Beeline Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Georgia)

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Mode of Subscription of Beeline Data Plans

Beeline offers various subscription modes for their data plans, catering to different needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Top-up based: Purchase data vouchers or recharge online/via app to activate a plan. No fixed monthly fees, ideal for casual users or those who want flexibility.
  • Auto-renewal plans: Choose a plan with automatic renewal (daily, weekly, monthly). Data recharges automatically upon depletion, ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • Bonus packages: Get additional data or minutes on top of your regular plan by purchasing separate bonus packages. Useful for temporary surges in usage.


  • Contract based: Sign a contract for a specific period (usually 12-24 months) and pay a fixed monthly fee for your chosen plan. Includes data, minutes, SMS, and sometimes bonus features like subscriptions to music/streaming services.
  • Direct debit: Beeline automatically deducts the monthly fee from your linked bank account. Convenient and hassle-free payment method.
  • Flexible postpaid: No fixed contract, enjoy the benefits of postpaid plans like data rollover, but with the freedom to switch plans or cancel anytime.

Additional options:

  • Family sharing: Share your data allowance with family members on the same Beeline account. Saves money and simplifies data management.
  • Device-specific plans: Certain plans are tailored for specific devices like tablets or modems, offering optimized data usage and pricing.
  • Roaming packages: Purchase separate roaming packages for worry-free internet access when traveling abroad.

Choosing the right mode:

  • Consider your data usage habits: Do you use data sporadically or consistently?
  • Budget: Prepaid offers flexibility but may cost slightly more in the long run, while postpaid plans provide stability but lock you in for a period.
  • Need for additional features: Compare bonus offers and bundled services like minutes or subscriptions.
  • Convenience: Prepaid offers top-up freedom, while postpaid ensures automatic renewal and potentially paperless billing.

Ultimately, the best mode depends on your individual needs and preferences. Beeline’s website or app usually has detailed information on each plan and subscription mode, so feel free to explore and choose the one that suits you best!

How to Get FREE Beeline Georgia Internet Data

Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct way to get completely free Beeline Georgia internet data. However, there are several options to get Beeline data for free or at a significantly reduced cost:

1. Beeline Contests and Promotions: Beeline frequently runs contests and promotions on their social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) and website. These often offer free data packages, discounts on data plans, or bonus data for specific actions like app downloads or referrals. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and participate to win free Beeline data.

2. Beeline Referral Program: Beeline’s referral program allows you to earn free data by referring friends. When your friend signs up for a Beeline plan using your referral code, you both get bonus data. The amount of free data varies depending on the promotion, but it’s a great way to score some extra GBs.

3. Partner Offers: Beeline partners with various businesses and organizations to offer exclusive data deals. These could be discounts on data plans, free data bundles with specific purchases, or bonus data for using certain services. Look out for these partnerships through Beeline’s website, social media, or directly from the partner businesses.

4. Beeline App: Download the Beeline app to access exclusive app-only promotions and bonus data offers. You can also easily manage your data usage, top-up your plan, and track your spending through the app.

5. Data SIM Card Trials: Beeline sometimes offers free trials of their data SIM cards. This allows you to test their network coverage and data speeds before committing to a full plan. Keep an eye out for these trial offers on Beeline’s website or social media.

6. Beeline Customer Service: If you’re a loyal Beeline customer, reach out to their customer service department. They might be able to offer you a courtesy data package or discount based on your usage history and loyalty.

Remember: While these methods can get you free or significantly cheaper Beeline data, they might have limitations like specific data amounts, validity periods, or eligibility criteria. Always check the terms and conditions carefully before participating.

1₾unlimited3 hours*120*180#
2₾700 MB7 days*120*700#
3₾1.5 GB14 days*120*150#
5₾2.5 GB14 days*120*250#
10₾10 GB14 days*120*100#
4₾1 GB30 days*120*1#
9₾4 GB30 days*120*4#
16₾8 GB30 days*120*03#
25₾30 GB30 days*120*30#


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