Can I Put My Assurance Wireless SIM Card On Another Phone?

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Yes, you can put your Assurance Wireless SIM card on another phone as long as the phone is compatible with Assurance Wireless’s network and is unlocked. To do this, simply remove the SIM card from your old phone and insert it into your new phone.

How To Use Assurance Wireless Sim Card On Another Phone

Using an Assurance Wireless SIM card on another phone may be challenging as these cards are often locked to specific devices. However, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Check Device Compatibility:
    • Ensure the other phone is compatible with Assurance Wireless SIM cards and network bands.
  2. Contact Customer Support:
    • Reach out to Assurance Wireless customer support for guidance on transferring the SIM card to another phone. They can provide specific instructions and assess compatibility.
  3. Unlocking the Phone:
    • If the other phone is carrier-locked, consider unlocking it. Assurance Wireless may assist in this process.
  4. Order a Replacement SIM:
    • If needed, inquire about obtaining a replacement SIM card that is compatible with the desired phone.
  5. Visit Assurance Wireless Store:
    • Visit a local Assurance Wireless store for hands-on assistance and guidance on using the SIM card with another phone.

Which Phones Are Compatible With The Assurance Wireless SIM Card?

Assurance Wireless, a federal Lifeline Assistance program brought to you by Virgin Mobile, is known for its flexible service. However, users need to know which phones are compatible with their SIM card. Here are some phones that you can use with Assurance Wireless:

1. Coolpad Avail: One suitable phone for Assurance Wireless is the Coolpad Avail. It offers a smooth multitasking experience due to enhanced processing power.

2. ZTE Quest N817: With its operation system being Android KitKat 4.4, ZTE Quest N817 syncs well with Assurance Wireless SIM cards. This phone offers desirable features for day-to-day use.

3. Unimax U683CL: The Unimax U683CL is a government-approved phone compatible with Assurance Wireless. It is highly rated for usability and ease of handling.

4. ANS L50: For those who want a more advanced option, the ANS L50 comes with numerous features without compromising the ability to connect to Assurance Wireless services.

5. Alcatel Dawn: The Alcatel Dawn is an Assurance Wireless-approved phone that features a 4.5″ display and a sleek design that convenient for portability.

6. Kyocera JAX: The Kyocera JAX is a top choice for Assurance Wireless users who prefer basic phones rather than smartphones. It operates well with their services.

Some Quick Facts Of Assurance Wireless SIM Cards Regarding The Swapping

1. Yes, you can put your Assurance Wireless SIM card on another phone

2. You will need to call the customer service number and ask for a new SIM card

3. There is no fee or contract extension necessary

4. When you receive your new SIM card, just insert it into the other device and activate it with the instructions provided by customer service

5. Your old phone can be used as an emergency backup in case anything happens to your new one!

6. Assurance Wireless SIM cards are only compatible with certain phones

7. If you have a different phone, you can still use your SIM card by using an adapter kit

8. You can get the kit for free at any Assurance Wireless store or order it online

9. Adapter kits typically cost about $10 and come with everything you need to start using your phone again

10. Once the kit is installed, insert your SIM card into the slot on top of the device and then snap it into place inside your new phone’s battery compartment

11. When prompted, enter in all of your account information to activate the service on this device.


If you want to switch your Assurance Wireless SIM card from one phone to another, the process is simple. Just contact customer service and they will walk you through it! You can also follow these instructions on our website for more information about how to activate an Assurance Wireless SIM card on a new device. We hope this answer has been helpful and we encourage anyone with questions or concerns to feel free to reach out anytime at 1-877-878-1302.


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