Is Avast Internet Security Worth It?

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Avast Internet Security is a comprehensive antivirus solution that offers protection against malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other online threats. It also includes a number of useful features, such as a firewall, a password manager, and a webcam shield.

Key Takeaways

  • Avast is user-friendly; one does not require technical skills to install and operate.
  • It has different types of plans a user can choose from, which vary in pricing.
  • Avast has an anti-theft feature known as a locking device, that helps the user to lock out anybody in case their device falls into the wrong hands.
  • It protects the devices from virus and malware attacks.
  • Avast updates itself automatically; hence saving you the time you could have spent updating it manually.
  • It automatically alerts you if there are significant changes.
  • Avast has a 30-day cash-back policy that allows users to be refunded if unsatisfied with the services.

Reasons Why Avast Internet Security is Worth It

Are you considering investing in a security suite for your computer? Avast Internet Security is one of the most popular choices for computer protection, but is it worth the cost? This post, we’ll take a closer look at Avast Internet Security to determine if it’s the right choice for your needs. We’ll explore its features, pricing, and overall effectiveness in keeping your data secure. Read on to find out if Avast Internet Security is worth the money.

1.     Avast Internet Security is User Friendly

Avast has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use. A manual script or training is not required to install, uninstall, or update the antivirus, and you can do this yourself.

Once you have installed it, you can access all your workstations from a central location. Activities on all devices is tracked by Avast. It also provides regular security updates to your network and devices. The antivirus alerts you in case of any changes or updates.

Users who need customer care assistance can engage them and ask any question through e-mail or chat.

2.     Avast Has an Anti-Theft Feature

Avast internet security comes with a software with an anti-theft feature called device lock. Through this feature, you can access the location of your device and even secure it if you have lost it.

You do not need to worry that the information in the device will fall into the wrong hands. It also has a password manager feature that generates a new and strong password for a new site you visit.

3.     Avast Has Automatic Updates

Avast internet security updates itself automatically. You do not need go through the hassle of looking for new updates since the antivirus usually updates itself even without the user noticing. This saves users time as they do not require them to look for the latest updates and update Avast manually.

4.     Avast Has Industrial-Grade System Protection Feature

One more reason why Avast is worth it is because it has a security feature that enables the user to add a layer of protection to the client’s e-mail. The latest and paid plan for Avast antivirus offers virus protection for multiple devices and platforms.

It can also visualize data, add firewall protection features for remote devices, and protect the server. This feature makes it worth for industrial use.

5.     Avast Blocks Malicious Activities

Avast has sandbox technology that locks unknown files before allowing the files to run on your devices. Avast makes use of six protection layers to identify malware, block it, and inform the entire network within seconds. It Also monitors calls and data traffic to block any malicious activities.

Avast Internet Security Pricing Plans

Avast offers a wide range of plans to suit the user’s needs. These various plans come with different pricing. A user should know the Avast plans and their price to choose the one worth having.

Below are the different Avast plans;

  • Avast one.
  • Avast premium security.
  • Avast home office solution.
  • Avast small business cyber security solution.

1.     Avast One

Avast one is an all-in-one protection service that offers protection against viruses and malware, data breach monitoring, and device clean-up tools. Avast one also provides unlimited access to VPN secure connection and automatic scan.

The pricing of this plan is $50.28 per year, and it is usable on five devices for the first year. You can also pay $69.48 per year, but this offers you installation to 30 devices in the first year.

2.     Avast Premium Security

Avast premium security is an antivirus protection package plan that offers various advanced antivirus security measures like protection against fake websites and protection against web spies.

It also protects against ransomware threats and online hacking. Avast premium security pricing is $69.48 per year, and for the first year, you can connect up to ten devices.

3.     Avast Home Office Solution

Avast home office solutions plan offers you and your employees a 24/7 technical support team. Under this plan, there is small office protection and essential business security.

Small Office Protection: In small office protection, the pricing is $139.99 per year and an additional $14 per year per device.

Essential Business Security: For essential business security the pricing is $185.45 per year plus $37.09 per year per device.

4.     Avast Small Business Cyber Security Solutions

This online management platform allows subscription and security to be manageable from one place. Small business solutions offer IT support, USB protection, and patch management. Under this plan, there are; essential, ultimate, and premium plans.

  • Essentials: Costs $185.45 per year plus 37.09 per device per year
  • Ultimate: Costs $283.85 per year plus $56.77 per device per year
  • Premium: Costs $233.75 per year plus $46.25 per device per year

Avast has a money-back and refund policy that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their service. It also has the best customer care support service available 24/7 where you can inquire or ask any questions. They have also provided a phone number to call for inquiries, and you can book a ticket through a ticketing system.

Pros of Avast Internet Security

  • Avast is easy to use.
  • They have good customer care service.
  • Excellent protection for all devices.
  • Avast is available for free on android devices.

Cons of Avast Internet Security

  • Avast is a bit expensive.
  • It may slow down your old versioned devices.

Avast Antivirus Features

Avast Antivirus offers a range of features to protect your device:

  1. Antivirus Scan: Scans for malware, viruses, and other threats in real-time, removing or quarantining them.
  2. Firewall: Monitors network traffic, blocking unauthorized access and protecting your data.
  3. Behavior Shield: Analyzes software behavior for suspicious activity.
  4. Smart Scan: Combines various scans for quick threat detection.
  5. Wi-Fi Inspector: Identifies vulnerabilities in your network to enhance security.
  6. Ransomware Shield: Guards against ransomware attacks, safeguarding your files.
  7. Sandbox: Runs suspicious files in a secure environment to prevent potential harm.
  8. Password Manager: Safely stores and manages your passwords.
  9. Browser Cleanup: Removes unwanted browser extensions and toolbars.
  10. Anti-phishing: Blocks phishing sites and scams.
  11. SecureLine VPN: Offers a virtual private network for secure and private browsing.
  12. Rescue Disk: Creates a bootable antivirus disk to remove stubborn malware.

Is Avast Antivirus Right for You or Your Business?

1. System Requirements:
Avast Antivirus is compatible with most systems including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This wide compatibility makes it adaptable for most user’s needs and business environments.

2. Cost:
Avast offers a variety of subscription plans suitable for different user needs. There is a free plan which is suitable for individuals or small businesses with a tight budget. For advanced features, there are premium plans (Avast Pro, Avast Internet Security, Avast Premier) which vary in price. Businesses may prefer Avast Business Antivirus plans that offer more sophisticated protection levels.

3. Features:
Avast Antivirus packs in a host of powerful features. These range from basic virus detection and removal to advanced features like a password manager, smart scan, ransomware shield, and a firewall. For businesses, Avast offers features such as server security and Sharepoint protection.

4. Technical Support:
Avast provides 24/7 phone support and an extensive online help center. This is critical for businesses that need immediate assistance in case of any security violations.

5. Performance:
Avast antivirus scores high on performance reviews with minimal impact on system speed. Its intelligent antivirus detects a wide range of malware, spyware, and phishing attacks.

System RequirementsWorks across multiple platformsAdvanced features may require more powerful hardware
CostHas free option and varied subscription plansPremium features come at a cost
FeaturesBroad security features, both basic and advancedSome features are only available in premium plans
Technical SupportRound-the-clock support; online help centerSome users report long waits
PerformanceSwift and comprehensive threat detectionOccasional false positives on benign files

Considering these factors, Avast Antivirus can be a suitable choice if it aligns with your security needs, budget, and system functionality. However, always remember to weigh these factors against what other antivirus software in the market offer.


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