“Is There A Data Cap For AT&T Uverse Internet”? (Find Out Now!)

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Yes, AT&T Uverse Internet has a data cap of 1.5TB per month for speed tiers 768KB through 75MB. Customers can upgrade to unlimited data for an additional $30 per month.

Is There A Data Cap For AT&T Uverse Internet

1. Introduction to AT&T Uverse Internet:

AT&T Uverse Internet is a highly popular service, known for its wide reach, stable connections and flexible plans. However, one question that consumers often encounter relates to whether there is a data cap on these internet services.

2. What is a Data Cap?

“A Data Cap”, also known as a broadband cap, restricts the amount of data transferred over an internet connection within a certain time period. When users reach this limit, their internet service providers (ISP) may either slow down their speed or charge extra fees.

3. Data Cap of AT&T Uverse Internet:

AT&T does implement a data cap on most of its home internet packages. The data cap ranges from 150GB to 1TB per month, depending on the plan. However, there are some exceptions.

Data Cap
Basic Plan150 GB/month
Internet 50 to 100600GB/month
Internet 300 to 10001TB/month

4. Unlimited Data:

For those who need unlimited data, AT&T offers few options. Customers who bundle their internet service with U-verse TV or DIRECTV will receive unlimited home internet data at no additional cost. Additionally, users can also opt for the Internet 1000 plan which includes unlimited data.

5. Overage Charges:

In case users exceed their data cap, AT&T charges $10 for each additional 50GB of data, up to $100 a month.

6. Keeping Track of Data Usage:

Customers can monitor their data usage by logging into their account on the AT&T website or through the AT&T mobile app. This facilitates users to keep track of their data consumption and manage it more efficiently.

Having Data Allowances For My Internet Plan At AT&T 

The reason why this is implemented in today’s world is to help those who don’t have enough resources to keep up with the allowance for the internet service to at least enjoy the internet like others. This is a more affordable system that would help everyone use the internet. As we can see, internet traffic increases daily and this is a means to help stop this traffic. 

AT&T implemented this service just so that they can help people and also, to make sure the internet service being used by people are affordable for most of the users. The world has seen a wide range of internet users and they grow every day because the internet now is where most people spend their time. 

Data Usage 

Data usage is seen as all the data you receive and also the ones you send. This rule is a standard rule, no matter how much you access the internet, there must be data usage. This could come from different sources. For instance, your home network, Wi-Fi, and any device that you decide to use.

There are also activities that warrant this data usage. Activities like software updates, email notifications, and the social media platforms that you visit. You also receive notifications from all these platforms. This means that your data usage has to count every minute. 

Not everybody’s internet usage is the same because not everyone uses the same amount of apps, different apps also use different amounts of data on your phone. Also, when you use a particular application more than the next man, this means that your phone would take more data than that of the other person because you both don’t browse and use apps in the same manner. 

AT&T tends to calculate the data usage in a particular app and estimate it for a particular phone. Sometimes, the data usage might exceed the expectations that they have, this might also not be the case. You can bypass the data usage with the help of DSL. AT&T might not be given access to your phone’s data usage when you use DSL. This is possible because of the system limitations on your phone. If you are in a category like this, you can’t use the data tracker on your phone. This data tracker is supposed to let you know just how much data you are using. Also, AT&T cannot charge you for data that you used above your limits. 


A gigabyte can be measured as the amount of data that you send or receive. This data doesn’t concern how long you stay on the Internet. A Gigabyte is calculated in different units. For one, it is the same as a particular amount of bytes, kilobytes, and megabytes. As the world continued to evolve, we saw different phones continue to use a different amount of gig as they continued to evolve. 

The Data Allowances

AT&T Data Allowances

There are different data allowances in AT&T:

1. 150GB every month goes for DSL

2. 150GB every month for standby wireless internet connection.

3. You can also get 1 terabyte every month. This is only when you have the special AT&T internet speed systems. 

4. You can also enjoy unlimited internet access when you are using the internet 100, internet 300, internet 500, and the internet 1000. Any of these internet packages could get you unlimited access to the internet.

A Table Showing Uverse TV And Some AT&T Applications That Use The Internet

Uverse TV appsiHeart Radio, Uverse social, food network, Home shopping network, karaoke TV, Olympics, Tumble books, Uverse Games, Amazon, and others 
Universe TV, mobile appsThese are all the Uverse apps for Android, iPhone, and amazing devices
AT&T appsMy AT&T, smart home, digital life, and TV poster Art. 


Will I Exceed My Data Limit If I Spend So Much Time On The Internet?

No. This exceeding your data limit isn’t just because you stay on the internet for too long. The main reason why your data limit might be exceeded is if you do more data-consuming activities online. For instance, when you stream videos online, you might exceed your data usage because of this. Things like this are what cause your data usage to go over the top. 

Does Using Wi-Fi Also Count As Part Of The Data Usage?

That depends. When using public Wi-Fi, this doesn’t count as part of your data usage because you don’t own the Wi-Fi. It does matter what you do with that network, it cannot be tied to your bill. When you use your home Wi-Fi, you would be counting this as part of your data usage because that is your Wi-Fi and you pay for the subscription monthly. So this answer depends on the Wi-Fi you are using. 

By Using AT&T TV App, Am I Counting Against My Usage?

Yes. This is a streaming service. This would take your usage over the top as we have mentioned before. Streaming is a high package for data. So yes, using the AT&T TV app would get your usage counting against you. 

Wrapping UP

The AT&T Uverse internet data cap is very important for the customers to learn more on this topic so the data regulation could be clear to them. 


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