Wise To Get A Matrix SIM Card For The United States

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In this blog post, we will be discussing matrix sim card for the United States. You may have a lot of questions on what these cards are and how they work, but before that, let’s talk about why you should get one in the first place.

If you’re traveling to America or just want an American number without having to travel there yourself, then getting a matrix sim card is your best option.

Matrix SIM Card For The United States

What Is The Matrix Sim Card?

The matrix sim card is a prepaid international phone SIM in the United States. If you’re looking for a pre-paid USA SIM, this is it! The Matrix International Sim has several benefits to offer and we’ll discuss them below.

You can buy credits before your trip so that you don’t have data charges or other fees abroad.

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– USA SIM Card

The Matrix International Sim is a lot cheaper than buying a new unlocked phone in the United States and you can buy it up to 30 days before your trip, which means that if something happens with your current unlocked phone while you’re traveling, you can get a new one before the trip.

Is Matrix SIM Good?

Matrix SIM cards are great for a few reasons. The first is that they’re pre-paid, so you don’t have to worry about data charges or the like – once you’ve bought your credits, it’s all good! If you want some assistance outside of what matrix offers as far as customer service goes (such as finding out where your phone’s SIM card is, for example), you can always call customer service and get an answer.

The Matrix International Sim has several benefits that we’ll discuss later on in this blog post! Keep reading to find out more about the matrix sim card.

How Does It Work?

The SIM card activates automatically once it has been placed in your phone and activated with a US number to call and text.

Once you have completed this step, please provide a brief description of what the next steps would be: The user will need to insert the matrix SIM card into their phone and activate it with a US number. Once activated, they can then place or receive calls and text messages on that account. It is also possible for them to maintain an active US phone number while visiting the US.

Benefits Of Matrix SIM Card

One of the best things about matrix is that it works with top networks in USA, such as AT&T and T-Mobile. This means you’ll get among some of the highest quality signal in America! If your phone accepts a SIM card (most devices do), then you can use matrix no problem at all. And if not, you can always buy a new phone that does.

1. The Matrix SIM card is a micro-SIM that can be inserted into any unlocked phone 

2. You will get the same number as your old SIM, but with better coverage and data rates 

3. It’s easy to switch between phones by just swapping out the SIM card 

4. You can also use it in tablets, laptops, or other devices for internet access.

Matrix Sim Card For Usa Review

matricesimcard.com is one of the leading providers in USA prepaid SIM cards, which offers services like voice calls and text messages at affordable rates that are up to 60% cheaper than your current contract provider!

You can also make use of our free internet bundles and enjoy surfing on mobile data with no roaming charges while abroad (incoming calls may be charged). We offer excellent customer service over email, phone, or live chat so please contact us if you have any questions or queries about what we do.

Our team will always provide accurate information about all products before making a purchase decision.

Features Of Matrix SIM Card

1. Matrix SIM cards are compatible with all GSM networks 

2. They have no roaming charges, and you can use your phone anywhere in the world 

3. Matrix SIM cards come with a free personal number that is accessible from any device 

4. You can choose to get a local or international number when purchasing a card 

5. The cost of the card includes service for 12 months.

You can read more about matrix SIM cards on our blog.

Pros And Cons Of Matrix SIM Card


1. Freedom to use your cellular service without incurring the expense of roaming charges.

2. Compatible with all phones that accept a nano SIM card (requires an adapter for micro and standard sizes).

3. Switch between countries easily.  Matrix sim has several preloaded options available, including plans in various European countries, as well as China, Hong Kong, and India.

4. The Matrix does not need a phone to work. It will work with any unlocked device and you can also use it in tablets, laptops or other devices for internet access.


1. The service is not compatible with iPhones or other phone brands that are locked to networks outside the US.  You will need an unlocked phone if you want to use this plan while abroad without incurring high roaming charges. The cost may be prohibitive if you already have an unlocked phone.

2. The SIM card is not a service provider, so it does not provide any customer support and there are no guarantees of uninterrupted service.

3. There may be compatibility issues with phones that use GSM networks outside the US or other countries where matrix offers services; these problems can range from slow internet speeds to not being able to send or receive text messages.

4. The plan doesn’t work with CDMA networks, which is the type of network used by carriers such as Verizon and Sprint in the USA.

5. You need a new SIM card every time you change your number or provider.

Matrix Sim Card Plans

Matrix SIM cards come with different monthly plans. The Personal plan includes 250 minutes, 100 SMS and 500MB of data for $19.99 a month on the first 12 months (price after that is not known). If you need more, then there are business or family options available from Matrix.

If you want to know more about matrix SIM cards, here are some things to know before you go ahead.

Why Should I Choose A Matrix SIM Card Plan?

There are a variety of Matrix SIM cards available with different plans. You can choose to get a local or international number when purchasing a card. The cost of the card includes service for 12 months and you can view specific matrix SIM plan details by clicking on the links above in this article.

How Much Does It Cost To Activate My New Matrix SIM Card Plan?

It costs $19.99 for the first 12 months of data (price after that is not known). If you need more, then there are business or family options available from Matrix.

How To Activate Matrix Sim Card?

In order to activate matrix SIM card, the user will need to call or text a USA number. They will also be asked for some additional information which is typically date of birth and billing address but it can depend on carrier so please check with your service provider first as they may have different activation requirements.

How Do You Recharge A Matrix SIM Card?

– Click on the ‘Recharge’ button in My Account.

– Select your country and enter any additional information required, such as how much you want to top up by or what method of payment you would like to use. This will take you through the steps of recharging if successful. You’ll need a working email address for this process which is why we strongly recommend signing up for an account here too! Once the transaction has gone through successfully, your new balance will be reflected within minutes – no waiting time necessary!

– If it’s not possible at that moment in time (e.g., because your country doesn’t offer recharges) then simply sign into your account to see your balance.

– If you’re not logged in and it’s still possible to recharge, then the ‘Recharge’ button will be available on My Account.

How To Check My Matrix SIM Card Account:

– Sign into your account here or click on the ‘My Account’ tab from across our website homepage. All information is clearly laid out for you – easy as pie!

– You can also log in using Facebook Connect (make sure that any linked email address does have a valid workable email address).

How To Check Matrix SIM Card Mobile Number

For a matrix mobile number check, use the following steps:

– Visit our website and login to your account from here. If you don’t have an account yet, register now by filling out this form:

– Click on “My Account” in the upper left hand side of the page.

– A new window will open on the right-hand side.

– Click on “View my Phone” in the upper left hand side of the page

– A new window will open with a matrix mobile number checker section where you can enter your matrix sim card phone number and press “Check”. The matrix sim card account balance, credit limit available to spend, contract period and the expiry date will be displayed in this section.

SIM Card Replacement System

If your SIM card is faulty you can get a replacement by following these steps:

– Contact Matrix SIM Card customer care and we’ll send you a new SIM card.

– If your problem persists, contact Matrix SIM Card customer care and we will provide you with the appropriate instructions to return the faulty device for inspection by our technical team at [email protected] or by filling out this form:

– Submit an RMA request on our website:

– Return your faulty device to [email protected] or by filling out this form:

– Fill in the required fields and attach a copy of your dated proof of purchase receipt with your RMA request, which is either our website or an email from us containing a registration code for you to use on our website.

Matrix SIM Card Customer Care

Matrix SIM card customer care is available 24/hours a day, 365 days a year and can be contacted in the following ways:

  • – Phone: +44 333 0072 207
  • – Email: [email protected]
  • – Live Chat (available on the website)
  • – Facebook messages (direct message us at facebook.com/matrixsimcard)
  • – Twitter messages (direct message them at Twitter)
  • – Instagram direct message (follow and DM them on Instagram – @matrixsimcard).

Please note that our customer care team will be unable to help with technical or installation problems, so please consult our FAQ pages or our glossary of terms instead.

Please note we only provide customer care in English, so please contact us at one of the above options if you are not fluent in English.

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