Czech Republic Internet Packages & Data Plan Of 2024

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Czech Republic Internet Packages

The Czech Republic, also popularly known as Czechia is a country located in central Europe. A landlocked country that is famous for many beautiful places around. Though very small in size, it has made its mark in the competitive world.

The country has mainly 7 companies providing mobile data packages namely-

1. T-Mobile

2. Vodafone

3. COOP Mobil

4. Tesco


6. CZ

7. Open call

T-Mobile Data Packages

 1-day Package

The customer gets unlimited data @3mbps at a price if 99 CZK and the activation code being NIDEN A.

7 Days Package

The customer has to pay 69CZK to get 150MB and can be activated easily by activation code ITYDEN A.

30 Days Package

1. 400MB can be bought at a price of 99CZK and activation code MESIC 400A

2. 1Gb, 2GB, and 4GB plans can be activated by paying an amount of 199CZK, 299 CZK, and 399CZK respectively by entering the activation codes IMESIC1A, IMESIC2 A, and IMESIC4 A

3. For 5GB and 10GB plans, the customers need to pay 499 and 599 CZK respectively and can be activated by entering activation codes IMESIC5 A and IMESIC10 A

Vodafone Data packages

Vodafone provides 100 MB of data at a price of 49CZK and the plan is activated by self-service.

To get 500MB data, the Vodafone customers have to pay 99CZK and the activation code required is DATA 99 and they are entitled to unlimited SMS throughout the period they use the data.

1.2GB data is available at a price of 199 CZK and activation code DATA199and the customer is entitled to unlimited SMS. For the same data usage but unlimited calls, in addition, the customer needs to pay249 CZK and the activation code required is KOMPLET VF FIX

3GB data is available for Vodafone customers at349 CZK and can be activated by code DATA 349 and gets unlimited SMS and to add unlimited calls throughout, he needs to pay an amount of 899CKZ and activation code KOMPLET VSUDE FIX is required.


300MB is available at 159CZK and 1GB is available at 399 CZK

Tesco Mobile Data Packages

The company provides a 7-day package with 500MB data at 120CZK

1. Mini package-makes the customer entitled to get 100MB at 99CZK

2. Midi Package Entitles the customer for 509MB For 30 days at 199 CZK

3. Maxi package -The customer receives 1.5GB @299 CZK for 30days

4. Extra Package- Entitles the customers for a 5GB data pack for 30days at 549CZK

SAZKAmobil Data Packages

The company provides 100MB @50CZk with activation code R1

500MB data package can be bought at 150CZK with activation code R9

1GB and 5GB data can be purchased at 190CZK and 390CZK with activation codes R10 & R14

MOBIL.CZ Data Packages

The company provides data packages for 300MB for 10 days at 60CZK.

700 MB data can be purchased at 130CZK for 30 days.

You can get 2 GB for 30 days at 300 CZK with max speed is increased to 20 Mbit/s.

Open Call Mobile Packages

A package for 25MB data can be bought for 24 hours at 25 CZK.

The customer needs to pay 99ZCZK for 400MB data for 1 month and can be activated by code 450MB A.

750MB can be bought for a month at 199CZK with activation code 759MB A.

You can pay 299 CZK to get 1.5GB for a month with an activation code of 1.5GB A.

4GB data can be activated for a month by paying 499 CZK and activation code 5GB A.

T-Mobile Data Packages

unlimited max. 3 Mbps24 hours99 CZKNIDEN A
150 MB7 days69 CZKITYDEN A
400 MB30 days99 CZKMESIC400 A
1 GB30 days199 CZKIMESIC1 A
2 GB30 days299 CZKIMESIC2 A
4 GB30 days399 CZKIMESIC4 A
5 GB30 days449 CZKIMESIC5 A
10 GB30 days599 CZKIMESIC10 A
6 GB (*)12 months499 CZKIROK A

Vodafone Data Packages

100 MB  CZK 49by self-service
500 MB unlimited



1.2 GB CZK 199DATA 199



 CZK 349DATA 349

COOP Mobil Data Packages

300 MB: 159 CZK
1 GB: 399 CZK

Tesco Mobile Data Packages

7500 MB7 days120 CZK
Mini100 MB30 days99 CZK
Midi500 MB30 days199 CZK
Maxi1.5 GB30 days299 CZK
Extra5 GB30 days549 CZK

SAZKAmobil Data Packages

100 MB: CZK 50 – activation: R1
500 MB: CZK 150 – activation: R9
1 GB: CZK 190 – activation; R10
5 GB: CZK 390 – activation: R14
10 GB: CZK 690 – activation: R15 Data Packages

300 MB for 10 days: 60 CZK
700 MB for 30 days: 130 CZK
2 GB for 30 days: 300 CZK – max. speed is increased to 20 Mbit/s.

Kaktus Data Packages

DataSocial MediaPriceRenewal
80 MB CZK 50once-off
200 MB CZK 100once-off
500 MB250 MBCZK 100auto-renew
1 GB500 MBCZK 150auto-renew
1.5 GB750 MBCZK 200auto-renew
2.5 GB1.25 GBCZK 300auto-renew

OpenCall Mobile Data Packages

25 MB for 24 hours: 25 CZK – default rate
400 MB for 1 month: 99 CZK, activation: 450MB A
750 MB for 1 month: 199 CZK, activation: 750MB A
1.5 GB for 1 month: 299 CZK, activation: 1,5GB A
5 GB for 1 month: 449 CZK, activation: 5GB A Data Packages

DataPricemax. Speed
150 MB60 CZK5 Mbit/s
300 MB95 CZK5 Mbit/s
600 MB160 CZK10 Mbit/s
1 GB220 CKZ20 Mbit/s
1.5 GB295 CZK20 Mbit/s
2 GB320 CZK20 Mbit/s
3 GB440 CZK20 Mbit/s
10 GB690 CZK20 Mbit/s

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