Do You Need The Internet For PS4 Setup?

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It is not strictly necessary to have an internet connection to set up a PS4, but it is highly recommended. This is because the PS4 will automatically download and install system updates and software patches during the initial setup process.

Do You Need The Internet For PS4 Setup

Do You Need The Internet For PS4 Setup?

1. Unboxing and Power Connection:

No internet connection is needed to unbox your PS4 and connect it to the power supply. It is a simple process of removing the console from its packaging and familiarizing oneself with the power cord, HDMI cable, and controller.

2. Initial System Setup:

Upon turning on the PS4, users go through an initial system setup, including the configuration of language, time and date settings. None of these necessitates an internet connection.

3. Software Update:

While the console does not require internet for the initial setup, it may need to be connected online for system software updates. Sony frequently releases updates to improve system performance and add new features. However, these updates can also be performed using a USB drive if the online option isn’t viable.

MethodInternet Required?
USB DriveNo

4. Gaming:

The question of whether you need internet for PS4 largely depends on the games you intend to play. Some games require a constant internet connection, while others can be played offline. Some games need to be updated, usually requiring internet access, to ensure optimal performance.

5. Installing Games:

Many games need to be installed onto the PS4 before they can be played. If the game is bought physically on a disc, no internet connection is needed for installation. However, for digitally purchased games from the PlayStation Store, internet access is necessary.

6. PlayStation Network:

Access to PlayStation Network, Sony’s online gaming service, unquestionably requires an internet connection. Through this platform, players can compete with others around the globe, download games, and access a variety of other online services.

7. Streaming and Sharing:

Streaming and sharing gameplay on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, or making use of Netflix or Spotify via the PS4, naturally necessitates an internet connection.

Steps to connect a PS4 manually

– Connect the PlayStation to a wireless network. If you do not have internet available, then the PS will connect wirelessly on its own without any input from you

– Select “PSN” or “Internet Browser.” You’ll need an active connection in order to use these features and play online games with other players. The automatic settings should work for most users

– Select your desired Wi-Fi hotspot. To manually set up a PS purchase, select Manual Setup > Wireless Settings > Network Settings > Set Up Internet Connection (wifi)

*If Automatic settings don’t work because of poor signal strength or too many devices competing for bandwidth: click View Devices Nearby so that it finds sources nearby automatically.*

*If Manual setup doesn’t work, select View Devices Nearby and choose the best available wireless network by choosing “Network Name” > Connect To Network.*

– Select your desired Wi-Fi hotspot. If you do not know what to type in for a password, just leave it blank – this will allow the PSN to automatically enter these details on its own. You can also skip filling out any of these fields if they are incorrect or unnecessary; doing so will simply cause the PSN to try again later when that connection is attempted

-The Automatic Settings should work for most users but if not then follow the below steps: click “View Devices Nearby” under Wireless Settings and connect with one of those devices instead.

-If you are still having trouble connecting to the Internet, make sure that your Wi-Fi router is turned on and connected to the PSN. If it isn’t, try plugging in a LAN cable directly from your computer/PSP into one of the available ports on your PlayStation system.”

* I do not have internet access but would like my kids to get some homework done while they’re at home so I set up their PlayStation for them since I’m good with technology. They know how to connect things together just fine because we’ve helped them before with other devices like iPads or iPhones.


1. Do You Need The Internet For PSN?

No, the PlayStation Network will not work without an active Internet connection. However, if your console has a Wi-Fi hotspot in range it can use that to connect with online features. You also do not have to set up any of the wireless connections manually on your own because all of this is taken care of by the Playstation itself automatically when there is no available internet connection.

2. Do I Ever Need The Internet For My PSN Account?

Yes if you want to access certain parts of it like Netflix or Youtube. If you are just playing games then yes but most games can be downloaded from PlayStation Store and played offline so long as they are downloaded before being logged out of the PSN account.

3. Do You Need The Internet For PS Vue?

Yes, because it is a streaming service so the video will not play if there isn’t an active Internet connection.

4. How Do I Set Up My PlayStation Without Wifi Or Any Other Devices With Me?

The Wireless Auto Connection feature of your Playstation automatically searches and connects to nearby wireless networks that are available in the range and have been previously connected before by another device on the network already (this usually means someone else’s laptop). If this is successful then you can use those networks as long as they provide access to the Sony Entertainment Network through their password protection. You can also create a new network manually using information from previous connections in order to gain access again later to the Sony Entertainment Network.

-If you do not want to use this feature, or if it is unable to connect successfully on its own, then please read on about how we can manually set up a connection wirelessly instead of using Wireless Auto Connection.

However if your Playstation does not have an active internet connection and there isn’t any available in a range that is open for us to connect with, then unfortunately you will need access to one in order for installation of updates and content purchases from the PlayStation Store/PlayStation Plus subscriptions, etc.

5. How Can I Activate My PSN Account Without The Internet?

-You need to have an active Internet connection when you first set up your PSN account. You will be asked if you want to use Auto Play or manually connect, and it is recommended that you do the former so as not to run into any problems later on. If there isn’t one available in the range for us at this time then unfortunately we’ll need access to a computer with internet in order for installation of updates and content purchases from the PlayStation Store/PlayStation Plus subscriptions etc. We suggest waiting until we’re able to find one before proceeding with other steps.

This blog post teaches readers how they can set up their Playstation without an internet connection by following these four easy steps.

Step One: Go To The PlayStation Store And Select [New User] On The Top Right Side Of Your Screen, Or Click Here For A Direct Link.

Step Two: Select Create Account and you will be asked to enter in first name, last name, email address and password. You can also create an account through Facebook if you are logged in to that social media site at this time by following the steps below.

Step Three: Once we have created our PSN account we want to go back to ‘Sign In’ which is located near the bottom left-hand corner of your screen after pressing Continue from step two above (or clicking Sign In Here). Choose “Use Existing” as shown below with an arrow pointing to the right.

Step Four: Select “Use an Existing Account”

This is a summary of what we have done so far to create our PSN account and start with setting up your PlayStation console (PS) for gaming on the internet or without using the Internet at all!


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