Denmark Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2020


Lebara Data Packages

online packages (by app or through online profile):
4 GBno49 DKK
4 GB2 hours2 GB49 DKK
100 GBno99 DKK
100 GB100 hours5 GB99 DKK
200 GB200 hours7 GB149 DKK
200 GBno199 DKK
300 GB300 hours10 GB199 DKK
300 GBno299 DKK
offline packages (in store or by SMS code):
DataVoiceEU capPriceActivation
60 GB10 hours5 GB99 DKKGETALL
100 GB15 hours7 GB199 DKKGETON
200 GB20 hours10 GB299 DKKGETBIG

Lycamobile Data Packages

DK DataEU capPriceActivation
Data XS1 GB1 GB25 DKK4510
Data S2 GB1.75 GB35 DKK4520
Data M5 GB2.5 GB49 DKK4530
Data L7 GB3.5 GB69 DKK4535
Data XL80 GB5 GB99 DKK4540
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