How Do I Unlock A Sprint Phone if I Don’t Have the Phone Number? (Explained!)

There are myriad ways to get your Sprint phone unlocked but the best way is to dial 611 from your mobile phone. Ask if your Sprint phone is still under contract which would require you to pay off the balance before you’ll be sent the unlocking code. However, because Sprint has merged with T-Mobile, don’t be surprised if it’s a T-Mobile representative that picks up your call.

Because the device is a Sprint phone and Sprint phone uses CDMA technology and T-Mobile uses GSM, you can still be able to get T-Mobile to unlock it (even if it’s under contract) for the phone to be moved to T-Mobile’s service for optimum phone performance.

Sprint is one of the largest and among the best wireless providers in the United States and it has a decent exclusive range of smartphones. And like most other carriers, it boasts of unique devices that aren’t matched by other carriers.

Similar to other carriers, Sprint also locks its smartphone so that those who purchased them would only be able to use them on their network. It’s a safety measure but all lock-on devices offer a fairly way to unlock them and make them accessible to other carriers.

Why do mobile carriers lock their phones?

Why do mobile carriers lock their phones

The main reason that mobile carrier locks their phones is a way to get customers to get to purchase their phones through them. Most carriers have a series of unique devices that are exclusive to their network and since you like the model you’ll purchase it (since you can’t find it elsewhere). 

Another important reason for the phone lock is to prevent theft and access to your device.

Why you should unlock your Sprint phone?

There are many amazing SIM cards that offers exciting offers that you’ll love to access and use on your Sprint device but because its lock you can’t use these SIM on it but unlocking your  Sprint phone gives you freedom to take it to MVNO and prepaid brands like Staight Talk, Twigby, Boost Mobile, Net10, and Unreal Mobile.

Prerequisites for unlocking your Sprint phone

Prerequisites for unlocking your Sprint phone

For postpaid customers only who has SIM unlock-capable on their devices, Sprint is choosing to unlock active eligible SIM unlock-capable device without asking their customers to initiate an unlock request. Once you’ve met the requirements outlined by sprint in their unlock policy, then your device would be automatically unlocked your eligible SIM unlock-capability 

Sprint makes it easy for users to unlock their phones as long as you meet certain criteria.

 There are a few things you must do first before requesting an unlock make sure to follow the below:

  • Your phone must have been active on Sprint’s network for at least 50 days and more
  • Your phone must be reported lost, stolen, or linked to fraud
  • Your Sprint account must be right
  • Your phone must be fully paid off

As long as you follow through on the aftermentioned, then you should have no problem getting your device unlocked. Just contact Sprint customer service at 888-211-4727


  • The most important thing is that your device contract must be fully paid. If you were in contract with your phone, then that amount must be fully paid before Sprint will unlock your phone for you. 
  • If you also have an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) to pay on your device, this must be fully paid off as well.
  • If the device is yours, then proceed to contact Sprint’s customer service (you cannot unlock a device for your wife, husband, or relative. Devices reported stolen cannot also be unlocked.)
  • After you’ve submitted all required information, you’ll have to wait for 48 hours for Sprint to unlock your device.
  • Sprint would automatically unlock device of those that are eligible for unlocking and if all payment on your device are completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unlock my Sprint phone by myself?

Sprint will automatically unlock your device remotely in 48 hours after it has become eligible and you’ve paid off all payment on it. If your device cannot be unlocked remotely, then Sprint would send you a notification that would contain a detailed step on how you can unlock your phone.

What is the code to unlock my Sprint phone?

For the older model, Sprint will send you a push notification that includes a code that would unlock your device that’s if you’ve fully paid the outstanding payment on your device. However, you’ll need to contact Sprint to know when your device would be eligible.

Can you jailbreak my Sprint phone?

No, you cannot jailbreak your Sprint device. You can only unlock your device which allows other carriers to work therein. Jailbreaking is where you override all security protection on your device so that you can have access to download apps that you can’t usually have access to.

Can I unlock my phone with the IMEI number?

Yes but your wireless service provider would need the IMEI number of your device to unlock your device. Contact your mobile service provider and tell them you want to unlock your device. Then your account would be reviewed by your service provider to confirm if you’re eligible.

What is the app network unlocking?

Devices unlock is an app that allows users to request and apply for a mobile device unlock directly from the device. The old version of this is only available as the developers hope to release the beta version by August 14. The update would include a new feature such as a security certificate which is required to unlock recent models.


There are myriad ways of unlocking your device but e best way is directly from Sprint. This would include contacting their customer service where your stand in the network would determine if you’re eligible to unlock. 

You would be asked to pay off all billing and payment attached to your device and an unlocking fee.


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