Chad Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Chad SIM Cards: Everything You Need To Know

1. Telecom Operators:

  • Chad has several telecom operators providing mobile services. Some include Airtel Chad, Tigo Chad, and Salam Chad.

2. SIM Card Purchase:

  • SIM cards are typically available for purchase at telecom operator stores, authorized resellers, and sometimes in convenience stores.

3. Registration:

  • Many countries, including Chad, require SIM card registration for security and regulatory purposes. Buyers may need to provide identification documents for activation.

4. Services and Plans:

  • Telecom operators offer various prepaid and postpaid plans with voice, text, and data services. The available plans and their costs may vary.


1. Coverage:

  • Check the coverage maps of different operators to ensure you get good reception in the areas you frequent.

2. Roaming:

  • If you plan to use your Chad SIM card in other countries or vice versa, consider roaming charges and compatibility.

3. Data Packages:

4. SIM Card Compatibility:

  • Ensure your device is compatible with the type of SIM card provided by the operator (standard, micro, or nano).

5. Registration Requirements:

  • Be aware of the identification documents needed for SIM card registration to avoid any complications during the purchase process.

Internet prices in Chad

Internet prices in Chad are among the most expensive in the world. In 2023, the average cost of 1GB of mobile internet in Chad was $5.1 USD, significantly higher than the global average of $2.84 USD. This high cost is due to a number of factors, including Chad’s landlocked location, poor infrastructure, and limited competition among internet providers.

Here is a table of the average cost of mobile internet in Chad in 2023:

Data AllowanceAverage Price (USD)

Tigo Chad Data Packages

1 hourunlimited300 CFA*3*300#
1 day10 MB250 CFA*3*250#
1 day200 MB500 CFA*3*500#
2 days1 GB2000 CFA*3*2000#
3 days30 MB600 CFA*3*600#
7 days70 MB1200 CFA*3*1200#
7 days1 GB2500 CFA*3*2500#
30 days300 MB3000 CFA*3*3000#
30 days1 GB7000 CFA*3*7000#
30 days7 GB12,000 CFA*3*12000#
30 days14 GB20,000 CFA*3*20000#
30 days28 GB35,000 CFA*3*35000#
30 days45 GB55,000 CFA*3*55000#


100 MB300 CFA*999*2#

Airtel Chad Data Packages

1 day10 MB250 CFA*342*4*1#
15 MB350 CFA*342*4*2#
200 MB500 CFA*342*4*3#
500 MB1000 CFA*342*4*4#
1 GB1500 CFA*342*4*5#
2 days1 GB2000 CFA*342*4*6#
3 days25 MB600 CFA*342*4*7#
7 days70 MB1200 CFA*342*4*8#
150 MB2000 CFA*342*4*9#
1.5 GB3000 CFA*342*4*10#
4 GB6000 CFA*342*4*11#
30 days100 MB2000 CFA*342*4*12#
256 MB3000 CFA*342*4*13#
500 MB5000 CFA*342*4*14#
750 MB6000 CFA*342*4*15#
7 GB12,000 CFA*342*4*16#
14 GB35,000 CFA*342*4*17#
28 GB57,630 CFA*342*4*18#
45 GB205,000 CFA*342*4*19#


50 MB580 CFA*342*4*20#
200 MB1155 CFA*342*4*21#

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