Does the T-Mobile SIM card for Sprint customers improve phone service? (Well Explained!) 

To this, there’s no yes or no answer. Some Sprint/T-Mobile attest that after the merger, the overall phone service has increased drastically whilst others attest that the service has spiral down from bad to worst and wished the merger didn’t occur in the first place.

Though complaint such as poor phone service has flooded the T-Mobile/Sprint webpage after the merger, both firms have worked ceaselessly to address these issues but yet persist in some locations. Representatives of both firms came out to make a statement, thanking customers for their patience and assuring them of a better service that the problem was location-specific.

The quality of the network coverage depends on the network of your area and congestion. T-Mobile is using sprint’s network as a way to deflect congestion on its network in some areas, especially those with high congestion and high cellular network demands.

One customer that switched recounted his experience: “I have two Sprint lines, one of which I just switched to T-Mobile Sim card, I have taken time to observe both Sim cards. I observed little difference in speed in practical network use of the two on LTE, the T-Mobile sim would provide access to a 5G network but my Sprint will not, and on overall I have a better phone service with Sprint than with T-Mobile over the years.

Does The T-Mobile Sim Card For Sprint Customers Really Improve Phone Service?

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger

Sprint and T-Mobile merged in April 2020 and their mission was simple, build the best 5G network with a campaign -5G for all. Since then, they have combined their efforts and resources to that end, Sprint with it’s access and T-Mobile to deliver superior 5G network experience to their customers from those in big cities to small towns and those in between and have been working hard to achieve this. 

Fast-forward today and T-Mobile has been crowned the largest and fastest 5G network according to reports from several third-party benchmarking companies around the world. To top it all, T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network has grown wide enough to cover 99% of America. Across many industries, wireless companies are working round the clock to stop older networking technologies as part of an important measure to give way for better and more advanced performance of 4G and 5G, which should give customers a better wireless experience. 

Sprint/T-Mobile representative said in a press conference “To ensure all customers enjoy a better and advanced 4G and 5G network, we are upgrading all our old network technology to free up spectrum and resources that would help us strengthen our entire network capacity, then we decided to move all customers to better technology and bride of Digital Divide. An instrumental move to the fulfillment of these was the move of sprint’s LTE to the T-Mobile network.

Moving customers who were on the old modern to the new advanced model with high-speed network, means that those customers must have the enabling phones or devices that can access the latest technologies. To this end we partner and support our customers throughout the transition process. We first began by sending a notification last year to give them an advance notice. Mobile reached out to those customers, explaining the switch, the merger and how it would bring about better next service.

T-Mobile representative told T-Mobile customers that they should expect something from best value in wireless, aggressive pricing and the right treating of customers. With 14 times and more capacity in the next six years than T-Mobile will have had alone, we would be crowned the highest capacity across U.S history. T-Mobile has a commitment of offering it’s customer 5G and the best rate plans at low prices, for now, and in the future, hence all customers can reap the benefits of a supercharged network at a great value.

T-Mobile has committed to delivering equal or better rates than other network providers for the last years, and strategic to that plan is the access to 5G, even prepaid and lifeline customers. T-Mobile is already the largest and only 5G network and plans to offer 5G to 99% of the population in the next six years. T-Mobile’s award-winning Team of Expert (TEX) model has a plan to continue to expand into every planned and current customer for a better experience center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the T-Mobile SIM card better than the Sprint network?

The caveat of having a Sprint and T-Mobile sim is: Whilst on the road the Sprint can pickup either T-Mobile or Sprint towers. Using the T-Mobile sim card, you will lose the unique ability to jump from different towers while traveling hence you may lose service of both in between.

Will T-Mobile coverage improve with Sprint Coverage?

Only if you have changed your billing or plan structure then you’ll be informed by T-Mobile and given the option. According to T-Mobile via their website, Sprint customers can access its expanded 5G network. This means as a Sprint user, your data speeds and coverage should be significantly better.

Do I need a T-Mobile sim if I have Sprint?

Sprint customers can take advantage of T-Mobile’s full network by doing a sim swap. By so doing, your Sprint account would remain the same, with plan, price and billing experience, but you’ll have access to T-Mobile network as your primary network.

Is T-Mobile working on improving their network?

Yes, T-Mobile is working hard to improve its network for its customers. The 5G network shows their committed to that end.

Can I use a T-Mobile sim in a Sprint phone?

Yes, you can use your T-Mobile sim in a Sprint phone but first you’ll have to unlock the device to make it compatible with T-Mobile sim card.


The merge of T-Mobile and Sprint is join effort to expand both brands reach and provide superior 5G network to their customers.

This merger has proven fruitful as T-Mobile is now the best 5G network provider in United States with 99% reach on Americans.


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