Belgium Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Belgium is a country located in Western Europe. It has Netherlands and Germany to its north and east respectively. The country has three regions; Flemish, Walloon, and Brussels. The capital of Belgium is Brussels. In terms of science and technology, the country has various network service providers.

The network providers operate across 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE across the country. In terms of registration for a SIM card, the legislation of the country has made it compulsory to fill in the complete information of the customers. Some of the major information includes the customer’s e-identity card and certified contract. Post-approval of the application, the SIM starts to function.

Carrefour Internet Service Provider

The Carrefour Network Company is a Belgium based company that operates across 2G, 3G, and the 4G LTE network. Various packages related to telecalling and the internet are provided by this service. The Carrefour group not only includes internet services but also various other retail services.

In terms of business in the local market, the Carrefour provided worthy shares for the investors to purchase. These shares were cheaper than their competitors which made their business grow through an increase in the revenue. The service provider offers both voice and internet database services. They provide bundle offer to their customers, which include SMS, internet data, and caller tunes. These bundles are sold through various other external sources like the Carrefour market and Carrefour hypermarket.

Purchasing a SIM or applying for the new network includes a separate procedure where the customer needs to provide all their details including the identity proof details. The cost involved in purchasing the SIM will be credited to your account immediately. However, the usage of the SIM and internet should be in operation at least once in 6 months. The card will be deactivated if not used for 6 months continuously. There are various top-up vouchers available in the market. The price of these vouchers ranges from € 4 to € 48. SMS the following text, “EURO” to 1988 to get any information about the balance. Some of the important data features packages along with their activation codes are given below:

  • 200MB with a price of € 3 with an activation code of DATA3 for 30 days. The deactivation code is STOP DATA3
  • The price of 500MB is €5 for 30 days and the activation code is DATA5. In order to deactivate this package type in STOP DATA5.
  • 1GB charges are €7 for 30 days of activation with their code as DATA7 with a deactivation code as STOP DATA7
  • 2GB charges are €10 for 30 days of activation with their code as DATA10 with a deactivation code as STOP DATA10
  • The price of 5GB is €20 for 30 days and the activation code is DATA20. The deactivation code is STOP DATA20

The 4G LTE network has been established in Belgium. The increase in technology is expected to hike the internet users by the end of 2025 covering the major areas and people having access to the internet.

BASE Data Packages

Surf & Mail 5: 100 MB for 30 days – € 5, activation: ‘SURF5’
Surf & Mail 10: 2 GB for 30 days – € 10, activation: ‘SURF10’

Vectone Mobile Data Packages

Data Price Activation
600 MB € 5 *6008#
1 GB € 7.50 *6018#
2 GB € 10 *6009#
3 GB € 15 *6010#
5 GB € 20 *6019#
10 GB € 25 *6020#

Carrefour Mobile Data Packages

Data Price Activation Deactivation
2 GB € 10 DATA10 STOP DATA10
5 GB € 20 DATA20 STOP DATA 20

Lycamobile Data Packages

Name Data Price Activation
Data 5 600 MB € 5 *139*3005#
Data 10 2 GB € 10 *139*3010#
Data 15 3 GB € 15 *139*3015#
Data 20 5 GB € 20 *139*3020#
Data 25 10 GB* € 25 *139*3025#

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