How To Use Internet Explorer On Your Chromebook

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Internet Explorer is not natively supported on Chromebooks. However, you can use Microsoft Edge, available on the Google Play Store, which is based on the Chromium engine. It provides compatibility with websites designed for Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer On Your Chromebook

Steps To Download Internet Explorer For Chromebook

Internet Explorer is not a natively supported browser on Chromebooks, which run on Chrome OS, a Linux-based operating system. However, there are a couple of workarounds that can be used to access Internet Explorer on a Chromebook.

Method 1: Using a Web App

One method involves using a web app that emulates Internet Explorer. These web apps provide a virtual machine environment that allows you to run Internet Explorer within your Chrome browser. Here are two popular options:

  • IE Tab Enhanced: This web app allows you to run Internet Explorer 11 within your Chrome browser. It is relatively easy to set up and use, but it may not work perfectly for all websites.
  • BrowserStack: This web app provides a wider range of web browsers, including Internet Explorer 11, Edge, and Firefox. It offers a free trial subscription, but you will need to subscribe to a paid plan for continued use.

Method 2: Using Crouton

A more complex method involves using Crouton, a Linux compatibility layer that allows you to install and run Linux applications on your Chromebook. This method requires a bit more technical expertise, but it gives you more control over the Linux environment and the ability to install other Linux applications as well.

Steps to Install Internet Explorer Using Crouton:

  1. Enable Developer Mode: Put your Chromebook into Developer Mode. This will allow you to install Linux applications alongside Chrome OS.
  2. Install Crouton: Follow the Crouton installation instructions. This will create a Linux chroot environment on your Chromebook.
  3. Choose a Linux Distribution: Select a Linux distribution that supports Internet Explorer. Ubuntu is a popular choice.
  4. Install Internet Explorer: Once you have chosen a Linux distribution, install Internet Explorer using the package manager for that distribution. For example, in Ubuntu, you would use the following command:
sudo apt-get install winehq-stable winetricks
sudo winetricks ie6
  1. Launch Internet Explorer: Once Internet Explorer is installed, you can launch it from the Linux terminal using the following command:
wine iexplore

This method requires more technical knowledge than using a web app, but it gives you more control over the Linux environment and the ability to install other Linux applications as well.

Features Of Internet Explorer For Chromebook

* It is fast and easy to install.

* You can’t drag the tabs around, it’s just a bit annoying when a new tab pops up and you have no idea which one it is because they are all hidden in that little space on your screen. * The search bar doesn’t show as well either, so if you don’t know what word you’re looking for, then there goes another frustrating time-wasting moment.

Internet Explorer For Chromebook – Pros:

It really does make switching contexts easier by having two web browsers at once! Plus with Internet Explorer installed on my Chromebook, I’m able to access websites like Facebook or Youtube that may not be available through Google Chrome (for example). To summarize, installing IE

Internet Explorer For Chromebook – Cons:

There are some problems with Internet Explorer that I’ve come across, such as the inability to drag tabs around. It’s just a bit annoying when a new tab pops up and you have no idea which one it is because they’re all hidden in that little space on your screen. The search bar also doesn’t show well either, so if you don’t know what word you’re looking for then there goes another frustrating time-wasting moment.

The only other con about IE would be how slow it can run at times (especially with videos).

Overall, I find installing Internet Explorer on my Chromebook to be helpful but not necessary.

Why You Should Update Internet Explorer To Latest Version

If you want to update Internet Explorer from version 11.0.9600.16521, in turn updating it to the latest one available (11.0.9600.17436), there are a few new features and bug fixes that come with this newest release:

* Enhanced ActiveX Filtering – The ability for IE to better control what types of content can be loaded via ActiveX controls is now possible due to these enhancements which will help protect your computer from malicious software

* Improved Address Bar Suggestions – Improving on its address bar suggestions by adding more information based on web page addresses or search engine results when typing in an address field  *Performance Enhancements- Better performance because of some improvements made during the development process.

List Of Supportive Browsers For Chromebook

* Google Chrome – the browser is available on Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems. It offers a clean interface with an intuitive design for fast browsing, syncing your bookmarks across devices and has built-in protection from malware

* Mozilla Firefox – The browser is available on many different platforms including Windows, MacOSX, iOS and Android operating systems. While not as user-friendly as Chrome or Safari it does offer some nice features such as tabbed browsing to allow you to open multiple web pages at once

* Apple Safari – Available only for Macs but also includes additional features that are unavailable elsewhere like Reader View

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE) – Microsoft’s latest version of IE provides security enhancements by blocking Active Malware, protecting your identity, and preventing phishing scams.

* Avant Browser – This browser is a free download that has many of the features needed for a superior browsing experience on every device. The interface can be customized to suit your needs with tabbed browsing, customizing toolbars, auto form fillings, screen capturing among other great features

If you’re using Windows or MacOSX then Mozilla Firefox should work just fine as it’s available across multiple platforms. If you have an iOS or Android phone (or tablet) then Safari would also do nicely but if you were looking for something more robust with additional security then IE 11 might be worth checking out since Microsoft has been known to provide quality software that isn’t always flashy in appearance and phishing scams. 

Conclusion: You may want to install this browser extension depending on who needs access!


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