Does LinkedIn Automatically Repost Jobs?

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LinkedIn doesn’t automatically repost jobs. Employers or recruiters must manually relist or post job openings. The platform offers features to extend the visibility of job postings but doesn’t do this automatically.

Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn doesn’t repost jobs automatically.
  • Recruiters and employers can repost job listings on LinkedIn to keep the posts active.
  • Job listings are visible to LinkedIn users for 30 days.
  • Employers might repost Jobs on LinkedIn to target specific candidates and increase visibility.
  • Besides job reposting, employers and recruiting managers can promote job listings with premium LinkedIn tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter, boost feature, and sponsored content.

Does LinkedIn Automatically Repost Jobs? – The Explanation

LinkedIn has a feature that allows recruiters and hiring managers to post jobs on the platform. Remember that LinkedIn is a professional network; job seekers and professionals can connect easily on the platform.

Now that we have established that job seekers can apply for jobs posted on the LinkedIn platform, many users wonder about the job posting feature and keep asking., does LinkedIn automatically repost jobs?

Of course, Linked doesn’t repost jobs automatically, but the person or company that posted the job can repost to extend its visibility on the platform and reach a wide audience. If you’re an employer or recruiting manager wishing to repost a job on the platform, be aware that reposting comes at an added cost.

Reasons for Reposting Jobs on LinkedIn

Employers and recruiting managers may prefer reposting jobs on LinkedIn for various reasons. The ultimate goal of posting a job opportunity on the platform is to recruit the right candidate that suits the employer’s requirements.

Discussed below are the common reasons why reposting jobs on LinkedIn is necessary:

1.     To Keep the Job Listing Active

When the posting period of the previously posted job expires, it is natural to repost it if you wish to ensure that the job listing remains active for an extended period. Making the job listing active enables employers and recruiters to scrutinize applicants and track the applications to choose the right candidate.

2.     To target Particular Candidates

It could be that the first posting did not net the right candidate for the employer or recruiting manager. Reposting jobs on LinkedIn allows employers to adjust the job criteria, such as the job title, industry, or location, to target the right candidates.

By adjusting the job criteria and reposting on LinkedIn, employers can reach the right audience and broaden the chances of getting the right and qualified candidate.

3.     To Increase Visibility

When an employer or a recruiting manager reposits jobs on LinkedIn, the listing will be extended for additional 30 days, meaning it will increase its visibility and reach a wider audience. A wider range of LinkedIn users will see the post and apply for the job, giving employers a wide selection of candidates.

4.     To Attract Applicants and Fill the Position Quickly

It could be that the job has been open for some time, and the position hasn’t received the right number of applicants. In such a scenario, if the employer wishes to fill the position quickly, the sensible thing to do is to reposit the job on LinkedIn to broaden visibility and attract more interest.

5.     To Refresh the Job Listing

By reposting jobs on LinkedIn, job listings are refreshed and have higher chances of appearing at the top of search results. This will, in turn, broaden the number of views, increasing applications to the position.

Overall, reposting jobs on LinkedIn is helpful to recruiters and employers as it increases the visibility of the job listing. As a result, the listing gets a wider range of viewers, and potential candidates can apply to fill the position.

What It Means When Recruiters Repost Jobs on LinkedIn

Jobs reposited on LinkedIn could mean several things. Here is what it could mean when an employer reposits a Job:

  • The first applicant pool was weak.
  • The employer didn’t receive sufficient applications from qualified candidates.
  • Recruiters could need to fill multiple job opportunities at the same time.
  • The recruiter is changing job requirements and criteria.
  • Recruiters repost jobs on LinkedIn to keep them active if they haven’t received any applications for the post.

How to Post and Promote Jobs on LinkedIn

Now that we have understood that LinkedIn doesn’t repost jobs automatically and the reasons for reposting jobs on LinkedIn, Let’s explore deeper and learn how to post jobs and promote jobs on the platform.

Here is a guide to posting jobs on LinkedIn:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account and tap the Jobs icon at the top of the page.
  • Select Post a Free Job – you will be directed to the LinkedIn Talent Solution page.
  • Go to the Job Details page and complete the relevant information about your company’s requirements.
  • Navigate to the Job Description page and fill in the job details of your listing, such as skills, job description, and job title.
  • Go to the Applicant Options page and fill out the form detailing how you’d like to receive your applicants. LinkedIn will automatically add optional screening questions on this page to help filter applicants.
  • (Optional) Set up an Auto-rate “not fit” reply to send an automated email to non-qualified applicants informing them that the job is incompatible with their skillset.
  • Finally, you can proceed with a free job post or ensure your post appears on top searches by promoting it.

Alternative Ways to Promote Your LinkedIn Job Listings Besides Reposting

For a job listing to reach a wider audience, recruiters have to promote it. Here are some of the best ways to promote LinkedIn job listings:

1.     Boosting

Boosting a job post on LinkedIn is a feature that enables recruiters to broaden the visibility of the job listing to potential candidates by paying a fee. The job-boosting feature allows recruiters to promote a job post to targeted candidates who meet specific criteria such as job title, industry, and location.

2.     Sponsored Content

Employers who opt to promote via sponsored content can promote their job listings to a targeted audience via sponsored posts, InMail, and sponsored jobs. Sponsored content increases visibility and generates more interest in the job posted.

3.     LinkedIn Recruiter

This premium tool provided by LinkedIn enables recruiters to reach a broad pool of candidates. This way, recruiters promote their job listings to a wider audience, increasing their chances of getting the right candidates.

In summary, LinkedIn doesn’t automatically repost jobs. However, employers can reposit job listings to increase the visibility of the job to reach larger targeted candidates to increase the chances of finding a suitable candidate to fill the position.


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