Djibouti Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Djibouti Internet Packages & Data Plan

Djibouti Telecom

Djibouti Telecom offers a range of data plans for both prepaid and postpaid customers. Here’s a summary of their prepaid data plans:

Prepaid Data Plans

Data PlanPrice (DJF)Data (GB)Validity
Express10050MB1 day
Advantage300250MB2 days
Comfort5001GB3 days
Classic50020MB30 days
Business Premium2,000100MB30 days
Business Gold5,000500MB30 days

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Internet 256 and 128 Kbps

Djibouti Telecom also offers two low-speed data plans for basic internet access:

Data PlanPrice (DJF)Data (GB)ValiditySpeed
Internet 2563,00010GB30 days256 Kbps
Internet 1285,00015GB30 days128 Kbps

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Evatis is another major mobile network operator in Djibouti. Their prepaid data plans are as follows:

Daily Data Plans

Data PlanPrice (DJF)Data (MB)Validity
Express 50100501 day
Advantage 2503002502 days
Comfort 1GB5001GB3 days

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Monthly Data Plans

Data PlanPrice (DJF)Data (MB)Validity
Classic 205002030 days
Business Premium 1002,00010030 days
Business Gold 5005,00050030 days

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International Roaming

Both Djibouti Telecom and Evatis offer international roaming data packages, allowing you to connect to the internet while traveling abroad. Rates vary depending on the destination country and data plan.

Additional Options

Both Djibouti Telecom and Evatis also offer additional internet options, such as:

  • Data rollover: Some data plans allow you to roll over unused data to the next day or month.
  • Data sharing: You can share your data bundle with other Evatis or Djibouti Telecom users.
  • Data boost: You can purchase data boosts to add more data to your existing plan.

Data service and providers of endearing Djibouti

Djibouti is the East African country which is circumstanced with beaches, volcanic formations, salt waters, lakes, and deserts. All the people were speaking Arabic and French languages only, and the population of this Djibouti is nearly 9.59 lakhs as per the record-wise of 2018. The internet users of this Djibouti are 1.5% has increased from 2020 to 2019, and the total penetration is 56% as per the January 2020 record.

Social Media users:

Social media has printed its’ foot all over the corners of the world. Day by day the users of social media have been increasing and without any doubts. There is always the contraction between the old record and the new records. In Djibouti, there are nearly 2000 people have been using freshly in 2020; the percentage was increased from the 2019 records which are actually in 15,000 users. In Djibouti, social media penetration was in January 2020 as 20%.

Djibouti’s  mobile connection users:

Mobile became an inevitable gadget in the humans’ lives, it never is separated from them, it is quite difficult to do. As per the record of 2020, the mobile connections have increased as 4130 users.

Evatis Internet packages:

Evatis is the telecom internet provider and company of Djibouti, which helps to do communication interactive. The company has been listed some interesting offers for internet users of Djibouti. The offers are classified into only two types; they are one day or days and a month or 30 days.

Daily and few days of internet packages:

In this day’s data packages, people can acquire Megabytes to Gigabytes of the internet for a day and a few days. The offers are:

  • The first package name is called ‘Express’. In this offer, people can get nearly 50 MB of data for a complete 24 hours or one day. This could be accessible only by paying 100 DJF.
  • The second offer is ‘Avantage’, this package will offer 250 MB of the internet for the people by 300 DJF for complete 48 hours which means 2 days.
  • The next package name is ‘Confort’ which will offer nearly 1 GB of internet for complete 72 hours that is 3 solid days. This offer could be possible after paying 500 DJF.

Monthly internet packages for Djibouti people:

The monthly packages are the most frequented offer used by the working people for their official and also for personal works. In this monthly package the people get some Megabytes size of the internet for minutes, SMS offers, and MMS offers too. The offers are:

  • The first offer is called a ‘Classic’ which offers 20 MB, 20 SMS, and 10 MMS, call for 30 minutes by the amount of 500 DJF for the validity of 30 days.
  • The next offer is ‘Business Premium’. In this offer, people may acquire 100 MB, call for 120 minutes, 50 SMS and 20 MMS by 2000 DJF for thirty days of validity.
  • The third offer is ‘Business Gold’ which offers 500 MB of data and 180 minutes for the call, 100 SMS, and 50 MMS for 30 days by 5000 DJF.

Djibouti Telecom (Evatis) Data Packages

Express50 MB1 day100 DJF
Avantage250 MB2 days300 DJF
Confort1 GB3 days500 DJF
Classic30 mins, 20 MB

20 SMS, 10 MMS

30 days500 DJF


120 mins, 100 MB

50 SMS, 20 MMS

30 days2000 DJF


180 mins, 500 MB

100 SMS, 50 MMS

30 days5000 DJF


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