Does iPhone Have A SIM Card? (Types, eSIM Card & FAQs)

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Yes, iPhones use SIM cards. Since the iPhone 4, Apple devices have utilized a nano-SIM card. Some newer models, like the iPhone XS and later, support eSIM technology, allowing for a virtual SIM card embedded in the device.

iPhone NameSIM Card Used
Original iPhone (June 2007)Mini SIM
iPhone 3GMini SIM
iPhone 3GSMini SIM
iPhone 4 (GSM)Micro SIM
iPhone 4SMicro SIM
iPhone 5Nano SIM
iPhone 5cNano SIM
iPhone 5sNano SIM
iPhone 6Nano SIM
iPhone 6 PlusNano SIM
iPhone 6sNano SIM
iPhone 6s PlusNano SIM
iPhone SENano SIM
iPhone 7Nano SIM
iPhone 7 PlusNano SIM
iPhone 8Nano SIM
iPhone 8 PlusNano SIM
iPhone XNano SIM
iPhone XSNano SIM & eSIM
iPhone XS MaxNano SIM & eSIM
iPhone XRNano SIM & eSIM
iPhone 11Nano SIM & eSIM
iPhone 11 ProNano SIM & eSIM
iPhone 11 Pro MaxNano SIM & eSIM
iPhone SE (2nd Gen)Nano SIM & eSIM
iPhone 12 miniNano SIM & eSIM
iPhone 12Nano SIM & eSIM
iPhone 12 ProNano SIM & eSIM*
iPhone 12 Pro MaxNano SIM & eSIM*

What Is An iPhone SIM Card?

What Is An iPhone SIM Card

The iPhone SIM card is a small chip that stores your personal data on the phone. It contains information such as the IMEI number, which identifies your device, and your phone number. A new SIM card can be used to replace an old one if you are switching cell phone providers or upgrading to a different model of iPhone. If you’re traveling abroad and want to use your phone in another country, you’ll need to switch out the SIM card for one from the new country. Otherwise, your phone will be useless! The SIM cards are usually found under the battery or on the side of an older model iPhone.

How Does A SIM Card Work?

1. A SIM card is a small chip that stores your phone’s personal data, including contacts, text messages, and pictures. 

2. The iPhone 5s has two types of SIM cards: Nano-SIM and Micro-SIM. The type of SIM card you have will determine which phone carrier you can use it with. -For example, if you are using an unlocked iPhone 5s, then the nano-SIM card is for GSM carriers like AT&T or T-Mobile.

3. If you are using a locked iPhone 5s from Verizon Wireless, then the micro-SIM card is for CDMA carriers like Sprint or Verizon Wireless. You should always make sure to check what type of SIM your phone needs before purchasing one online or in person.

Should I Get The iPhone 8 Plus Instead Of The Regular-sized Model Because It Has More Storage Space And Can Hold Two SIM Cards?

No, the iPhone 8 Plus does not have an option to use two SIM cards. The reason for this is because it doesn’t contain two separate slots for each SIM card. The second slot has been reserved for Apple’s eSIM technology which should be used to hold your personal cellular plan information. You should purchase a nano-SIM card if you want dual SIM capabilities on the iPhone 8 Plus model.

Would I Be Able To Buy A Nano-SIM At My Local AT&T Store?

Yes, you can go into any corporate or authorized retailer of AT&T and they will be able to provide you with one free of charge. If you are trying to cut costs then you can always order one online straight from their website.

What’s So Special About Apple’s eSIM Technology?

Apple has patented the exclusive rights to their own version of an embedded SIM card that can be used in place of your conventional SIM card. This piece will act just like a traditional nano-SIM but it will be contained within the internal hardware of your device. The advantage to this system is that you won’t have to swap out your cellular plan information once you’ve set it up on one device, even if you switch over to another compatible device; all you’ll need to do is download Apple’s carrier settings and update your eSIM profile accordingly through the settings tab.


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