Cook Islands Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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The Best SIM Card in the Cook Islands for Travellers

The Cook Islands, with their stunning vistas and warm local culture, are a paradise for travelers. Staying connected while enjoying the serenity of the isles is essential, so selecting the right SIM card is key. Here’s a list of the best SIM card options for travelers heading to the Cook Islands:

  1. Vodafone Cook Islands
    • Coverage: Vodafone is the predominant network provider in the Cook Islands, offering extensive coverage across most of the inhabited islands.
    • Options: They offer a variety of prepaid plans that cater to different needs, including talk, text, and data packages.
    • Tourist SIM: Vodafone’s Visitor SIM is specifically tailored for tourists, comprising of enough data, local minutes, and international calling options.
    • Convenience: SIM cards can be purchased at the Rarotonga International Airport upon arrival or at various retail outlets.
    • Pricing: Plans are affordable, considering the remoteness of the islands.
  2. Telecom Cook Islands (Bluesky)
    • Coverage: Bluesky also provides good coverage in the Cook Islands, though it is typically secondary to Vodafone.
    • Options: They offer a range of prepaid data plans which can be suitable for short visits.
    • Tourist Packages: While not as prominent in marketing specifically to tourists, their prepaid offerings can still be viable for travelers.
    • Availability: SIM cards can be found at their main store in Avarua and at the airport.
    • International Roaming: For those who prefer to roam with their existing provider, both Vodafone and Bluesky have roaming partnerships with various international carriers, but be aware that roaming charges may be steep.
  3. WiFi Hotspots
    • Usability: For those not wanting to invest in a SIM card, WiFi hotspots are available in hotels, cafes, and other public areas. However, connections can be slower and less reliable than a dedicated SIM.
    • Pricing: Access is often free for customers or for a small fee; however, data limits are usually in place.

Considerations When Choosing a SIM Card:

  • Device Compatibility: Ensure your phone is unlocked and compatible with the local network frequencies (typically 900 MHz for GSM).
  • Identification: You might be required to present identification, such as a passport, when purchasing a SIM card due to local regulations.
  • Duration of Stay: Choose a plan that aligns with the length of your visit to avoid paying for unused services.
  • Data Needs: Determine your anticipated data usage; opt for larger data packages if you plan to stream videos or use data-intensive applications.
  • Top-Up Options: Familiarize yourself with how to top-up your SIM card, whether through physical cards purchased at stores or online.
  • SIM Sizes: Make sure to get the right SIM card size for your device, as micro, nano, and standard sizes are available.

In summary, Vodafone and Bluesky stand out as the primary SIM card providers for travelers in the Cook Islands. Each offers different plans and coverage that can cater to specific travel needs. For continuous connectivity, investing in a local SIM card upon arrival is highly recommended, while occasional users can rely on WiFi hotspots available across the islands. Safe travels and enjoy the serene beauty of the Cook Islands with the peace of mind that comes from staying connected.

BlueSky Cook Islands Data Packages

24HR$3NZ$ 3100 MB24 hours
3DAY$5NZ$ 5200 MB3 days
7DAY$10NZ$ 10450 MB7 days
10DAY$30NZ$ 301.5 GB10 days
14DAY$50NZ$ 503 GB14 days


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