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How To Buy A SIM Card In Chile

Traveling to Chile offers an array of magnificent sights, from the arid Atacama Desert to the icy blue glaciers of Patagonia. In order to stay connected with friends, navigate new cities, or simply share beautiful landscapes on social media, having a local SIM card can be incredibly beneficial. Here’s a step-by-step guide to purchasing a SIM card in Chile:

  1. Understand the Local Providers: Chile has several key mobile network providers, including Entel, Movistar, WOM, and Claro. It’s important to compare their coverage areas, especially if you plan to visit remote regions.
  2. Check Device Compatibility: Before departing for Chile, ensure your phone is unlocked and can support the local GSM network frequencies (850 MHz and 1900 MHz for most providers).
  3. Choose the Right SIM Card Package: Determine your data, call, and text message needs to find a package that suits you. Providers often offer a range of options from short-term visitor packages to monthly plans.
  4. Prepare Your Identification: Regulation in Chile requires you to present identification such as a passport to purchase a SIM card.
  5. Decide Where to Purchase: SIM cards can typically be bought at:
    • Official retail stores of the mobile providers
    • Kiosks at the airport
    • Many small shops (tiendas) and supermarkets
  6. Complete the Registration Process: Some providers may require a RUT (Rol Único Tributario), which is a Chilean tax number. However, as a tourist, you should be able to use your passport number instead.
  7. Understand the Activation Procedure: Once you have your SIM card, staff at the point of purchase can usually help you activate it, or simply follow the instructions included with the SIM package.
  8. Consider Balance Recharging Options: Top-ups for prepaid SIM cards can be done:
    • Online through the provider’s website
    • At provider stores and associated retail locations
    • Via recharge kiosks which are widely available
  9. Check for Additional Benefits: Some mobile carriers may offer special deals for tourists, so be sure to inquire about any ongoing promotions or packages.
  10. Seek Assistance if Needed: Customer service representatives at dedicated stores can provide help in English or other major languages, should you run into any issues.

Following these steps will help ensure that you have a smooth experience when buying a SIM card in Chile, keeping you connected and making your travels more convenient.

How To Buy A Chile Prepaid SIM Card Online

  1. Research Mobile Operators:
    • Identify the major mobile operators in Chile. As of my last update, some of them include Claro, Movistar, and Entel.
  2. Visit Operator’s Official Website:
    • Go to the official website of the mobile operator you choose. Look for an online store or a section related to prepaid services.
  3. Select a Plan:
    • Explore the available prepaid plans and choose the one that best suits your needs in terms of data, calls, and validity. Pay attention to any additional features or bonuses that may be included.
  4. Check for Online Purchase Option:
    • Verify if the operator allows online purchases of SIM cards and prepaid plans. Look for an “Online Store” or “Buy Online” section on their website.
  5. Provide Necessary Information:
    • During the online purchase process, you may need to provide certain information, such as your name, address, and identification details. Have a valid ID or passport handy.
  6. Choose SIM Card Size:
    • Select the appropriate SIM card size for your device (standard, micro, or nano). Most operators provide SIM cards that can be punched out to fit different devices.
  7. Payment:
    • Complete the payment process using the available payment options. This could include credit/debit cards or other online payment methods.
  8. Delivery Options:
    • Choose the delivery option for your SIM card. Some operators may offer home delivery services, while others may provide pickup options at designated locations.
  9. Receive and Activate the SIM Card:
    • Once you receive the SIM card, follow the provided instructions to activate it. This may involve inserting the SIM card into your phone and following the activation process.
  10. Top-Up Your Balance:
    • After activation, you may need to top up your balance to start using the prepaid services. Top-up options may include online recharge, purchasing top-up cards, or using mobile apps.
  11. Keep Identification Handy:
    • Be prepared to show identification if required, especially if you need to register the SIM card.
  12. Customer Support:
    • Save the customer support contact details provided by the operator in case you encounter any issues or need assistance.

Entel Data Packages

100 MB3 days$ 500
200 MB7 days$1,000
300 MB + 50 mins3 days$ 1,000
500 MB15 days$ 2,500
800 MB + 100 mins7 days$ 2,000
1 GB30 days$ 5,000
1.5 GB + 150 mins7 days$ 3,000
2 GB2 days$ 2,000
3 GB + 200 mins15 days$ 5,000
4.5 GB + 350 mins30 days$ 8,000
unlimited night


7 nights


$ 2,000

Movistar Data Packages

with auto-renewal (called “PrePlan“):

Claro Data Packages

75 MB1 day$ 250IM250
200 MB1 day$ 1,000IM500
1,5 GB *3 days$ 1,500IM1500
2,5 GB *7 days$ 2,500IM2500
3,5 GB *15 days$ 4,000IM4000
4,5 GB *30 days$ 6,000IM6000

WOM (previously Nextel) Data Packages

75 MB1 day$ 250
150 MB3 days$ 500
300 MB7 days$ 1,000
1 GB15 days$ 2,500
2 GB30 days$ 5,000
3 GB30 days$ 7,000

Virgin Mobile Data Packages

30 MB1 day$ 250
150 MB1 day$ 1,000
400 MB3 days$ 2,000
1 GB7 days$ 3,000
1.5 GB15 days$ 4,000

VTR Móvil Data Packages

75 MB3 days$ 500
150 MB7 days$ 1,000
300 MB30 days$ 2,000
600 MB30 days$ 4,000


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