Barbados Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2020

The discovery of Barbados is commonly credited to the Portuguese explorer Pedro a Campos who was steering his course from the Cape Verde Islands towards Brazil but he was blown off course by a strong tempest. However, some historians believe that the island was discovered by the Spanish explorer, Juan de Esquivel, during his voyage of exploration in the spring of 1536. In either case, the island was first discovered in the year 1536 by Europeans, and the Portuguese were the first to establish a settlement on the island.

It is an island country in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies, in the Atlantic Ocean. It is 34 km long and 11 km wide, and is one of the Caribbean’s more famous destinations, with its beaches being a major tourist attraction. The island is located about two-thirds of the way from Trinidad and Tobago to Jamaica. The country shares maritime boundaries with the nations of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Trinidad and Tobago.

If you are in Barbados and you are looking for a great deal on a mobile internet package – then let’s keep reading.

If you are not a heavy data user and you don’t want to spend a lot; then with the new prepaid internet packages from local internet providers, you can get 500 MB for $25, 3 GB for $40, and 6 GB for $60, all with no contract and no credit check.

The internet providers are also offering mobile internet packages with a 10 GB data cap, which is great for heavy users. Since you don’t need the data to last all month, you can buy a 10 GB pack for $60 or a 20 GB pack for $100.


Digicel Barbados Data Packages

50 MB1 dayBB$ 4
100 MBBB$ 6
500 MB3 daysBB$ 10
500 MB7 daysBB$ 10
1 GBBB$ 14
2 GBBB$ 21
1.25 GB14 daysBB$ 28
1.5 GB30 daysBB$ 30
3 GBBB$ 45
5 GBBB$ 50
10 GBBB$ 60

Flow Data Packages

50 MB1 dayBB$ 5*146*50#
200 MBBB$ 7*146*200#
500 MB3 daysBB$ 10*146*500#
700 MB7 daysBB$ 12*146*700#
1 GBBB$ 14*146*1007#
1.5 GB14 daysBB$ 30*146*1500#
2 GB30 daysBB$ 36*146*2000#
4 GBBB$ 48*146*4000#
10 GBBB$ 60*146*10000#

Telecom services in Barbados are provided by a handful of companies that function as either the landline telephone provider, or the Internet service provider (ISP) or both.

The big players in the Barbados telecom industry are Flow, Digicel, and LIME. Flow provides landline and mobile services, as well as Internet access through cable and DSL.

Digicel is primarily a mobile operator, but also offers mobile Internet access through WiMax. LIME has similar services to Flow, but also provides mobile service in Barbados.

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