Digicel Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Fiji)

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Digicel: A Leading Change In Mobile Networks

Digicel was introduced as a Caribbean telecommunication phone network and also as a home entertainment provider. It operates in 33 major markets globally. This company was founded in 2001, and in 2003 e digital started its network, providing work internationally. Digicel shall also do sports sponsorship and have mobile-related operations of their own. They come up with cable TV and even broadband, and they are working on their expansion. They work with the major objective of giving the best network services to their customers and also the communities. Damage early work in the field of mobile communications, business solutions, media, and entertainment. They invest worldwide in their market to bring change in leading technologies.


As a phone network and entertainment company, Digicel provides many services to the community and its users. Some of the services that are provided by Digicel are:

  • Mobile
  • Home Entertainment
  • Business Solutions

As a mobile network provider, they always work in innovation and entertainment. They work with the major objective of keeping one connected wherever they are with their friends, family, or any business activity. It’s their commitment to provide the best network and services that result in affordable telecom devices and their top-up plans. From time to time, the company comes up with tempting promotional offers and different plans related to 4G and LTE and also their customers. Digicel offers can you change to home entertainment bringing the excitement for future-driven paths. It also provides world-class business solutions to the communities that help in creating transformation outcomes.

Postpaid 4G LTE Internet Plans
Offer Volume PriceValidity (Days)
LTE 25 GB Plan
25 GB$159.0030 days
LTE 50 GB Plan
50 GB$179.0030 days
LTE 80 GB Plan
80 GB$199.0030 days
LTE 120 GB Plan
120 GB$239.0030 days
Prepaid 4G LTE Internet Plans
LTE 1 GB Plan
1 GB$10.001 day
LTE 7 GB Plan
7 GB$49.007 days
LTE 10 GB Plan
10 GB$169.0030 days
LTE 40 GB Plan
40 GB$199.0030 days



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