Are LinkedIn Jobs Legit?

Are LinkedIn jobs legit

The LinkedIn platform has many job listings, but many users ask, are LinkedIn jobs legit? While the platform has a lot of legitimate job listings, you must be aware that scammers also take advantage and list fraudulent jobs on the platform. Cybercrooks understand that LinkedIn is a popular professional networking platform where employers and job …

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How to Add a Photo to a LinkedIn Post

Add a Photo to a LinkedIn Post

To add a photo to a LinkedIn post, go to your LinkedIn homepage, click on the photo icon, and select the photo you would like to upload. You can upload a single photo or a maximum of 9 photos. Before sharing the photo, you can edit it to your preference, choose who will see your …

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How to Download Videos from LinkedIn Learning

Download Videos from LinkedIn Learning

You can download videos from LinkedIn Learning on your Android or iOS devices by logging in to the LinkedIn app and navigating to the course you have enrolled for. Next, hit the “Download” icon just below the course title you wish to download. A pop-up will appear, prompting you to download the entire course. Hit …

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How to Link a Facebook Account to Your Messenger Account

Link a Facebook Account to Your Messenger Account

It is easy to link a Facebook account to your Messenger account. You will first sign in to your messenger account and tap the profile icon at the top left corner of your screen. Next, scroll down, click the “Linked Accounts” option, and tap Facebook. If prompted, sign in to your Facebook account and click …

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Does LinkedIn Automatically Repost Jobs?

Does LinkedIn automatically repost jobs

Many LinkedIn users ask, does LinkedIn automatically repost jobs? The short answer is no. LinkedIn doesn’t repost jobs automatically. Typically, when a recruiter posts a job on the platform, it remains active for a certain period, usually 30 days. After this period, the post expires, and it will no longer be visible. However, the employer …

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Can You Verify Two Facebook Accounts with the Same Phone Number?

Verify two Facebook accounts

You’re not allowed to verify two Facebook accounts with the same phone number because it will violate Facebook’s terms of service. The moment you verify the first account, Facebook stores the phone number and the email address used to verify it on its database. However, there’s a trick that can enable you to verify multiple …

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Is LinkedIn Safe? – 10 Tips to Help You Stay Safe on the LinkedIn Platform

Is LinkedIn Safe

Is LinkedIn Safe? Yes, LinkedIn is safe as it protects its users’ information. However, despite the security measures put in place by LinkedIn to safeguard its users, we must accept that there’s no online platform that’s 100% safe. There’s always the risk of scammers and hackers who lurk around all online platforms. The best way …

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How Can You See Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile for Free?

See who viewed your LinkedIn profile

You will see who viewed your LinkedIn profile for free using the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” tool, even if you have a LinkedIn basic (free) account. However, with a free account, you’ll only see up to the last five results of your profile view history, how many times your Profile has appeared on searches, and …

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How Can I Check for Applied Jobs on LinkedIn?

Check for Applied Jobs on LinkedIn

You can follow a few steps to check for applied jobs on LinkedIn. First, you will start by logging into your LinkedIn account and clicking on “Jobs” in the top navigation bar. This action will redirect you to a page that displays all jobs you have viewed, saved, or applied for on the LinkedIn platform. …

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