How Much Does Facebook Pay? (Know How Much You Can Earn and Ways to Monetize Your Content)

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Facebook pays content creators and publishers based on various factors, including the number of views, clicks, and engagement their content receives. The average earnings range from $8.75 to $10 per 1,000 views. Monetization methods include in-stream ads, subscriptions, branded content, and merchandise sales.

Ways to monetize your content on Facebook

There are four main ways to monetize your content on Facebook; in-stream ads, fans subscriptions, branded content and subscription groups.

Ways to monetize your content on Facebook

1. In-stream Ads

In-stream ads, also known as ad breaks, are short advertisements placed at natural breaks of your eligible videos. The ads mostly appear before, during, or after the video. Facebook allows you to choose ad placement or leave it for the platform to place the ads on natural breaks automatically.

The amount of money to earn through this method depends on who your advertisers are and the number of views. The advertisers pay an average of $0.869 per click, which is lower compared to other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, you can earn more from Facebook in-stream ads due to its robust users.

To earn more using this method, you should produce longer videos tailored for advertisements. Facebook takes 45% of ad revenue, and 55% goes to content creators.

Eligibility for in-stream ads on Facebook

  • Your page should be eligible for monetization
  • You must meet and comply with partner monetization policies
  • 18 years and above
  • Your country of residence should be eligible for in-stream ads
  • For an on-demand video, you must have 10,000 followers, at least five active videos, and 600,000 minutes of viewership in the last 60 days.
Eligibility for in-stream ads on Facebook

2. Fan subscriptions

Fan subscription, now referred to as Subscriptions, is another way to monetize your page. This is through creating subscription packages that allow your audience to support you through monthly recurring payments. You need to set up various packages that your followers can choose from. Based on their subscription, you can reward them with a special comment badge, merchandise discounts, exclusive content, and personal interactions.

This method is best if you have a large and active following and offer exclusive bonus content. You will get 100% of the subscription your followers pay through the website. For payments made on Android or iOS, you’ll receive 70% of the total amount, while 30% goes to mobile app providers. The amount paid is subject to applicable fees and taxes in your country of residence.

Eligibility for fan subscriptions

  • Meet and comply with partner monetization policies
  • Comply with fan funding creator terms
  • 250+ return viewers or 10,000 followers plus either 180,000 watch minutes or 50,000 post engagements in the last 60 days
  • Access is by invitation only

3. Branded content

You can earn money from your Facebook account through brand collaboration. This is where you create videos/posts that are influenced or feature a business partner. Brands benefit from such partnerships through selling and popularizing their products/services to their followers. Facebook has created the Brand Collabs Manager Tool on the platform, which allows you to find and connect safely with potential clients.

Use this method to monetize your Facebook if you deal with brand-friendly content and have active and loyal followers.

Eligibility for branded content

  • Meet and comply with partner monetization policies
  • Comply with branded content policy
  • Posted through the Brand Collabs Manager tool
  • You must request access before tagging a business partner in your content

4. Facebook subscriptions groups

Group is one of the main features of Facebook, which you can use to earn some money. You can create a Facebook group where you share premium content as an admin. The content is only available to subscribers who pay for access. This enables you to invest in your community through sharing educative videos, live sessions, online courses and tutorials.

To benefit more from subscription groups, you must satisfy your subscribers by sharing content regularly to give them a reason to make monthly payments. The method is best if you are a group admin with a large and active community.

Facebook subscriptions groups
1000 social media followers thank you poster design

Eligibility for subscription groups

  • Meet and comply with partner monetization policies
  • You should be the admin of the Facebook group
  • Have established organic presence for at least 90 days
  • Share unique and authentic content

How Much Can One Make With 1 Million Facebook Views?

The amount of money one can make with 1 million Facebook views can vary depending on several factors, including the type of content, the audience, the engagement level, and the monetization method used. However, on average, creators can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 or more for 1 million views.

Here’s a breakdown of how much one could potentially earn with 1 million Facebook views using different monetization methods:

In-Stream Ads: Assuming an average CPM (cost per mille) of $10, which is a typical range for in-stream ads, 1 million views could generate around $10,000.

Branded Content: Branded content earnings can vary significantly depending on the brand and the scope of the partnership. For example, a well-known brand might pay a creator $5,000 or more for a single sponsored video with 1 million views.

Merchandise Sales: Merchandise sales earnings depend on the profit margin for the merchandise being sold. For instance, if a creator sells t-shirts with a profit margin of $5 per shirt, they could generate around $5,000 in sales from 1 million views if they sell 1,000 t-shirts.

Subscriptions: Subscription earnings depend on the number of subscribers and the subscription fee. For example, if a creator has 1,000 subscribers paying $5 per month, they could generate around $60,000 per year, which translates to $5,000 for 1 million views (assuming a 1:20 subscriber-to-view conversion rate).

It’s important to note that these are just estimates, and actual earnings may be higher or lower. The key to maximizing earnings on Facebook is to create high-quality content that resonates with your audience, engage with your viewers, and experiment with different monetization methods to find what works best for you.

How Often Does Facebook Pay Creators for Their Views?

Facebook pays creators for their views once a month, typically around the 21st of the month following the month in which the earnings were generated. For example, earnings made in January will be paid out around February 21st.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of Facebook’s payout schedule:

  • Earnings from in-stream ads, Audience Network, Rights Manager, FB Reels, and Oculus are paid out around the 21st of the month following the month in which the earnings were generated.
  • Earnings from Stars, Subscriptions, and Paid Online Events are paid out around the 21st of the month following the month in which the earnings were generated.
  • Earnings from Games and Apps are paid out twice per month. The first payout is made around the 2nd of the month following the month in which the earnings were generated. The second payout is made around the 21st of the month following the month in which the earnings were generated.

To be eligible for a payout, creators must have a minimum of $100 in earnings for the month (or $25 for US creators). If your earnings do not reach the minimum threshold, they will roll over to the next month.

Other ways to make money on Facebook

Apart from the four ways of monetizing your content on your Facebook account, you can earn some cash on the platform by:

  • Promoting your services in local Facebook groups
  • Crowdsourcing content for your blog
  • Selling products on the Facebook marketplace
  • Managing other people’s Facebook account at a fee
  • Promoting products on your page as an affiliate
  • Promoting other websites on your page and agreeing on payment
  • Running paid traffic to high-ranking blogs
  • Promoting quizzes and offering affiliate discounts at the end
  • Publishing sponsored posts


What are the requirements to monetize a Facebook account?

For you to be eligible to monetize a Facebook account, you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Achieve one of the following milestones in the last 60 days; 180,000 minutes views in all videos posted, 15,000 engagements, or 1-minute 30,000 views on videos of at least 3 minutes long.
  3. Publish on a business Facebook page
  4. Reside in an eligible country and post in an eligible language
  5. Meet and comply with the platform’s partner monetization policies

How much does Facebook pay you for 1 million views?

Facebook has a formula for calculating your payout, i.e. (Ad CPM x Ad Impressions) / 1,000. This means 1 million views can earn you a different amount based on Ad CPM and impressions. According to Shaban on business insider, one can earn $1,000 for every 1 million views, which can go up to & $1,500 or upwards based on the CPM rate.

How much does Facebook pay you for 1 million views?

How much do Facebook admins get paid?

Facebook admins are employees hired by businesses to manage their Facebook accounts. They can publish content and send Facebook messages on behalf of the business. Their earnings differ based on their work location and the business they work for. But, basically, here is a chart showing the approximate earnings.

Monthly and annual earnings of Facebook admins

Monthly earningsAnnual earnings
25th percentile$2,333$28,000
75th percentile$6,416$77,000
Top earners$9,166$110,00

Does Facebook pay for video views?

Yes, Facebook pays for video views for eligible content. The amount you generate depends on the number of viewers, the number of ads watched for every view, and the total watch time. After calculating the total income generated, the platform will take 45%, and the remaining 55% goes to the content creator. The revenue generated depends on the CPM rate, which is based on the geographical location of your viewers.

How much does Facebook pay for 10,000 views?

The main way of generating revenue from video content is through in-stream ads. Advertisers pay around $8.75 per 1000 views; 45% goes to the platform while 55% goes to content creators. So, content creators get around $4.8 for 1,000 views. This means Facebook pays approximately $48 for 10,000 views. The amount may be low or high depending on the type of ads and geographical location of your viewers.

Do videos on Facebook get paid?

Yes, videos on Facebook get paid as long as your page qualifies for monetization. Even short videos of 1-minute are eligible for 30-second ads allowing you to earn some revenue. Previously, Facebook allowed ad placement for videos of 3+ minutes. You can place more ads on longer videos,  which translates to more revenue. You can even add mid-roll ads for videos longer than 3 minutes.

Key Insights & Takeaway!

You can earn money on Facebook, but the amount will vary based on how you choose to monetize your account. For instance, if you opt for instream ads, the amount you generate is based on CRM rate, which is dependent on your viewers’ geographical location and total viewership time.

However, if you choose subscriptions, brand collaborations, and group subscriptions, you will be the one to choose the fees to charge. This means you can earn a lot of money as long as you have large, active, loyal users. You only need to give them regular content to make them return to your page and subscribe. For brands, you have to push hard for their products to give them value for their money and, in the end, earn their trust. Once you establish trust, you can earn as much as you want.


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