B-Mobile Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Bhutan)

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B-mobile Data Plans Bhutan – Prepaid Internet Plans

B-Mobile, a subsidiary of Bhutan Telecom Limited, offers various prepaid data plans for mobile internet access in Bhutan. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown:

Student Pack:

Plan NameData AllowanceValidityPrice (Nu.)Description
Student Pack 457 daysNu.45200MBIdeal for light data usage
Student Pack 9530 daysNu.951GBSuitable for moderate data usage
Student Pack 19530 daysNu.1952.5GBOffers good value for heavier data users
Student Pack 49530 daysNu.4955GBPopular choice for students with higher data needs
Student Pack 69530 daysNu.6957.5GBProvides ample data for streaming and online activities

Weekend Plan:

Plan NameData AllowanceValidityPrice (Nu.)Description
Weekend Plan 2204 WeekendsNu.2202GB per weekendActivates on Fridays and expires on Mondays

Prepaid Data Packages:

Plan NameData AllowanceValidityPrice (Nu.)Description
200MB200MB7 daysNu.35Ideal for social media and light browsing
500MB500MB7 daysNu.75Suitable for moderate web browsing and video streaming
1GB1GB15 daysNu.150Good value for regular internet usage
2GB2GB30 daysNu.270Popular choice for heavier data users
4GB4GB30 daysNu.490Offers ample data for streaming and online activities
8GB8GB30 daysNu.790Provides generous data allowance for intensive internet users
15GB15GB30 daysNu.990Ideal for heavy data usage and multiple devices

Additional Notes:

  • Unused data does not roll over to the next period.
  • You can check your data balance by dialing *123# or using the MyBT app.
  • B-mobile offers various data booster packs to purchase additional data if needed.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Check the B-mobile website or app for the latest information and promotions.
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