Cambodia Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Where to Buy Prepaid SIM Card for Cambodia in 2023

Purchasing a prepaid SIM card in Cambodia is a straightforward process, and you can find them readily available at various locations throughout the country. Here’s a comprehensive guide to buying a prepaid SIM card in Cambodia in 2023:

Where to Buy SIM Cards in Cambodia

Airports: Upon arrival at Phnom Penh International Airport or other major airports, you’ll find SIM card kiosks operated by the major providers: Cellcard, Smart Axiata, and Metfone.

Telecom Stores: Official telecom stores of Cellcard, Smart Axiata, and Metfone are widely available in cities and towns.

Authorized Retailers: Many convenience stores, supermarkets, and kiosks sell SIM cards of all major providers.

Documents Required for SIM Card Registration

To register your SIM card in Cambodia, you’ll need to present a valid passport or national ID card. This is a regulatory requirement to combat fraud and maintain security.

SIM Card Registration Process

• Visit an authorized SIM card seller or telecom store.

• Provide your passport or national ID card for identification.

• Fill out a registration form with your personal details, including name, passport number, and address.

• Pay for your SIM card and starter pack.

• Your SIM card will be activated and ready to use.

Top SIM Card Providers in Cambodia

Cellcard: Cellcard is the largest and most popular provider in Cambodia, offering the widest network coverage and fast data speeds.

Smart Axiata: Smart Axiata is the second-largest provider, known for its reliable network performance and innovative services.

Metfone: Metfone is the third-largest provider, offering affordable SIM card packages and good coverage in rural areas.

Top Prepaid SIM Card Packages in Cambodia

Each provider offers a variety of prepaid SIM card packages with different data allowances, call minutes, SMS bundles, and validity periods. Choose a package that suits your usage patterns and budget.

Cellcard: Cellcard offers a range of packages with generous data allowances and competitive prices.

Smart Axiata: Smart Axiata provides a variety of packages with flexible data options and affordable rates.

Metfone: Metfone offers SIM card packages with data plans catering to light, moderate, and heavy users.

Additional Tips for Using Your SIM Card in Cambodia

Top Up Regularly: Keep your SIM card balance topped up to avoid unexpected service interruptions.

Use Data Wisely: Data charges can be expensive, so use data sparingly and consider using Wi-Fi whenever available.

Purchase Local Packages: Local packages often offer better value and more affordable rates compared to roaming plans.

Dial International Numbers Correctly: When making international calls, use the correct country code and area code to avoid unnecessary charges.

Seek Help from Provider: If you encounter any issues with your SIM card or service, contact your provider’s customer service for assistance.




One of the most variant and offer able data packages are provided by the CELLCARD internet

service provider. It has packages of data starting from 150MB to 5GB. The structure of the internet packages and their prices as follows:

  • DATA OF 1GB with a net validity of 1 day can be avail with a cost of $0.25 and the activation code for the same is *1000#
  • DATA OF 4GB with a net validity of 7 days can be avail with a cost of $2 and the activation code for the same is *6767#200#
  • DATA OF 8GB with a net validity of 30 days can be avail with a cost of $5and the activation code for the same is *6767#500#
  • DATA OF 18GB with a net validity of 30 days can be avail with a cost of $10 and the activation code for the same is *6767#1000#
  • DATA OF 40GB with a net validity of 30 days can be avail with a cost of $20 and the activation code for the same is *6767#2000#


According to statistics released by the Telecommunications Regulator Of Cambodia, the number of registered SIM cards rose by 9.4% during the first half of the year, reaching 20.8 million. Internet Users – including both mobile internet and fixed internet – rose 31.6% and now stand at 15.8 million, which equals about 98.5% of the population.

Metfone Data Packages

Limited data plans (hard-capped):
1 GB1 night$ 0.10*133*110#
100 MB1 day$ 0.10*133*1*1#
700 MB30 days$ 1*133*1#
1.5 GB$ 2*133*2#
4 GB$ 3*133*1*3#
7 GB$ 5*133*5#
15 GB$ 10*133*10#
30 GB$ 20*133**20#
Unlimited data plans (soft-capped):
200 MB1 day$ 0.20*133*25#
1.5 GB1 week$ 1.50*133*150#
3 GB30 days$ 3*133*4#
5 GB$ 5*133*50#
12 GB$ 10*133*100#

Smart (by Axiata) Data Packages

100 MB1 day$ 0.10*087*10#
250 MB$ 0.25*087*25#
1 GB$ 1*087*100#
500 MB30 days$ 1*087*101#
2 GB$ 3*087*300#
4 GB$ 5*087*500#
8.5 GB$ 10*087*1000#
13 GB$ 15*087*1500#
25 GB$ 25*087*2500#

Cellcard (Mobitel) Data Packages

1 GB1 day$ 0.25#1000#
4 GB7 days$ 2*6767*200#
8 GB30 days$ 5*6767*500#
18 GB$ 10*6767*1000#
40 GB$ 20*6767*2000#

qb Data Packages

120 MB1 day$ 0.10*888*10#
250 MB$ 0.20*888*20#
700 MB7 days$ 0.50*888*50#
1 GB3 days$ 1*888*100#
2.5 GB14 days$ 2.5*888*200#
4.5 GB30 days$ 5*888*500#
9.5 GB$ 10*888*1000#

Seatel Data Packages

500 MB1 day$ 0.101800*331*
2.5 GB $ 0.501800*332*
10 GB7 days$ 11800*333*
20 GB $ 21800*334*
45 GB30 days$ 51800*335*
100 GB $ 101800*336*


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