How Can You Tell When Someone Unfriended You On Facebook? (4 Ways Explained)

On Facebook, you can tell someone unfriended you by noticing that their profile is no longer on your friends list. You won’t receive their updates or be able to access their profile.

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Key Takeaways

  • You can easily tell when someone unfriends you on Facebook using the Facebook app, third-party software such as ‘Who Deleted Me’ and ‘Who Unfriended Me,’ and common web browsers.
  • You can get back to someone who unfriended you on Facebook through various ways, such as tagging them and joining similar Facebook groups.

What Happens! When You are Unfriended on Facebook?

When you are unfriended on Facebook you will no longer be on the “Friends” list. Unfortunately, Facebook does not notify you when unfriending happens. Although you will lose access to most of their activities, there’s still more that you can do. Generally speaking, here’s what happens when someone unfriends you on Facebook.

  • You can view their profile,
  • Respond to their public posts
  • You disappear from their “friends” list
  • Restricted access to parts of their profiles
  • Restricted from posting anything on their profile
  • They can’t post comments on your wall and vice versa

While so much happens due to unfriending on Facebook, there are various ways to track your friends and know who unfriended you. Facebook doesn’t provide that feature, but let’s break down how in a simple step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

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How to Tell, When Someone Unfriended You on Facebook?

Your friend will disappear from your list, but it is not the only case of unfriending. Sometimes your friends may disappear from the tour list when they deactivate their accounts, or Facebook limits them for other reasons.

7 Facts to Distinguish Blocking and Unfriending on Facebook

1. Check Their Profile

This is the most common and easiest way to know if someone has unfriended you on Facebook. This method is the most accurate unless your former friend has blocked you. If you can see their profile, then you are still friends.

The inability to see their profile means someone is no longer your friend. Usually, Facebook will remove you from their “friends” list and they from yours. Looking at their profile will help you identify it. That’s possible, depending on their privacy settings.

2. Check Your Friend List

Open your Facebook app and check your profile to see your friends list. All your friends will be listed on your left. Scroll through the list to see who’s still your friend or not. Alternatively, you can type their name and apply filters in the search bar at the top. If your friend’s name is missing from the list, there’s a likelihood of being unfriended or blocked.

3. Use Specific Apps

Technology advancements have led to many third-party apps that allow you to see who unfriended you on Facebook. These apps have unlimited functions on your Facebook account. Unfortunately, they require installation to execute their tasks.

For instance, popular apps like Who Unfriended Me and Who Deleted Me are great tools to use when tracking your friendship on Facebook. Here’s a quick review of these apps to help you get started.

4. Who Unfriended Me

Like the Who Deleted Me app, this Facebook friend tracker has fantastic features such as the Friends List, New Friends List, and Lost Friends List. It lets you see your friends’ count and arranges alphabetically for easy tracking. Moreover, it is free with no in-app purchases.

5. Who Deleted Me

The app is available for desktops and Android versions. It has access to your Facebook account and helps you track your friends. When you download the app, you will see various options like new friends, deactivated friends, and missing friends, all with regular updates.

It is also free to use. Unlike other contemporary apps, it provides valuable information that even Facebook cannot track. Plus, it’s also available for Windows versions.

6. Explore Your Timeline

Some people set their posts to public view, making it challenging to distinguish whether someone has befriended you on Facebook. However, this trick helps you to know who has unfriended you. Check their posts and observe under their name. If you see a “two-person icon,” then you are still their friend.

A globe icon under their name means someone has unfriended you on Facebook. Therefore, you can only view their posts because they are available for public viewing. Please note that some people restrict their friends without unfriending you.

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7. Use Browsers

Browsers are common for searching for information online, but you can use them to see who unfriended you on Facebook. Let’s look at how to use Chrome, Opera, and Safari to see who unfriended you on Facebook.

  • Safari

Using the Safari Ninja Kit extension, navigate to the unfriended finder and install the browser to download it. Open the Facebook app, head to the unfriended logo, click install, and restart the app.

Log in using your credentials and select “Unfriends” under the notifications tab, usually on the top left. The list of unfriended people will pop up, including those who have deleted their Facebook accounts but were previously in your friend list.

  • Opera

Download the Opera browser and install it. Go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > JavaScript Options. Close and restart the browser and open Facebook. Next, click on the unfriended finder logo > Install. Restart Facebook and log in. Under the friend’s tab, select Notifications > Unfriends.

  • Firefox

Firefox is a standard browser on most desktops, and the installation procedure is similar to other browsers. Once you install the browser, open the Facebook app, log in and search for “unfriends” under the notification’s icon. Click on ‘unfriends’ to see everyone who unfriended you on Facebook.

How to get Back at Someone Who Unfriended You on Facebook?

There are different ways to get back to whoever unfriended you on Facebook for various reasons. These tips will help you retrieve your friends without making them delete your friend request or block you.

  • Avoid Blocking Them

Blocking someone who unfriended you on Facebook permanently prevents you from accessing them unless you delete your existing Facebook account and create another one with new details. Furthermore, blocking someone on Facebook means they will never get back to you and view your timeline and profile. If you have already blocked them, here’s the solution.

First, unblock the person by logging in to your Facebook account and heading to the Facebook settings page. To do this,

  • Click on the arrow at the top right corner of Facebook
  • Select Settings & Privacy
  • Privacy
  • Select the Blocking tab on the left side of the page
  • Select Unblock on the individual’s name

Avoid blocking individuals from accessing their profiles and get valuable information that will help you get back at them quickly.

  • Join similar Facebook Groups with Your Previous Friends

First, explore their profile and check their “About” section to see the groups they participate in most of the time. Surprisingly, you’ll manage to see their posts by joining similar groups. Most importantly, could you avoid commenting on their posts? Instead, react to them.

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  • Change your Facebook Display Photo (DP)

It is the easiest way to conceal your identity. Make other adjustments to your Facebook profile, like altering your cover photo. Facebook has better policies that limit who sees your cover photo. Also, ensure you keep who can view your posts and pictures to friends only. Make them available for public view.

  • Tag Their Mutual Friends

Another great way is tagging the mutual friends you share with the unfriended person. Check the person’s mutual friends list while exploring their profile. It will help you know their closest friends on Facebook. Remember to upload new photos on your timeline. Tagging their friends will make the individual see your pictures on their fees, therefore getting back to you.

More often, Facebook uses its algorithms to give profile recommendations depending on the person you are tagging. Do you know that Facebook also allows an unfriended person to tag you as a friend from their feed? Consider tagging them to help you get back to your old friends.

  • Re-friend the person

Befriending helps you access the person you had previously unfriended or unblocked. These steps will help you get back together and continue with your mutual friendship.

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Type your friend’s name in the “Search for people, places, and things” section.
  • Locate the person you wish to befriend, and click on their name.
  • Open their profile and head to their public timeline.
  • Select the “Add Friend” option.

Facebook will automatically send a friend request, and you can become friends once more if they accept. Unfortunately, the “add Friend” option is unavailable if the person has already blocked you. However, you can still reach them if you have their contacts, request them to unblock you, and then get back together again.

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Will you receive a notification when someone unfriends you?

No, Facebook does not send notifications when someone unfriends you. You won’t receive any direct alerts or messages informing you that someone has removed you from their friends list. To check if someone has unfriended you, you’ll need to manually review your friends list or search for their profile and see if you can access it.

If you can’t find their profile or their posts are no longer visible to you, it’s an indication that they may have unfriended you. Facebook doesn’t actively notify users about changes in their friends list to maintain privacy and user control over their connections.

Can You Still View the Person’s Updates and Photos If They Unfriend or Blocked You?

If someone unfriends you on Facebook, you will no longer see their updates or posts on your News Feed. However, their public posts may still be visible if they have set their privacy settings to “Public.”

If someone blocks you on Facebook, it’s more restrictive. When you’re blocked, you won’t be able to see any of their content, including their profile, posts, and comments on mutual friends’ posts. It’s as if their online presence is invisible to you.

In both cases, your ability to view their updates and photos is restricted. Unfriending limits your access to their content, while being blocked completely restricts your access to their Facebook activity. The extent of your access depends on their privacy settings and the actions they’ve taken with regard to your profile.

Final Word

Getting unfriended on Facebook has many setbacks, but there are ways to track your friends and get notifications of anything that happens. Use third-party apps and browsers to keep abreast with your friends and get back to them once you realize you have lost a friend on Facebook.