Is There Any Way To Force A Facebook User To See Www. Facebook. Com Instead Of M. Facebook. Com On A Mobile?

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Unfortunately, no, there is no way to force a Facebook user to see instead of on a mobile. Facebook automatically redirects mobile users to the mobile version of the site. This is to optimize the user experience for mobile devices.

How To Force The Facebook User To Switch To www. Facebook. com

Force The Facebook User To Switch To www. Facebook. com

Step 1: Go to your browser, open your Facebook from the browser.

Step 2: Log into your Facebook account by signing in as you do normally

Step 3: After signing in, you just go to the address bar, take out the M. from the address you used before and replace it with www. Or even better, type 

All of these modifications between sites are just to make sure you get the right screen size and every other thing. For instance, the content and designs wouldn’t be too much for the version. The mobile basic sites are mostly unsatisfactory as they do not have the better features that are installed in that of the standard site. For instance, on www. Facebook. Com, you get to zoom in on content, write up, and do some other stuff that might not be available on the M. Facebook. Com. 

Some of these lite sites don’t have these features for a reason, and sometimes it could be frustrating. Telling a person about the different ways that these other sites have proven to be better might just be the way to go because when a person has a good phone for browsing and is compatible with both sites, that person should see reasons why the www. Facebook. com version is better for he or her. This shouldn’t be difficult, no one would see the better features and opt for the one with lighter features. We are not saying that the other version is completely wrong, but this is definitely better. 


What Is The Major Difference Between Facebook Com And M Facebook Com?

The only difference should be in the device because is for mobile and then is for desktop. 

How Do I Put The Facebook Data Mode Off?

This is simple, open up the Facebook app, tap the three lines located at the top of your screen. These three lines will direct you to the menu page. That menu page has a lot of options on it, pick the settings option and another menu filled with options would appear for you to select from. From this menu, you would select data saver, a slider would show on the page so you can either off or on the data saver. You just do what you want from here onwards. 

How Do I Get My Username And Password For Facebook Out Of Chrome?

This isn’t difficult, you just have to highlight the username and the password and then delete without any stress. 

I Don’t Need The Automatic Login On Facebook Anymore, How Do I Get Rid Of It?

This is also called Disable automatic signing in. Click on the account link which you can find in the top right corner of your screen when you open up the Facebook app. When you open the menu, you just choose to log out from the options that appear. After that, the Facebook page would take you to the log-in screen. That way, you would see the box that says log me in automatically. You have to uncheck that box. 

How Do I Go Back To The Data Mode On Facebook?

This is just like turning it off. The same procedure is used here. Maybe you must have forgotten how you turned it off before. You just click the menu button, go to settings, then privacy, click on data saver, if it is off, you can just put it back on. 

How Do I Get Rid Of The Free Basics From Facebook?

You would have to locate the hamburger menu. These are the three stripes that are located on the corner of the app. After this step, go to cellular data and you can then put the sound off. 

What Is L. Facebook All About?

L. Facebook is mostly on track when a Facebook user clicks a link or posts a shared link or post from the Facebook website. This user has to be in desktop mode or has to be using a desktop. This shouldn’t be too hard as the desktop mode isn’t difficult to enter when using your mobile. 


Although it might be hard to tell people or force people into using something they might not be used to. You shouldn’t have a problem with trying to convince. If the person is close to you, you should be able to force the person if you want. Just make sure you use the difference as a point of contact. 


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