German Phone Number Lookup (5 Platforms & Documents Required)

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In Germany, where privacy is a huge concern for the population, not many people will be found in a reverse lookup.

The people of Germany have a huge concern for privacy and as a result, there are many precautions in place to protect the private information of its citizens. One such precaution is that the population doesn’t participate in reverse searches.

Therefore, if you need to know somebody’s phone number from an address or just want to be sure that it is a legitimate phone number, you can now do this with the help of some German phone number lookup service (but the service is still limited). All you have to do is type in the person’s name and address and then enter their phone number. You will then be given all the information about that person including what type of line they have (landline or mobile), their provider, and their current location.

German phone numbers are standardized, which means every German phone number has ten digits, with the first two digits denoting the area code.

The country calling code for Germany is 49. The country has an open phone numbering plan, which means that it is not necessary to dial a particular area code in order to make a call.

The three most popular phone number lookup tools are German-based call tracing company 11860, call identification website Gelbeseiten and the German phone number directory Telefonbuch-Online.

  1. Gelbeseiten provides caller ID information and reverse lookup for German phone numbers. The website also offers a free service to identify unknown numbers with a limited amount of information.
  2. Telefonbuch-Online is an online directory which provides users with access to contact information for people in Germany, including telephone numbers. The site contains more than 47 million entries from all over the country, which makes it one of the most comprehensive source of phone numbers in Germany.
  3. 11860 is a company that specializes in providing users with caller ID information on landline and cellular phones, as well as mobile unit data.
  4. There is a search engine (e.g. Telefonbuch Rückwärtssuche) that can look through more people’s phone numbers than this one could, but it only works if the caller gave their full consent.
  5. is a search engine for Germany that offers such a search function for free. It can be used for different fields such as housing, jobs and so on.

Some Facts:

  • to select to be listed to tick the checkbox to opt in to reverse search (a separate box on the forms that I have seen)
  • Top companies trust the reverse phone number people to power their lookup. You can find the owner for any kind of phone whether it’s in your state or halfway across the globe.
  • The use of wildcards such as ?123-456 does not work for the telephone number search.

Some Documents Required While Checking a German Phone Number Lookup

Some documents may be required when checking a German phone number lookup. These include a German passport or driver’s license.

A German phone number lookup can be done in the following way:

– Enter input data (in this case, the name and the phone number) in a text box

– Click on the “search” button to submit the search request and get results after a few seconds

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