How to Find a Private Group on Facebook? (Answered & Know How to Join Such Groups)

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To find a private group on Facebook, use the search bar and enter keywords related to the group’s name or topic. Filter results by selecting “Groups” and send a request to join if needed.

Key Takeaways

  • Private Facebook can be visible or hidden
  • You can find visible groups through Facebook searches, and you can join by sending a request
  • Hidden groups cannot be found anywhere on Facebook, and you have to ask friends or online communities
  • Joining hidden groups is through invitations only

The existence of private Facebook groups is, for obvious reasons, to maintain the privacy of the group members. Such groups are created to serve people who have a common interest. In private visible, the admin will evaluate your request and allow you to join if you are deemed to share their interest. However, finding a private hidden group is challenging as none of its aspects is visible. But we are here to help you. In this article, you will learn ways to find private groups, visible or hidden. Read on!

What is the difference between private visible and hidden Facebook groups?

Private visible Facebook groups are the ones that anyone can find in search filters and other places on the platform. Non-members of such groups can see the member lists, descriptions and the name of the group. You will have to request to join the group and receive approval from the admin. Before joining, you cannot see the group’s announcements, discussions, and posts.

On the other hand, private hidden Facebook groups are the ones that only group members can find in search filters and other places on the platform. Non-members cannot see anything about the group, not even member lists, descriptions, or the name of the group as in the case of private visible. You must be invited or added by existing members to join private hidden groups.

What is the difference between private visible and hidden Facebook groups?

Here is the summary of the difference between visible and hidden private Facebook groups

Private hiddenPrivate visible
Who can see the Facebook group’s name?Current and invited membersAnyone
Who can find the Facebook group through search filters?Current and invited membersFacebook users
Who can view the Facebook group description?Current and invited membersAnyone
Who can see the member list?Current, former, and invited membersFacebook users
Who can request to join the Facebook group?Nobody. Joining is through invitesFacebook users

How to find Private visible Facebook groups

Given so many existing Facebook groups with others being created daily, browsing through them can be challenging. Facebook has created features that make it easy to find groups based on interest. You can therefore use the following ways to find private visible groups:

1. Use Facebook search filters

Facebook search filter allows you to find a private visible group with ease. To use this method, navigate to ‘groups’ on your Facebook account and click it. Group suggestions will appear, and a filter menu on the side. Choose ‘Private groups’ under ‘show only’ and ‘Any Group’ under ‘membership’ on the ‘Filter Results.’ Browse through the results, familiarize yourself with the group, and request to join if interested. There is also a search bar where you can type the group name or related keyword to narrow down the results.

2 Use Facebook’s group page suggestions

Navigate to the Facebook group’s page to see the groups you have joined and active group invitations. You will also see general categories groups which you can browse through to find and request to join. The page further shows recommended Facebook groups based on your interests and your friend’s group. Check the suggestion and find a private visible group without asking your friend.

3. Search on online communities such as Reddit

If you are looking for a group that tackles specific issues, you can join online community platforms such as Reddit and ask for such groups. Members will give you various suggestions. Now go to Facebook search and type the names of the suggested groups and request to join.

Search on online communities such as Reddit

How to find private hidden Facebook groups?

Private hidden Facebook groups, previously known as secret groups, can only be accessed by members. The name and description of the group are not available anywhere on Facebook, and you can join through invitations only. If you want to find such groups, try the following methods:

1. Search on online communities such as Reddit

Like private visible groups, you can inquire about the hidden groups on online community platforms such as Reddit. You will find a list of secret groups that members know of. The listed groups are not verified, but it can give you an idea of their existence. You can highlight groups you are interested in and request any member to send you an invitation.

2. Ask your Facebook friends

No matter how secret the Facebook group is, it can only be hidden for as long as you don’t aggressively ask for it. Connect with as many friends on Facebook and use them as an avenue to find hidden groups. You can post on your timeline the kind of secret groups you are interested in and request anyone who is a member to send you an invitation. If you want to keep it private, send a DM to your friends, asking them if they belong to a secret group of your interest. The idea is to build a wide social network that can provide information, including inviting you to hidden groups.

How to join a private group on Facebook

Once you find a private visible group through a Facebook search, you can click ‘join group’ to send a request to the admin. You will automatically join the group once the admin accepts your request.

If it is a hidden group, the only way to join is through an invitation. Find out a group member through online community platforms or ask your friends on Facebook and request them to invite you.

Below are the steps to follow:

For Private visible

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and maneuver to the group’s main page

Step 2: On the page’s menu, click ‘Join Group.’ Your request will be sent to the group admin.

Step 3: Keep checking your notification. Facebook will notify you once the moderator approves your request. You will receive group posts and see comments and likes in your feed once your request is approved.

For private hidden

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and go to your notification panel to check whether there is an invite from a private hidden group. Joining a private hidden group is through invitations only. If you know of a member of such groups, you can request them to send you an invitation.

Step 2: Go through the guidelines of such a group, mostly sent in document format. If you agree with them, accept the invitation. Once you accept to join, you will start receiving the group posts and any notifications based on the group’s settings.

N/B: You can only receive an invitation to join a private hidden group from a friend.

How to tell if a Facebook group is visible or hidden

To determine if a Facebook group is visible or hidden, consider the following:

Visible Group:

  1. Public Access: Anyone on or off Facebook can search for and view the group’s content.
  2. Searchable: The group can be found through Facebook’s search feature or even through search engines.
  3. Cover Photo and Posts: The group’s cover photo and posts are accessible to the public.
  4. Joining Without Approval: In many cases, users can join without requiring approval from the group admin.

Hidden or Private Group:

  1. Limited Access: Hidden groups are private and require an invitation or approval from an admin to join.
  2. Not Searchable: They do not appear in Facebook search results or search engine results.
  3. Cover Photo and Posts: Only members can see the group’s content, including cover photo and posts.
  4. Restricted Membership: Admins have control over who joins, enhancing privacy and control.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Facebook Groups

1. Enhanced Privacy:1. Limited Visibility:
Private groups offer a secure and controlled space for discussions and content sharing, away from the public eye.Limited visibility can hinder the growth and reach of the group, making it harder to attract new members.
2. Selective Membership:2. Slower Growth:
Admins can control who joins, ensuring a community of like-minded individuals, and curating quality interactions.It may take longer to grow a private group due to the approval process, compared to public groups.
3. Quality Content:3. Restricted Engagement:
Members often engage more actively in private groups, leading to deeper discussions and valuable content.Fewer members mean fewer engagement opportunities, and some discussions may lack diversity.
4. Customization:4. Potential for Inactivity:
Admins have more control over the group’s rules, structure, and features, tailoring it to their community’s needs.A private group can become inactive if there’s not enough ongoing engagement, as fewer members might participate.
5. Reduced Spam:5. Challenges in Discovery:
Private groups are less susceptible to spam, unwanted promotion, or trolls, creating a more focused and safe environment.Discoverability can be challenging, as private groups do not appear in search results, affecting potential growth.
Search on online communities such as Reddit


Can others see if I join a private Facebook group?

It depends on whether you have joined hidden or visible groups. Friends will see when you join visible groups. But no one, who is not a group member, can see when you join a hidden group. Your friends can only know if you tell them or invite them to join. 

Can a non-friend add me to a private hidden Facebook group?

A non-friend cannot add you to a private hidden group. They can only invite you if you are on their friend list. They must send you a friend request if they want to add you. Once you accept, they can send you an invite to join the group.

Key Insights & Takeaway!

There is so much stuff you can do on the Facebook platform with private groups giving members a chance to do their business off the public domain. People with similar interests can create a private Facebook group to communicate amongst themselves without fear of the information getting to others. So, if you want to find such groups, use Facebook searches or ask on online platforms if you are looking for private hidden groups.


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