El Salvador Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2023

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Buying a SIM card for El Salvador in 2024

When planning a trip to El Salvador, ensuring that you stay connected with reliable mobile service is crucial. Purchasing a local SIM card can be a cost-effective way to enjoy internet access and communicate with others while avoiding exorbitant roaming charges. Here’s a listicle to guide you through the process of buying a SIM card in El Salvador in 2024:

1. Know the Leading Mobile Operators
El Salvador has several mobile network operators. The prominent ones are:

  • Claro: One of the largest with extensive coverage.
  • Movistar: Known for competitive prices and good coverage.
  • Tigo: Offers various services and good network performance.
  • Digicel: Also provides coverage with various data packages.

2. Consider Your Usage Needs
Before purchasing a SIM card, consider your data needs, call time, and whether you will send SMS. Operators offer different packages tailored to these requirements.

3. Ensure Your Phone is Unlocked
Before you depart, make sure your phone is unlocked so it can accept a new SIM card. Contact your current provider if necessary.

4. Bring Your Passport
You’ll likely need to show your passport when purchasing a SIM card due to regulatory requirements.

5. Research Prepaid Plans
Most travelers opt for prepaid plans which are flexible and you can recharge based on your needs. Compare the plans online or ask for details upon arrival.

6. Where to Buy Your SIM Card
You can purchase a SIM card at:

  • The airport: Often more expensive, but convenient.
  • Official retail stores: Find locations online or through customer service.
  • Authorized resellers: Commonly found in shopping centers or tourist areas.

7. Check Network Compatibility
Make sure that your phone is compatible with El Salvador’s GSM frequencies, which are typically 850/1900 MHz for 2G/3G and the B2 (1900), B4 (1700/2100) bands for LTE/4G.

8. Understand the Activation Process
Usually, the seller activates the SIM card for you. It may involve a simple call or SMS to a certain number, or following prompts in Spanish. Prepare to navigate basic setup in Spanish or find someone to assist you.

9. Consider Connectivity Issues
While urban areas typically have good network coverage, some rural regions can have spotty service. Plan accordingly if traveling to less populated areas.

10. Check for Top-Up Locations
Find out where you can top up your credit – usually, any convenience store, supermarket or official store will offer this service.

11. Look for Promotional Deals
Operators may have special promotions for tourists, like bundled data and international call minutes. Inquire about current promotions that could provide additional value.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can simplify the process of obtaining a SIM card in El Salvador and ensure that you have a seamless and convenient communication experience during your travels in 2024.

Claro Data Packages

$ 1150 MB1 dayFree WA, FB, $1 airtime
$ 1.50250 MB2 daysFree WA
$ 2200 MB4 daysFree WA, FB, $4 airtime
$ 2.50350 MB5 daysFree WA, FB
$ 3.50400 MB7 daysFree WA, FB, $6 airtime
$ 3.50500 MB7 daysFree WA, FB
$ 51.5 GB10 daysFree WA, FB
$ 6800 MB15 daysFree WA, FB, TW, $12 airtime
$ 101.2 GB30 daysFree WA, FB, TW, $20 airtime
$ 103 GB30 daysFree WA, FB, TW

Movistar Data Packages

$ 0.602 days100 MB 
$ 12 days200 MB 
$ 25 days600 MBFree WA, FB, 50 mins on-net, 10 mins off-net
$ 47 days1 GBFree WA, FB, 100 mins on-net, 10 mins off-net
$ 1015 days3 GBFree WA, FB, unlimited on-net, 20 mins off-net

Tigo Data Packages

$ 1100 MB1 day
$ 1.50300 MB2 days
$ 2500 MB3 days
$ 41 GB7 days
$ 71.5 GB14 days

Digicel El Salvador Data Packages

$ 0.5050 MB1 dayFree WA, 5 mins airtime
$ 0.50100 MBFree WA
$ 1300 MB (*)2 daysFree WA, unlimited on-net calls
$ 0.5050 MB7 daysFree WA
$ 1150 MBFree WA, 10 mins airtime
$ 1200 MBFree WA
$ 3500 MBFree WA, FB, TW, IG
$ 31 GB (*)Free WA, unlimited on-net calls
$ 51.5 GBFree WA, FB, TW, IG
$ 52 GB (*)14 daysFree WA, unlimited on-net calls
$ 104 GB (*)30 daysFree WA, unlimited on-net calls



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