Egypt Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Buying a Prepaid SIM Card for Egypt 

Egypt offers a variety of SIM card options from major telecommunications providers, including Etisalat, Orange, and Vodafone. Each provider has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to consider your needs and preferences when making a decision.

Factors to Consider

  • Coverage: Etisalat has the widest coverage in Egypt, followed by Orange and Vodafone. If you’re planning on traveling to rural areas, Etisalat is the best option.
  • Data Speed: All three providers offer fast data speeds, with Vodafone having a slight edge in major cities. If you’re planning on streaming video or doing other data-intensive activities, Vodafone is the best option.
  • Price: All three providers offer a variety of prepaid plans at different price points. Etisalat is generally the most expensive, followed by Orange and Vodafone.
  • Customer Service: All three providers have good customer service, but Vodafone is known for its excellent English-speaking staff. If you’re concerned about getting help if you need it, Vodafone is the best option.

Recommended SIM Cards

  • For travelers who want the best coverage: Etisalat
  • For travelers who want the best data speed in major cities: Vodafone
  • For travelers who are on a budget and don’t need the fastest data speed: Orange

Where to Buy SIM Cards

SIM cards can be purchased at the following locations:

  • Airports: SIM cards can be purchased at most major airports in Egypt.
  • Telecommunications stores: Etisalat, Orange, and Vodafone have stores all over Egypt.
  • Convenience stores: SIM cards can also be purchased at some convenience stores.

How to Activate SIM Cards

To activate a SIM card, you will need to follow the instructions that come with the card. This will usually involve providing your passport information and making a top-up payment.

Additional Tips

  • Purchase more data than you think you’ll need. It’s always better to have too much data than not enough.
  • Top up your SIM card regularly. Most prepaid plans expire after a certain period of time, so be sure to top up your card before it expires.
  • Use a local phone number if you’re planning on making calls to Egyptian numbers. This will save you money on international calling rates.
  • Download important apps and maps before you go: This will save you data usage and ensure you have access to essential information offline.

Vodafone Egypt Data Packages

LE 0.7510 MB1 hour*2000*01#
LE 1.5030 MB3 hours*2000*03#
LE 2.5060 MB6 hours*2000*06#
LE 250 MB7 days*2000*72#
LE 3100 MB*2000*73#
LE 7350 MB*2000*77#
LE 5150 MB28 days*2000*5#
LE 10500 MB*2000*10#
LE 201.1 GB*2000*20#
LE 301.8 GB*2000*30#
LE 402.5 GB*2000*40#
LE 604 GB*2000*60#
LE 806 GB*2000*80#
LE 1008 GB*2000*100#
LE 15012 GB*2000*150#
LE 25020 GB*2000*250#
LE 40040 GB*2000*400#

Orange (formerly: Mobinil) Data Packages

Online 124 hrs25 MBLE 1
Online 7.530 days200 MBLE 7.50
Online 15600 MBLE 15
Online 301.5 GBLE 30
Online 452.5 GBLE 45
Online 603.5 GBLE 60
Onlime 755 GBLE 75
Online 1008 GBLE 100
Online 15012 GBLE 150
Online 25020 GBLE 250
Online 40040 GBLE 400
Online 1501 year500 MB/mo.LE 150

Etisalat Data Packages

PackageDataSoc. MediaPriceActivation
Connect 10350 MB350 MBLE 10*22*10*2#
Connect 20750 MB750 MBLE 20*22*20″2#
Connect 351.5 GB1.5 GBLE 35*22*35*2#
Connect 653.25 GB3.25 GBLE 65*22*65*2#
Connect 13010 GB LE 60*22*130*3#
Connect 20016 GB LE 100*22*200*3#
Connect 30025 GB LE 300*22*300*3#

WE by Telecom Egypt Data Packages

50 MB1 daysLE 1*999*01#
1 GB30 daysLE 10*999*10#
2.5 GB30 daysLE 20*999*20#
6 GB30 daysLE 40*999*40#
18 GB30 daysLE 100*999*100#
40 GB30 daysLE 200*999*200#


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