How Can You Check Your T-Mobile Voicemail Without Your Cell Phone? (Well Explained!)

Your T-Mobile Voicemail can be checked using two different methods. Either you check with someone else’s cell phone or you make use of your computer. As long as your cell phone isn’t available to you, these two things can help. 

Sometimes we know that some mishaps occur, you might be held up by rain in a friend’s house at night, maybe you lost your phone, It is also possible that you lost your signal at home, you can still gain access to your Mobile voicemail from someone else’s phone or by using your computer as long as you have a password that has been set for you. You also have the option of doing what has to be done with the voicemail when using someone else’s phone. You can delete the voicemail, save it for later, or respond to it immediately. 

Configuring Your T-Mobile Voicemail

Configuring Your T Mobile Voicemail

Your T-Mobile voicemail has to be completely set up before you can gain access to it on another device. First of all, when you haven’t set up your voicemail, no one can send you any voicemail. You need to set up your voicemail message and then you need to input a password so you can gain access to your voicemail when using a device that isn’t yours. 

To set it up, start by holding down the key “1”, which is also known as the voicemail key on your mobile phone to dial in. As soon as you press the voicemail key, you would wait for some time before you reach voicemail, and then you would have to follow the steps that they have given to you. You will be given the chance to input the final four digits of your phone number as an access code before you are asked to move on to creating a password that has to be around four to seven digits. Just like every password, you have to keep it safe because you might have to call T-Mobile customer care if you lose it. After the whole process, you are given a chance to set your greeting and then a confirmation is given to you that your voicemail setup has been successful. 

Checking Your Voicemail With Another Phone

The first thing you have to do if you want to check your voicemail with another phone would have to make a call to your phone number, and of course, since you are not home so it will reach voicemail. It doesn’t matter if you are checking your voicemail from a cell phone or landline. When it reaches the voicemail, press the * button four times consecutively as soon as you hear the greeting. You would be given the chance to put your voicemail password before you can continue. 

After the procedure, you are allowed to use the voicemail service as if it were your phone. It will give you the number of messages that you have, and then the voicemail will start reading any new message that you have on the phone. You will be given the option to press 7 if you have chosen to delete the message or 9 if the message deserves to be saved. Then it will also give you the remaining options that you have, like, you can replay the message by pressing 1, you can also press 8 if you have chosen to call the person back, and the ‘6’ button would give you a full list of selections like replying to the message with a text or deciding to forward the message. After checking the voicemail on your friend’s phone, you can just end the call and that is it. 

Checking T-Mobile Voicemail With The Help Of Your Computer

This has to be done via T-Mobile’s website, you can decide to check by using your computer because T-Mobile’s website gives you that phone-free choice. To do this, you will have to log into the website known as My T-Mobile and the choosing the phone option that is placed there on the navigation bar. From here you could get information about your major phone and a link that is put on the right side that allows you to check the voicemail. If you own different phones, T-Mobile will give you the different options of the different phones that you have. Choose the phone that you want and then the same option would be given to you so your voicemail can be checked. 

On the Mobile website, when they see that this is your first time accessing this online option, they would have to confirm by sending a code to your line, and then you would have to input the code in the space given to you. As soon as you are given access, you will be shown a page that has the option of you deciding to check your missed calls and your voicemail. You can also check your messages there. The unique thing about this service is that you are also given the option to call the person back if you want to through the web browser. 

What Is The Voicemail Access Number?

Voicemail Access Number

A voicemail access number is also a telephone number, it is created and given to you by voicemail services just so that subscribers are able to check their voicemail accounts and decide what to do with any voicemail that has been sent. The access number is usually the normal phone number when calling from a phone in the same area code.

What Is The Alternative Number For T-Mobile?

Before you are given access to the menu for your voicemail, you would have to hold on to the key ‘1’, you can also dial 123, and if that doesn’t come through, you can just dial the alternative ‘1-805-637-7249’. 


T-Mobile has tried to make things easier for its customers by providing these options. These are good and insightful ways to help people. You cannot always be with your phone, but you can always get your voicemail. 

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