Benin Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Benin SIM Cards: Everything You Need To Know

Benin, a vibrant West African nation, boasts a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure, offering a plethora of prepaid SIM card options for both locals and foreign visitors. Whether you’re seeking reliable connectivity for calls and texts or high-speed data access, Benin’s mobile networks cater to diverse needs and budgets.

Key Mobile Operators in Benin

The three major mobile operators in Benin are:

  1. MTN Benin: The leading mobile operator in Benin, offering comprehensive prepaid plans for calls, texts, and data.
  2. Moov Bénin: Another prominent player in Benin’s telecommunications market, providing competitive prepaid plans and wide network coverage.
  3. Cellcom Bénin: A relatively new operator, Cellcom Benin offers affordable prepaid plans with decent network coverage.

Choosing the Right SIM Card

The choice of SIM card for your Benin trip depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the factors to consider:

  1. SIM Card Cost: SIM cards typically cost around 200 CFA (approximately $0.30 USD) and can be purchased at various retail outlets, including mobile operator stores, airports, and major supermarkets.
  2. Data Requirements: If you prioritize data usage, consider plans with higher data allowances. MTN Benin and Moov Bénin offer generous data packages, while Cellcom Benin tends to have slightly lower data caps.
  3. Network Coverage: Ensure the operator you choose has strong coverage in the areas you’ll be visiting. Check online coverage maps or consult locals for recommendations.

Prepaid SIM Card Plans

Each mobile operator offers a variety of prepaid SIM card plans tailored to different usage patterns. Here’s a general overview of the types of plans available:

  1. Basic Plans: These plans offer limited data, voice calls, and texts for everyday usage.
  2. Data-Focused Plans: Ideal for heavy data users, these plans provide high data allowances at competitive prices.
  3. International Plans: For international travelers, some plans offer bundled calls and texts to specific countries.

Purchasing a SIM Card

To purchase a prepaid SIM card in Benin, you’ll need a valid passport or national ID. Simply present your identification document at any authorized mobile operator store and request a SIM card. The staff will assist you in activating the SIM and selecting a suitable plan.

Adding Credit

To replenish your prepaid SIM card balance, you can purchase prepaid top-up cards from mobile operator stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores. These cards come in various denominations and can be easily activated using the operator’s mobile app or dialing a designated top-up code.

Recharging Your SIM Card

Your SIM card will automatically recharge when you exceed your data or voice call allowance. However, you can also manually recharge your SIM card by purchasing prepaid top-up cards or using online recharge options provided by the mobile operators.

Keeping Your SIM Card Active

To maintain active service on your prepaid SIM card, ensure you recharge it regularly to avoid deactivation. Additionally, some operators may charge inactivity fees if the SIM card remains inactive for extended periods.

Staying Connected in Benin

With a prepaid SIM card, you’ll be well-equipped to stay connected throughout your Benin adventure. Whether you’re exploring vibrant cities, soaking up serene beaches, or venturing into the country’s rich cultural heritage, reliable mobile connectivity will enhance your journey.

MTN Benin Data Packages

50 MB24 hours100 CFA
200 MB150 CFA
300 MB200 CFA
450 MB250 CFA
200 MB48 hours300 CFA
1 GB500 CFA
100 MB7 days500 CFA
500 MB2000 CFA
2 GB2500 CFA
300 MB30 days1000 CFA
750 MB2000 CFA
2.4 GB4000 CFA
4 GB6000 CFA
6.5 GB9000 CFA

Moov Benin  Data Packages

50 MB24 hours100 CFA*375*1*1*1#
200 MB150 CFA*375*1*4*1#
300 MB200 CFA*375*1*4*4#
500 MB300 CFA*375*1*4*2#
1 GB48 hours500 CFA*375*1*4*3#
100 MB7 days500 CFA*375*1*2*1#
500 MB30 days1500 CFA*375*1*3*1#
3 GB5000 CFA*375*1*3*2#


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