Grenada Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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How to get Dataplan of ViaSat-internet from Grenada

If you are in Grenada and looking to subscribe to a ViaSat internet data plan, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  1. Check Availability:
    • Visit ViaSat’s official website.
    • Navigate to the page dedicated to coverage or service availability.
    • Enter your location details to check if ViaSat provides services in your area.
  2. Compare Plans:
    • Evaluate the different data plans offered by ViaSat.
    • Consider factors such as data limits, speeds, costs, and contract terms.
    • Compare these plans to your internet needs and budget.
  3. Contact ViaSat or Authorized Dealer:
    • Use the contact information provided on ViaSat’s website to reach out directly.
    • Alternatively, find a local authorized dealer or service provider in Grenada who can facilitate the subscription process.
  4. Discuss Requirements:
    • Clearly state your internet usage requirements to the sales representative.
    • Ask questions regarding plan limitations, hidden fees, or promotional offers.
    • Ensure that you understand the terms of service before proceeding.
  5. Choose a Data Plan:
    • Select a plan that best suits your needs based on the information gathered.
    • Be mindful of long-term commitments and the option to upgrade or downgrade if necessary.
  6. Schedule Installation:
    • Agree on a date and time for the installation of ViaSat equipment.
    • Ensure that the location where you require the service is accessible and suitable for satellite internet installation.
  7. Review and Accept the Contract:
    • Carefully read through the service agreement and any other pertinent documents.
    • Clarify any unclear clauses and take note of the cancellation policy and fees.
    • Sign the contract to officially subscribe to the service.
  8. Prepare for Installation:
    • Ascertain that the installation site is clear of obstructions.
    • Verify that there is a power source close to where the equipment will be installed.
  9. Installation and Setup:
    • An authorized ViaSat technician will come to your specified location to install the necessary equipment.
    • After the installation, the technician will guide you through the initial setup and ensure the internet is functioning properly.
  10. Customer Support:

By following these steps, you should be able to easily get a ViaSat internet data plan in Grenada that aligns with your specific requirements. Always remember to double-check all details and maintain communication with ViaSat throughout the subscription process to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Digicel Data Packages

75 MB1 dayEC$ 3
120 MB1 dayEC$ 3.50
300 MB3 daysEC$ 9
600 MB7 daysEC$ 17
1 GB7 daysEC$ 25
500 MB30 daysEC$ 40
1 GB30 daysEC$ 45
3 GB30 daysEC$ 80
5 GB30 daysEC$ 120

Flow Data Packages

120 MB1 dayEC$ 2.99*146*120#
500 MB3 daysEC$ 8.99*146*500#
1 GB7 daysEC$ 24.99*146*1007#
3 GB30 daysEC$ 79.99*146*3000#
5 GB30 daysEC$ 119.99*146*5000#


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