Can I Put My Assurance Wireless SIM Card On Another Phone?

Yes, you can. The SIM card is your identity on the network and many times one company will block another company from using their SIM cards. However, it does depend on what SIM card rules they have. So if you go to a different phone then you should be fine. You would just need to contact them and they will tell you what your options are.

It is safe to put another company’s SIM card in your phone provided that it is not new, or if they do not have special restrictions on the usage of their SIM cards. If there are no restrictions, then you can simply pop out your Assurance Wireless SIM card and pop the other one in. However…

Alltel/Assurance Wireless has some specific rules about where its SIM cards can be used. While these rules may evolve over time, right now this carrier does not allow its users to switch their sims from one Alltel device to a non-Alltel device. Otherwise, the service could be compromised by abuse of warranty claims–users who “damage” their Alltel device could then use the SIM in another compatible device while requesting a warranty replacement phone or repair.

Therefore, while technically yes, you can replace your Assurance Wireless SIM card with one from another carrier, the company simply won’t allow it.  

So if you have an HTC One X+ on AT&T and an LG Viper 4G LTE on Verizon you are out of luck. You would need to get the sims swapped at a store/call center/website which makes swapping sim cards relatively easy for most GSM devices but impossible for CDMA phones since you are actually swapping numbers (SIM cards contain only account information). If this process is too difficult or time-consuming you could always choose to stick with one carrier.

Since Assurance Wireless is simply an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and not the actual carrier’s network, technically they can use any SIM card! However, since Assurance Wireless does not allow you to swap your SIM card with another phone or even your old phone, we do not recommend trying this as there could be major issues if it doesn’t work.

So if you go to a different phone then you should be fine. You would just need to contact your service provider to make sure they are ‘okay with this.

Also, the sim card is removable so you don’t have to swap it out, but if you wanted to do something like that then there might be some additional steps required by the phone company. This should not be difficult to find out though.

Some Quick Facts Of Assurance Wireless SIM Card Regarding The Swapping

1. Yes, you can put your Assurance Wireless SIM card on another phone

2. You will need to call the customer service number and ask for a new SIM card

3. There is no fee or contract extension necessary

4. When you receive your new SIM card, just insert it into the other device and activate it with the instructions provided by customer service

5. Your old phone can be used as an emergency backup in case anything happens to your new one!

6. Assurance Wireless SIM cards are only compatible with certain phones

7. If you have a different phone, you can still use your SIM card by using an adapter kit

8. You can get the kit for free at any Assurance Wireless store or order it online

9. Adapter kits typically cost about $10 and come with everything you need to start using your phone again

10. Once the kit is installed, insert your SIM card into the slot on top of the device and then snap it into place inside your new phone’s battery compartment

11. When prompted, enter in all of your account information to activate the service on this device.


If you want to switch your Assurance Wireless SIM card from one phone to another, the process is simple. Just contact customer service and they will walk you through it! You can also follow these instructions on our website for more information about how to activate an Assurance Wireless SIM card on a new device. We hope this answer has been helpful and we encourage anyone with questions or concerns to feel free to reach out anytime at 1-877-878-1302.

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