Guyana Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Where to buy a SIM card in Guyana?

When traveling to Guyana, staying connected with a local SIM card can be more economic and convenient than relying on international roaming services. Here are reputable places where you can purchase a SIM card upon arrival in the country:

  1. Cheddi Jagan International Airport:
    • Upon landing in Georgetown, visitors can find SIM card vendors in the airport terminals. This is the most convenient location for travelers to purchase a SIM immediately after arrival.
  2. Giftland Mall:
  3. Authorized Retail Stores:
    • Major carriers in Guyana, like GTT and Digicel, have authorized retail stores scattered across the major cities. These shops offer SIM cards, as well as advice on the best plans to suit your needs.
  4. Street Vendors:
    • In the downtown areas of Georgetown and other cities, you can find street vendors selling SIM cards. While convenient, ensure that the SIM is legitimate by asking the seller to activate it for you.
  5. Mobile Provider Kiosks:
    • Many of the busy markets and popular spots in Guyana host kiosks operated by GTT and Digicel. You can find these kiosks easily, and they offer dedicated customer service for tourists.
  6. Online Purchase:
    • Before traveling, you may consider purchasing a Guyanese SIM card online through various e-commerce platforms that offer international shipping.
  7. Supermarkets and Convenience Stores:
    • Some supermarkets and convenience stores also stock SIM cards. Be sure to inquire if they offer the service of registering the SIM card on your behalf.
  8. Providence Stadium:
    • The area surrounding the national stadium often has temporary provider setups during events, where you can purchase SIM cards and enjoy immediate connectivity.

GTT+ (formerly Cellink plus, by GT&T) Data Packages

Combo plans
Daily+GYD 44915 mins300 MB30
3 DaysGYD 74925 mins600 MB50
WeeklyGYD 149940 mins1.5 GB80
MonthlyGYD 3499100 mins4 GB200
Monthly+GYD 5199150 mins5 GB250


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