How Long Does It Take To Port A Number To Verizon? (Find Out Now!)

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It typically takes 4-24 hours to port a number to Verizon, but it can take up to 10 business days for landline numbers. You will receive a text message from Verizon once your number has been ported successfully.

The Process Of Porting To Verizon Wireless

The Process Of Porting To Verizon Wireless

1. Assessing Your Current Plan and Contract:

Before one decides to port to Verizon Wireless, it’s essential to consider their current plan and contact details. If there are any pending commitments or penalties on the existing plan, they will need to be fulfilled. Also, it’s a good practice to compare the plans and features offered by Verizon with the current provider to ensure they meet one’s requirements.

2. Ensuring Verizon Wireless Coverage:

Verizon offers an online tool that allows one to check the coverage map to ensure their area is within the service range. Enter the ZIP code or city name to verify the wireless signal.

3. Choosing the Right Plan and Device:

Once one decides to port, they must choose a plan that best fits their needs. From unlimited data plans to customized options, Verizon offers a wide variety. Additionally, they can decide whether they want to buy a device from Verizon or keep using their own.

4. Initiating The Porting Process to Verizon:

To initiate the porting, one should contact Verizon’s customer service. The details required would include the current phone number, current wireless provider’s name, and billing account details. This must be accurate to ensure a smooth porting process.

StepInformation Required
1Current Phone Number
2Current wireless provider’s name
3Billing account information

5. Determining Keeping Current Device or Not:

Porting the number doesn’t mean they also must change the device. If the current device is compatible with Verizon Wireless, they might be able to keep the handset by unlocking it from their current carrier.

6. Activation:

Once the porting request is processed, they will receive a new SIM card if they opted to use their current device. Follow the instructions provided to activate the Verizon service.

7. Transferring Data:

After activation, the next step is to transfer personal data like contacts, photos, and apps to the new device if one has chosen to purchase it. Opt for Verizon’s data transfer service or any third-party app.

8. Testing:

Test the service by making a few calls, sending text messages, and browsing the internet. It ensures that the new service is working as expected.

9. E-Billing Setup & My Verizon App Installation:

Setting up automatic payments and paperless billing can be beneficial. Install the My Verizon App to manage accounts, monitor data usage and pay bills.

10. Cancel the Previous Service:

Lastly, make sure to cancel the service with the previous provider after verifying that the porting process to Verizon is successful.

Gather Required Information 

Here are the required info needed for porting to Verizon Wireless

The carrier holding the number

Account number

Account pin

Account name

Tax ID used to register the account

Address on the account

No documentation is needed for porting to Verizon Wireless, they just need to see these requirements, and the process would begin and end smoothly. 

Submitting Information To Verizon Wireless

Submitting Information To Verizon Wireless

You want to submit information to Verizon wireless, you can either call ‘*611 send’ with your phone or go to one of the stores and submit your request alongside other necessary information. Before you send in a porting request, you would need to get yourself a Verizon wireless phone because it is needed to perform the port. When you call them it isn’t advisable to use your Verizon wireless phone to make the call because you might have to program it during the call, or maybe they want to program it for you. The Verizon wireless phone cannot make calls and at the same time undergo the programming process. Programming your Verizon wireless phone is something you can do even without the help of any representative from Verizon. 

During the calls, the representative would definitely give you two options, they would ask if you want the number to be ported to an old and already existing line or a new line. It is simple if you want it ported to an old-line, if you want it in a new line, then you would need to get a new line and include it in your Verizon wireless account. Verizon is willing to give you a temporary line for this. Just like it is in the name, temporary, if you were given a temporary number by Verizon then you should know that it would be replaced after the porting process has been finished. 

When porting to an old-line, you would have to port the number “over top of” that number which means you would be losing that number forever. If that number is sacred to you and you don’t want to lose it, then you should get a new number for the porting process. One sweet thing about porting to Verizon wireless, you are not charged a dime when porting a new number in. For porting to old and existing numbers, your contract would immediately restart as soon as the process is done.

Porting Your Verizon Number to Community Phone

Porting your Verizon number to Community Phone involves a few steps. Here’s a detailed guide:

  1. Contact Community Phone:
    • Reach out to Community Phone’s customer service to initiate the porting process. You may need your Verizon account information.
  2. Provide Necessary Information:
    • Furnish the required details, including your Verizon account number, PIN, and the phone number you want to port.
  3. Check Eligibility:
    • Ensure that your phone number is eligible for porting. It must be active, and your Verizon account should be in good standing.
  4. Submit Porting Request:
    • Complete any forms or provide information requested by Community Phone to initiate the porting request.
  5. Wait for Confirmation:
    • Community Phone will contact you with updates on the porting process. This may take several hours to a day.
  6. Receive Confirmation:
    • Once the port is successful, you will receive confirmation from Community Phone. Your Verizon service will be automatically canceled.
  7. Update Settings on Your Device:
    • Follow any instructions provided by Community Phone to update network settings on your device for the new service.
  8. Check for Service Activation:
    • Test your device to ensure that the number has been successfully ported, and your service with Community Phone is active.


Why Is My Number Transfer Taking So Much Time?

The truth is that most carriers don’t want you porting, especially the losing carrier. Another thing is that the longer they hold the process of porting, the more time they have to charge that customer continuously. You should now understand why the losing carrier would hold off on the porting process. No one wants to lose a customer. 

How Do I Confirm That My Number Has Been Ported? 

You can send the word ‘port’ alongside the 10 digits mobile number which you want to port. Make sure you give a space after sending port and also the word doesn’t have to be in capital letters. As soon as you are done, you can send the text to 1900. You would receive a confirmation text almost immediately regarding where you stand on the porting. 

How Long Does The Transfer Process To Another Phone Take?

Some things have to occur before your phone number can be transferred from one carrier to another carrier. The time it takes for the process to be complete varies among different carriers. 

Does Porting Your Number Cause Any Cancellation To Service?

Yes. This is obvious because when you transfer from an old carrier to a new one, your contract with the old carrier has to be canceled because you are no longer with them. Although you would be charged for cancellation after the porting process is over. This fee is your last few with your old carrier.


For customers who want to port to Verizon wireless, this guide should be a lot of help to them. 


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