Hungary Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2020

History of Hungary

Known to be among the top tourist destinations in Europe, Hungary undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful places ever. Apart from being a home to many World Heritage sites, it has many other places that attract tourists to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Internet service providers in Hungary

There are three main companies providing internet services namely

  • Magyar Telekom
  • Telenor
  • Vodafone

Magyar Telekom packages

  • 24-hour packages

The company provides 200 MB DATA at a price of 255 HUF which can be activated by app or online

1GB data will cost it’s customers 524 HUF which can also be activated either by app or online.

  • 30 days packages

The customers receive 200MB data at a price of 444HUF and can be activated easily by code +NET200MB

590 MB data at a price its89 HUF which needs a code of +NET500MB to be activated.

1GB data is being offered to the clients at 1420 HUF and requires an activation code of +NET1GB

4GB can be activated by customers by paying an amount of 3290 HUF and can be activated by entering the code +NET4GB

Telenor data packages

The company provides 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days package to its users.

  • 1-day packages

Pay 200 HUF for a data of 200MB and an activation code 200MBNAPI

Pay 300HUF to get a data of 500MB and can be activated by activation code 500MBNAPI

1GB and 3GB data can be activated by paying 500HUF & 900HUF respectively and the activation codes needed are 1GBNAPI & 3GBNAPI

The customers can get 5Gb data at a price of 1509HUF and they can activate it easily by entering activation code 5GBNAPI

  • 7 days packages

Use an activation code 200MBHETI to activate 200MB by paying an amount of 300HUF.

500HUF can be paid and 500MBHETI can be used to get 500MB data.

The customers can use the activation codes 1GBHETI & 3GBHETI to activate 1Gb & 3GB data by paying 900HUF & 1500HUF respectively.

2200HUF and activation code 5GBHETI is what it takes to get 5GB data.

  • 30 days packages


For a period of 30 days, the Company provides 500MB data at a price of 750HUF and an activation code of 500MB

1GB data can be purchased at an amount if 1100HUF and activated by code 1GB

3Gb &5GB data for 30 days can be purchased at an amount of 2500HUF & 3500HUF respectively and activated by 3GB & 5GB codes.

Vodafone Data packages

The shortest period data package that the company provides is that of 7 days with 150MB data and can be purchased at recurring basis at 266 HUF and the activation code HETI150

For a once-off 300Mb data, the client needs to pay 667 HUF, and the activation code is HAVI300E and for the recurring pack, the amount that needs to be paid is 444HUF and activation code required is HAVI300. The client can purchase 1GB at 1601HUF and activation code HAVI1000E and the recurring lack can be purchased at 1245 HUF and HAVI1000 activation code. For a one time 5GB pack the customer needs to pay 5338HUF and activation code of HAVI5000Eand for the recurring lack, the amount that needs to be paid is 3559 HUF and HAVI5000 is the required activation code.

Magyar Telekom (Telekom, formerly T-Mobile/Westel) Data Packages

200 MB24 hours255 HUFby app

or online

1 GB525 HUF
200 MB30 days444 HUF+ NET200MB
500 MB889 HUF+ NET500MB
1 GB1420 HUF+ NET1GB
4 GB3290 HUF+ NET4GB

Telenor (formerly Pannon) Data Packages

200 MB1 day200 HUF200MBNAPI
500 MB300 HUF500MBNAPI
200 MB7 days300 HUF200MBHETI
500 MB500 HUF500MBHETI
500 MB30 days750 HUF500MB
1 GB1100 HUF1GB
3 GB2500 HUF3GB
5 GB3500 HUF5GB

Vodafone Data Packages

150 MB7 daysn./a.n./a.266 HUFHETI150
300 MB30 days667 HUFHAVI300E444 HUFHAVI300
1 GB1601 HUFHAVI1000E1245 HUFHAVI1000
5 GB5338 HUFHAVI5000E3559 HUFHAVI5000
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