How to See Who Your Boyfriend is Messaging on Facebook? (6 Secret Ways Explained)

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Monitoring apps, phishing webpages, and professional keylogger apps can help you access your boyfriend’s phone activities to see who he is messaging on Facebook. You can also check from their smartphone or computer if you have access to their device when logged in.

Different ways to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages in his account

Use any of the following methods to secretly access your boyfriend’s Facebook account and check who he is messaging:

1. Monitoring apps

You can use various monitoring apps such as KidsGuard Pro, eyeZy, mSpy, and FlexiSPY to check who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook secretly. Most of them work with iPhones, Android, and computer devices. You must install the app on your boyfriend’s device to monitor who they are messaging on Facebook, WhatsApp, text, and other social media platforms.

You won’t be caught as the apps stay hidden on your boyfriend’s phone. It will upload the data to the server, where you can log in on your computer and get the info anytime. To use the apps, you should create an account, deploy it on your boyfriend’s device and monitor the activities from your phone or computer.

Always check the compatibility of the monitoring apps with the device you want to spy on, whether iOS or Android. You can get the information on the company’s app website. It is also best to do a comparative review online of the monitoring app for Facebook before making a decision. Subscribe to the one compatible with the latest iOS and Android based on your boyfriend’s device.

Advantages of using monitoring apps

  • Most are affordable
  • You don’t need your boyfriend’s phone when monitoring his activities. You only need it for a few minutes when deploying the app.
  • Most allow you to check your browsing history
  • Apart from Facebook messages, you can check text messages and those on other social media platforms
  • You can get other features such as GPS tracking, sensitive information alerts, call log tracking, email tracking, and live screen-shots
Different ways to check your boyfriend's Facebook messages in his account

Disadvantages of using a monitoring app

  • There is a subscription fee
  • You need to touch your boyfriend’s device when deploying the app

2. Using Keylogger

Using a keylogger is straightforward as long as you have some basic tech skills. The keylogger app works by recording your boyfriend’s keystrokes and sending them to your email or storing on their device. You must install the app on your boyfriend’s computer or phone to receive the information. Use the strokes to figure out their passwords so you can log in to your device to check their Facebook messages.

You can use the strokes to figure out who your boyfriend is texting, but you cannot see the received Facebook messages.

Advantages of using Keylogger

  • Most are hard to detect
  • Easy to use
  • Help you to figure out your boyfriend’s Facebook passwords which you can then use to log in to other devices

Disadvantages of using Keylogger

  • You cannot check media files shared on Facebook
  • You cannot see received Facebook messages

3. Reset your boyfriend’s Facebook password

Resetting your boyfriend’s Facebook password enables you to access his account on your device. You can reset using your device if you have access to his email. Alternatively, if you get hold of your boyfriend’s phone, use it to reset the password. Once you have the logins, access his account on your device and read his Facebook messages to check who he is texting.

Remember to save the password changes in his phone and delete password reset emails so he cannot suspect your intrusion.    If he does, he might change his password, limiting the time you have access to his account. 

Follow the steps below to reset your boyfriend’s Facebook password and access his account:

Step 1: Open the Facebook sign-in page and enter his email. Leave the password space black and click ‘Forgot Password below the login.

Step 2: You will be prompted to enter the email/phone number. Enter your boyfriend’s email and click ‘Search.’

Step 3: You will have the option to receive a reset code via email or phone. Choose email if you don’t have access to his phone.

Step 4: Enter the verification code received and follow the instructions to reset the password.

Step 5: Use the new password to log in to his account and see who he is messaging on Facebook by opening the inbox.

Advantages of resetting the password to access your boyfriend’s Facebook messages

  • You can do it without touching his phone
  • Free of charge

Disadvantages of resetting the password to access your boyfriend’s Facebook messages

  • You have to access your boyfriend’s email address
  • He can change the password anytime, limiting your access to his account
  • Your boyfriend can easily suspect your intrusion if you leave traces. For instance, if you don’t delete Facebook reset emails.
Reset your boyfriend's Facebook password

4. Access your boyfriend’s Facebook account using his computer

Your boyfriend is likely to have logged in to their account on their computer. If they leave it behind when going to work or running errands, open their computer and click on Facebook messenger from browsing history. Read the Facebook messages, and you will find out all people he has been messaging.

Advantages of using his computer

  • Free of charge
  • It doesn’t raise suspicion

Disadvantages of using his computer

  • You must access their computer
  • They should have signed in to their Facebook account on the computer

5. Use Phishing

If you have expert tech skills, you can use phishing to monitor your boyfriend’s Facebook account. Design a Facebook login phishing website, copy the link and send it to your boyfriend. Trick him to click and key in his Facebook password. You will get his login credentials, which you can use to access his account on your device. Once you log in, read his Facebook messages to know the people he is texting.

If you lack tech skills, consider hiring a professional phisher to design a phishing website.

Advantages of using phishing

  • Once you get the credentials, you can have unlimited access to your boyfriend’s account
  • You don’t have to access his device

Disadvantages of using phishing

  • Require expert tech skills
  • Expensive to hire a phisher
  • Can easily raise suspicion if he receives a Facebook notification of new login

6. Access your boyfriend’s Facebook account using his smartphone

To use this method, you should wait for an opportunity to get hold of your boyfriend’s smartphone and check on their Facebook messages. But, you should master their phone lock password or pattern to unlock and access Facebook messenger. Once you get hold of their phone, go straight to Facebook messenger to read the messages. It is unlikely for most people to secure their apps using Applock or a password. If your boyfriend has secured it, try using their phone lock pattern or password to open the app.

Access your boyfriend's Facebook account using his smartphone


  • Free of charge
  • It doesn’t raise suspicion


  • You must know their phone lock pattern/password
  • They must be signed in
  • The Facebook app shouldn’t be locked

How Can I Know For Sure If My Partner is Cheating on Facebook?

There is no foolproof way to know for sure if your partner is cheating on you, but there are some signs that may indicate that something is amiss. If you’re concerned that your partner may be cheating on you, it’s important to talk to them about your concerns. However, before you do that, here are some things to look out for:

Changes in communication

  • They are suddenly spending more time on their phone or computer and are secretive about what they are doing.
  • They are less available to you emotionally and physically.
  • They are more critical of you and your relationship.
  • They are more distant and seem to be pulling away from you.

Changes in behavior

  • They are going out more often and are less interested in spending time with you.
  • They are taking more care of their appearance and are more interested in flirting with others.
  • They are lying to you about their whereabouts or activities.
  • They are defensive when you ask them about their behavior.

Changes in online activity

  • They are more active on social media and are spending more time talking to other people online.
  • They are hiding their online activity from you.
  • They are using secret codes or passwords to protect their online activity.
  • They are using a different device or account to communicate with someone else.

If you notice any of these signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner is cheating on you. However, it is important to talk to them about your concerns. If you’re not comfortable talking to them directly, you may want to consider seeking professional help from a therapist or counselor.

What Do I Do If My Partner is Facebook Cheating?

Discovering your partner’s involvement in “Facebook cheating” can be distressing. Here’s what to consider if you find yourself in such a situation:

  1. Gather Evidence: Before confronting your partner, ensure you have substantial evidence to support your claims. Screen captures or messages might be necessary.
  2. Calmly Communicate: Choose a suitable time to discuss your concerns with your partner. Keep the conversation calm and respectful. Express your feelings and ask for their perspective.
  3. Listen Actively: Allow your partner to share their side of the story and listen actively without immediate judgment.
  4. Seek Professional Help: If the situation escalates or trust is severely damaged, consider couples’ counseling or therapy. A professional can help mediate and address underlying issues.
  5. Set Boundaries: Together, establish clear boundaries and expectations for online behavior and your relationship.
  6. Rebuilding Trust: Rebuilding trust takes time, patience, and consistent effort from both partners. Make sure both of you are committed to the relationship’s well-being.
  7. Evaluate the Relationship: Assess whether the relationship is worth saving and if both parties are willing to work on it.


Is it legal to spy on my boyfriend’s Facebook account?

No, it is not legal to spy on anyone’s Facebook account, including that of your boyfriend. If they suspect, you risk facing legal action, losing their trust, or losing them without incriminating evidence. However, suspicious girlfriends spy on their boyfriend’s to expose their cheating partners. So, you can try the methods we have discussed as long as you are ready to face the consequences. Be careful not to leave any traces to avoid being caught!

Will my boyfriend know I have read his Facebook messages?

If you read your boyfriend’s Facebook messages without leaving a trace, they won’t know you have checked their accounts. However, if you open unread messages, they might suspect someone is accessing their timeline. The spy app, Keylogger, and phishing are undetectable if used well.

Key Insights & Takeaway

Use the above ways to check who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook. But, be prepared for heartbreak if you find out he is cheating on you. If you don’t care about losing their trust, confront your boyfriend to show you their Facebook text. If they don’t accept, then probably they are cheating on you. He should be ready to show you if he isn’t doing anything wrong on his Facebook account.


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