Cellcard Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Cambodia)

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Cambodia: Buy the Best SIM Cards

Cambodia boasts a vibrant telecommunications market, offering various choices for SIM cards. Picking the best one depends on your specific needs and travel itinerary. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the options:

Major Providers:

  • Metfone: Renowned for its extensive coverage, especially in rural areas. Offers affordable data packages and convenient top-up options.
  • Cellcard: Provides competitive data plans and reliable network speeds. Popular among tourists and locals.
  • Smart: Delivers fast internet speeds in major cities and tourist destinations. Offers attractive data packages for short-term stays.
  • Seatel: A newer player, offering competitive data bundles and affordable tourist SIM cards.

Factors to Consider:

  • Length of stay: Short-term travelers might opt for tourist SIM cards with pre-loaded data and validity periods. Long-term residents might prefer flexible plans with monthly top-ups.
  • Data usage: Consider your expected data needs for browsing, social media, video streaming, etc. Choose a plan with sufficient data allowance to avoid exceeding your limit.
  • Coverage: If you plan to travel extensively, prioritize providers with reliable coverage across the country, like Metfone.
  • Budget: SIM card prices and data packages vary significantly. Compare prices and features to find the most cost-effective option.

Popular SIM Card Choices:

  • Metfone Tourist SIM:
    • Cost: $3-$10
    • Validity: 7-15 days
    • Data: 2GB-5GB
    • Benefits: Affordable, wide-coverage, convenient top-up options
  • Cellcard Tourist SIM:
    • Cost: $3-$15
    • Validity: 7-30 days
    • Data: 2GB-10GB
    • Benefits: Competitive data plans, reliable network speeds
  • Smart Tourist SIM:
    • Cost: $3-$10
    • Validity: 7-15 days
    • Data: 2GB-5GB
    • Benefits: High-speed internet in major cities, attractive short-term plans
  • Seatel Travel SIM:
    • Cost: $3-$10
    • Validity: 3-10 days
    • Data: 2GB-5GB
    • Benefits: Affordable, convenient top-up through the Seatel app

Additional Tips:

  • Purchase SIM cards from authorized vendors like official stores, airports, or convenience stores.
  • Register your SIM card with your passport for extended validity and top-up options.
  • Consider purchasing a data add-on if your data allowance runs low.
  • Download your provider’s app for convenient top-up and usage monitoring.
1GB1 day$0.25Dial #1000# to activate
4GB7 days$2Dial *6767#200# to activate
8GB30 days$5Dial *6767#500# to activate
18GB30 days$10Dial *6767#1000# to activate
40GB30 days$20Dial *6767#2000# to activate



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