How To Play Call Of Duty Mobile On PC (Analyzed!)

Call of Duty mobile game has become a very popular one. Most smartphone users around the world play this game regularly. It is a very mature and fun game. It is filled with a lot of action, guns blazing, war stories, and all of that. The game was available on smartphones and became very popular during the lockdown in 2020. This game was played by most people using their phones. The game also has a PC version that some people play. Now, since most people are used to playing the game on mobile, a system has been created for people to play this mobile game on a bigger screen. Here are step-by-step details to play this mobile game on PC. 

Call Of Duty Stats

Those who were able to get this mobile game during the pandemic should be able to testify that the game kept them very busy and their minds off the pandemic. It was easily accessible via mobile so a lot of people used their mobile phones to play the game. A competition that call of duty had was a game called PUBG, it was banned in India so many people decided to move over to playing call of duty mobile. The game grew on mobile because of the feature that allows you to play alongside your friends in one team of soldiers or against each other. It has a lot of modes to select from, this is why people are so drawn to it. It has millions of downloads on the app store and googles play store. Every update has a unique feature to offer. 

How The Mobile Game Is Played On PC

Such a mobile game that has managed to go viral to most youngsters right now, the game has become very popular based on its amazing features. The game can be played on PC and any other bigger screen by using emulators. There are a lot of emulators that can make this very easy for you, one of them is GameLoop. 

Method 1: Using The GameLoop Emulator

GameLoop might not be very popular because people used to know it as Tencent game buddy, the official emulator that works for Tencent games. GameLoop can be downloaded to your laptop or Mac book. This doesn’t even take much stress or time. Although, installing it at times could be annoying. Here are the steps that could help you enjoy the call of duty mobile on your PC

1. Start by downloading the GameLoop on your PC or Mac book

2. After installation, go to the game center in the software, it is on the left side of the app display. 

3. As soon as you enter the Game center, the call of duty should be among the list of games displayed there. If you cannot find it there, press the search icon at the top then search for it. 

4. As soon as you can find the call of duty in the game center, you click on it and then the install button would immediately appear, you have to click on it so that the game can be installed on your computer. 

5. After the game has been installed, go straight to the section known as my games, click on the game and click play, the emulator would immediately launch the game for you on your PC. 

Now, with these few steps, you can get to enjoy the call of duty mobile on your PC, it is better because it is a bigger screen. The controls are installed in the game already as they should. Looking at the game display, you can find the default controllers that have been installed in the game, you can also fix your customized controls if you want to. Everyone plays the game differently. 

We know that call of duty mobile matches you up with other people also playing call of duty at the time around the world, the only thing here is that when playing with an emulator, call of duty can only match you up with those using an emulator to play the game. You cannot play with people using mobile normally, just those using emulators. 

Can I Play Call Of Duty Mobile On My PC?

Call Of Duty Mobile On My PC

Yes, this is very possible only with the help of an emulator, an emulator has to be present because, without it, the mobile game on your PC wouldn’t even be possible. The game has to be searched and installed into your PC through an emulator because a mobile phone cannot send applications to a PC for it to work. The PC as we know has a different operating system so you have to balance some things to get what you want. 

PS: The emulator is the balancer here. 

Is It Considered Cheating When Playing COD Mobile On Your PC?

Well, it isn’t considered cheating because the only way to play the mobile game on your PC would not allow you to play against someone who is using mobile to play. Now, what we are saying here is that a game played on a keypad and the one played using a mouse and keyboard are both different, and using the keyboard is easier. So, playing with someone using a keypad is cheating because the keyboard gives you a lot of advantages. 

A Table Showing The Different Emulators And How They Work

EmulatorsHow It Works
NOX playerAny mobile operating system can be useful with this emulator
BluestackThis emulator allows you to use android software on your PC. 
GameLoopThis emulator is useful for mainly android software. It is more advanced than the others. 


Well, guessing technology has been able to show us the extent to which it could go to make humans enjoy a smooth way of living. Mobile games are most popular and better for humans, the emulators make it easy for us to play them on PC which is a bigger and better screen. 

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