Colombia Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Buying a SIM card for Colombia in 2023

Traveling to Colombia necessitates staying connected to navigate cities, accessing essential services, and communicating with friends and family. As such, acquiring a SIM card that provides reliable and cost-effective mobile services is crucial. Here’s a listicle to guide you through the process of purchasing a SIM card in Colombia in 2023.

  1. Understanding Your Needs:
    • Determine the length of your stay, the extent of your travel within the country, and your data, call, and text requirements to choose the most suitable plan.
  2. Choosing a Mobile Operator:
    • Colombia has several mobile operators offering competitive SIM card options. Claro, Movistar, and Tigo are the most popular providers with extensive coverage.
  3. Where to Buy a SIM Card:
  4. Document Requirements:
    • To purchase a SIM card in Colombia, you will typically need to present your passport. This is part of the mandatory registration process for new mobile phone lines.
  5. Understanding Prepaid vs. Postpaid:
    • Prepaid SIM cards are ideal for short-term visitors and can be topped up as needed.
    • Postpaid plans may require a local credit history or a long-term contract, which are less suited for tourists.
  6. Costs and Top-Up Options:
    • Initial SIM card prices are quite low, sometimes as little as COP 5,000 (around USD 1-2).
    • Top-ups can be done at numerous locations including supermarkets, pharmacies, online, or directly through the operator’s customer service.
  7. Check for Deals and Promotions:
    • Look out for temporary promotions that offer additional data or call minutes; these can provide great value, especially during holiday seasons or special events.
  8. Setting Up Your Phone:
    • Ensure your phone is unlocked and compatible with the frequencies used in Colombia (850 MHz and 1900 MHz for 3G, and bands 2 (1900 MHz), 4 (1700/2100 MHz), and 7 (2600 MHz) for 4G/LTE).
    • You may need to adjust your phone’s APN settings; information is usually provided with the purchase of your SIM card.
  9. Customer Service and Support:
    • Opt for an operator with a reputation for good customer service and support, accessible helplines, and efficient problem-solving mechanisms.
  10. Consider Mobile App Management:
    • Many operators offer mobile apps that allow users to manage their accounts, track usage, and top-up balances, thus providing increased convenience and control.
  11. Data Extras and Add-Ons:
    • Explore if your chosen operator offers data extras or add-ons, which are small packages of additional data you can purchase once your initial allowance is depleted.
  12. International Roaming Options:
    • If you are planning to visit neighboring countries, inquire about international roaming packages to avoid excessive charges.

Prioritizing these considerations when buying a SIM card in Colombia in 2023 can significantly enhance your communication experience during your travels, ensuring you stay connected in a hassle-free and cost-efficient manner.

Claro (formerly Comcel) Data Packages

1 day9 MBCOP 990 
40 MBCOP 1,000
100 MBCOP 2,000 
50 MBCOP 2,000FB, WA, TW
220 MBCOP 4,000 
3 days120 MBCOP 4,000FB, WA, TW
7 days1 GBCOP 10,000 
500 MBCOP 15,000FB, WA, TW
15 days2 GBCOP 20,000 
1 GBCOP 20,900FB, WA, TW
30 days2 GBCOP 42,900 

Movistar Data Packages

1 hour50 MB COP 1,000
1 day100 MB COP 1,700
1 day210 MB COP 3,200
3 days500 MB70 MBCOP 4,900
7 days1.4 GB150 MBCOP 13,900
15 days2.5 GB200 MBCOP 24,900
30 days2 GB500 MBCOP 42,900
30 days3 GB500 MBCOP 52,900

Tigo Une Data Packages

2 days50 MBCOP 3,000WA, FB, 20 mins, 10 SMS
3 days500 MBCOP 5,00030 mins, 5 SMS
6 days120 MBCOP 6,000WA, FB, 30 mins, 10 SMS
7 days1 GBCOP 10,00050 mins, 10 SMS
10 days250 MBCOP 10,000WA, FB, 70 mins, 15 SMS
15 days2 GBCOP 20,000100 mins, 15 SMS
20 days750 MBCOP 20,000WA, FB, 150 mins, 30 SMS

Avantel Data Packages

Validity2G/3G data4G dataPriceActivation
1 day50 MB50 MBCOP 2000DATOS01
3 days150 MB150 MBCOP 3000DATOS01
10 days500 MB1 GBCOP 10,000online
30 days1 GB1.7 GBCOP 20,000online
30 days1 GB4 GBCOP 30,000online

ETB Data Packages









COP 5,000350 MB50 MB20 min40 min10050 MB each5 days
COP 10,000650 MB150 MB35 min70 min100200 MB each10 days
COP 15,0001.2 GB250 MB60 min120 min100200 MB each15 days
COP 20,0001.6 GB400 MB85 min170 min100200 MB each20 days
COP 25,0002 GB500 MB110 min220 min100200 MB each25 days
COP 35,0001 GB400 MB130 min260 min100200 MB each30 days
COP 45,0001.9 GB700 MB200 min400 min100200 MB each30 days

Virgin Mobile Data Packages

24 hours20 MBCOP 600 
24 hours65 MBCOP 2,000 
24 hours140 MBCOP 4,000 
2 days40 MBCOP 1,000 
7 days500 MBCOP 12,000 
30 days1 GBCOP 22,000WA
30 days2.5 GBCOP 40,000WA + 15 min voice

Móvil Éxito Data Packages

1 day10 MBCOP 500only sold in

Éxito, Carulla,

Surtimax and

Super Inter

24 hours150 MBCOP 2,500
7 days400 MBCOP 9,900
30 days1 GBCOP 19,900 
30 days2 GBCOP 24,900 
30 days3 GBCOP 37,900 


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