Haiti Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Haiti SIM Cards: Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’re planning a trip to Haiti for its vibrant culture, humanitarian work, or business transactions, staying connected is essential. To help travelers navigate the ins and outs of mobile connectivity in Haiti, here is a comprehensive listicle about Haiti SIM cards.

  1. Overview of Mobile Networks in Haiti
    Haiti is served primarily by two major mobile network operators: Digicel Haiti and Natcom. Both providers offer a range of services including voice, text, and data plans. It’s important to check network coverage maps in advance, as connectivity may vary by location.
  2. Purchasing a SIM Card
    SIM cards in Haiti can be purchased at the airport, branded retail stores, or from various local vendors. Tourists should bring an unlocked phone compatible with Haiti’s GSM network to use a local SIM card.
  3. Documentation Required
    Foreign visitors are generally required to present a passport when buying a SIM card for registration purposes. It is part of the regulatory measures to track telecommunications activity within the country.
  4. Prepaid SIM Options
    Both Digicel and Natcom offer prepaid SIM cards, which are preferred by most travelers due to their flexibility and control over costs. These prepaid options come with varying data, call, and text packages.
  5. Top-Up Services
    Users can top-up Haitian SIM cards through vouchers, local top-up agents, online services, or ATMs. Top-ups are available in multiple denominations.
  6. Data Packages and Pricing
    Plans and pricing for data packages vary between providers and can be changed frequently to offer special deals. It is advisable to check the latest offerings upon arrival.
  7. International Calling and Roaming
    Both Digicel and Natcom offer international calling and roaming services; however, these services can be expensive. It is often more cost-effective to use VoIP applications like Skype or WhatsApp over a data connection.
  8. Network Speeds and Reliability
    Haiti’s mobile networks are continuing to improve. However, travelers should set realistic expectations about network speeds and reliability, especially in rural or remote areas.
  9. Temporary Number and Privacy
    Using a Haitian SIM card means having a temporary local number. This can be advantageous for privacy but remember to inform key contacts of the temporary number.
  10. Emergency Services Access
    In case of emergency, it’s important to know that the universal emergency number in Haiti is 114. Store this in your phone as soon as your SIM is active.
  11. Customer Service
    Customer service is available for both networks; however, it may not always meet the expectations set by services in some western countries. Patience and a basic understanding of French or Haitian Creole can be helpful.

By understanding these key aspects of using a SIM card in Haiti, travelers can better prepare for their trip and ensure that they stay connected throughout their visit. It is always recommended to review the most recent user experiences and to double-check details closer to the date of travel, as the telecommunications environment can change.

Digicel Haiti Data Packages

DataSoc. MediaTimePriceActivation
20 MB 60 minutes4 HTG*134*10#
unlimited 11pm-6am6 HTG*130#
75 MB100 MB24 hours9 HTG*134*850#
160 MB160 MB3 days18 HTG*134*18#
500 MB500 MB3 days45 HTG*134*45#
900 MB900 MB3 days75 HTG*134*500#
3 GB3 GB7 days250 HTG*134*250#
5 GB5 GB7 days350 HTG*134*330#
6 GB6 GB30 days500 HTG*134*500#
14 GB14 GB30 days1000 HTG*134*70#
30 GB30 GB30 days2000 HTG*134*15#

Natcom Data Packages

DL 960 MB24 hours9 HTG*131*9#
DL 19180 MB24 hours18 HTG*105*17#
MU2001.5 GB30 days200 HTG*134*200#
MU4003 GB30 days400 HTG*134*400#
MU8007 GB30 days800 HTG*132*800#
MU100012 GB30 days1000 HTG*132*1000#
MU200025 GB30 days2000 HTG*132*2000#



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