6. Data Packages and Validity
    • Data packages range from daily to monthly plans, and you should choose based on the length of your stay and data needs.
    • Prepaid plans are particularly flexible, making it easy to control spending and avoid surprise charges.
  7. Network Coverage and Speed
    • Both Setar and Digicel offer extensive coverage across the island, with good speeds in urban areas.
    • Remote areas or beaches might experience weaker signals, so plan your data usage accordingly.
  8. Customer Service and Support
    • Look for providers with a reputation for good customer service and support.
    • English is widely spoken in Aruba, so language barriers are minimal when seeking assistance.
  9. International Roaming vs. Local SIM
    • Compare the costs of using your home provider’s international roaming service with that of a local SIM card.
    • Often, local SIM cards will be more cost-effective for data usage, and you’ll avoid high roaming charges.
  10. Keeping Your Current Number
  • If keeping your current number is important, consider call-forwarding services or using VoIP services like WhatsApp or Skype.

Choosing a SIM Card: Comparing Setar NV and Digicel Aruba

FeatureSetar NVDigicel Aruba
CoverageIsland-wide with strong urban coverageWide coverage, can be patchy in remote areas
Data SpeedFast 4G/LTE available4G/LTE available
Cost of SIM CardComparable, starting around $20Comparable, starting around $20
Data Package PricesVaries depending on package, usually competitiveSimilar offerings, sometimes with promotional deals
Top-up AvailabilityWidely availableWidely available
Customer SupportKnown for helpful staffGenerally good service

By considering these important factors and options between Setar NV and Digicel Aruba, you’ll be well-prepared to choose the best SIM card for your Aruba adventure in 2023. Stay connected and enjoy the convenience without the worry of huge roaming charges.

Digicel Data Packages

for 1 day with 300 MB: Afl. 7
for 7 days with 1.3 GB: Afl. 29
for 30 days with 4 GB: Afl. 65

Setar Data Packages

250 MBAfl. 51 day
600 MBAfl. 102 days
750 MBAfl. 123 days
1 GBAfl. 197 days
2 GBAfl. 3214 days
3 GBAfl. 4930 days
5 GBAfl. 7930 days


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